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Ray Mond is a character role-played by Valkyrae.


"Hello. My name is Ray Mond. First name: Ray; last name: Mond."

Ray Mond is the twin sister of Yuno Sykk and a member of Chang Gang.

She is usually seen with members of Chang Gang, her twin brother, Yuno Sykk, her personal assistant, Max Stevenson, or other friends that she has throughout Los Santos.


"Well, nothing crazy… But like if I have to I will- but I don’t have to- but I can- but I would- but I won’t- but I will. You know?"

Ray tends to be quite impulsive, such as jumping out of a car or bringing out her gun, and forgetful of her muscle control and people's names. She also has tunnel vision and admits to having multiple concussions when she was a kid.

"I want to cause chaos."

She is a very chaotic individual, causing gang wars, and laughs maniacally at people when they are in pain or hurt, including herself. She is a very wholesome person when it comes to knowing if her friends are okay and if they have her back. As an example, she will even go to great lengths to support her friends over in Chang Gang. This shows how incredibly sweet she is, despite her impulsive and panicked decisions.

Ray also has a good luck surrounding her, since she has survived multiple dangerous car accidents, has gotten more marked bills than expected when she's the one grabbing the cash during a heist, and has both survived a zombie apocalypse and a shooting on top of a bridge where everyone else was downed. By the influence of Randy, she scams people (including friends) for money, trolls people as a source of entertainment by acting dumb and ignorant, and is a good liar. Vinny Pistone gives her the nickname "mini Randy".


"Whatever. I’m confident. I’m built different."

Ray used to wear a grey tank top with white cargo pants and a red beanie. Even after getting her makeover, she still wears a mask almost all the time. She does not like seeing someone who looks like her. She usually spends several minutes to an hour in clothing stores when preparing for any occasion.

Ray's Outfits
Ray's Tattoos


On March 25th, 2021, Ray Mond moved to Los Santos in order to find her long lost twin brother, Yuno Sykk, after years of being separated at birth. Not knowing what to do, she talks to strangers near the apartment and accidentally met Yuno's boss at the time, Claire Seducer, saying that she looks like Yuno. Excitedly, Ray asked Claire to help arrange a meetup for the two, and she happily agreed to. Yuno showed up in a car to see the twin he never knew he had, and after seeing her face and erratic behavior (randomly punching people near her), he immediately acknowledges that Ray is his twin sister.

After Yuno proclaims himself as one of the best criminals in Los Santos (having been caught zero times (plus one)) Ray believes that the crime gene is genetic and she too will become a great criminal. Yuno then invites Ray to the life of crime in the city of Los Santos, scuffly teaching her how to robbing stores. Her first day of criminal training went horribly wrong, as the two got into a terrible car accident and had to receive emergency surgery to trade legs in order to walk again.

On the following day, Ray finds herself meeting one of the biggest known criminals in the city, Randy Bullet. He takes her under his wing mentoring her through the life of crime. The two meet after Senior Officer Garry Berry asks Randy to give Ray a ride to wherever she was heading. They end up stabbing Garry. After this, Randy becomes one of the only people Ray could trust in the city. He saves her from the cops on her first house robbery and also introduces her to the leader of Chang Gang, Mr. Kebun, and was unofficially inducted into the gang. Although Ray was seen as a member of CG, she still felt like she hadn't earned her place, feeling as if she had nothing to offer, Ray decides to do crimes by herself and learn the ropes with the help of Randy.

Ray woke up in the city after a while on Jan 3rd, 2022, and met Mari at the Apartments who asked her is she had gotten her chain and informed her the CG had moved to Little Seoul. She went to sleep after only an hour or so. On January 14, 2022, Ray returns to Los Santos after a long vacation. She receives her Chang Gang chain from Randy Bullet.


Current Employment
Ray currently works at Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club as the Chief Marketing Officer (or "CMO" for short) and at Blues Salvage, an underground criminal business owned by Vinny Pistone, where she is the Chief Executive Officer (or "CEO" for short). She is also employed at other places solely as a key-holder, at: Maldini's Pizzeria, H&O Exports, & Chang Gang Investments.

Former Employment
Ray has had many jobs since moving to Los Santos.

Side Hustles
Ray as has many side hustles, most of them including crime. She was taken in under Vinny Pistone to sell thermite. She has since asked for the help of her assistant, Max Stevenson to sell with her as she expands her empire in hopes of being known as the person people around the city will buy thermite from. She also sells weed under Chad 'Chodie' Brodie. As she continues to expand her flow of income, with the help of Vinny she bought a storage container to store the things she sells.


Currently Owned Vehicles
Type Plate Value Description

  • A two door coupe sports car that can fit up to 2 people.
  • 1 of 2 in the city

Ray is also currently borrowing Eric Wolfenstein's Hycade Audi R8.

Previously Owned Vehicles
Type Plate Value Description


Karin Kuruma
? $150K
  • A four door sedan that can seat up to four people inside.


  • A medium-sized G-Wagon
  • A vehicle she worked to get to help Chang Gang
  • Sold on April 7, 2022

Ray currently does not own any property, but she does have keys to Vinny's and Ramee's apartment.

Once Ray owns property this section will be filled.

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Played By: Valkyrae
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