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Ray Mond is a character role-played by Valkyrae.


"Well, nothing crazy… But like if I have to I will- but I don’t have to- but I can- but I would- but I won’t- but I will. You know?"

Ray Mond moved to Los Santos in order to find her long lost "twin brother", Yuno Sykk, after years of being separated at birth. Not knowing what to do, she talks to strangers near the apartment and accidentally met with Yuno's boss, Claire Seducer, saying that she looks like Yuno. Excited, Ray asked Claire to help arrange their meetup while Ray do her "glow-up". Yuno showed up in a car to see the twin he never knew he had, and after seeing her face and erratic behavior (randomly punching people near her), he immediately acknowledges that Ray is his twin sister.

Yuno invites Ray to the path of crime, teaching her the ways in the city of Los Santos by robbing stores, which went horribly wrong. They got into a terrible car accident and had to receive emergency surgery to trade legs in order to walk again. A day later she had a complete reconstructive plastic surgery along with a makeover since she believed herself to be ugly and was mistaken for a prostitute when pulled over by police. Ray has decided to become a full-time criminal and leave her past behind her.


"Whatever. I’m confident. I’m built different."

Ray tends to be quite impulsive, such as jumping out of a car or bringing out her gun, and forgetful of her muscle control and people's names. She also has tunnel vision and admits to having multiple concussions when she was a kid. She also has the impulse for snitching and bribing.

She is a very chaotic individual, causing gang wars, and laughs maniacally at people when they are in pain or hurt, including herself. She is a very wholesome person when it comes to knowing if her friends are okay and if they have her back. As an example, she will even go to great lengths to support her friends over in Chang Gang, despite not being an official member. This shows how incredibly sweet she is, despite her spontaneous decisions.

Though Ray sports a confident appearance she often worries about being a useful criminal. Ray tends to not say goodbye when leaving for jobs and goes alone because she doesn't want to be responsible of teaching new criminals as she is also one, but doesn't mind when someone really wants to come along. Unlike her brother, Yuno, she doesn't believe she will be a great hacker someday or even a great getaway driver. She worries she's worthless in big crime jobs.

Ray also has a good luck surrounding her, since she has survived multiple dangerous car accidents, has never gotten caught by cops in house robberies and fishing jobs, and has gotten more marked bills than expected when she's the one grabbing the cash during a heist. She scams people (including friends) for money, trolls people as a source of entertainment by acting dumb and ignorant, and is a good liar. She can also be magnetic as both men and women seem to want to spend time with her and ask for her phone number.


"Hello. My name is Ray Mond. First name: Ray; last name: Mond."

Ray used to wear a grey tank top with white cargo pants and a red beanie. Even after getting her makeover, she still wears a mask almost all the time. She sports a different one after every crime she commits and does not like seeing someone who looks like her. She usually spends several minutes to an hour in clothing stores when preparing for any occasion.

Ray’s Outfits


Chang Gang's Soft Spot

Ray is considered to be a good friend of Chang Gang, as she was taken under Randy Bullet and Mr. Kebun's wings, who taught her the life of crime her first week in the city. She has also forged great friendships with the other members of the gang. Ray doesn't mind spending her day by herself or meeting new people, but prefers hanging out with the gang.

Ray became the source of tension between Chang Gang and the Grove Street Families (dubbed the 'Green Gang' by Yuno) beginning one night while she and her brother were driving through the South Side, known GSF territory. Affronted by Green Gang member Dexx Martin's apparent flirtation at a stoplight, she threatened the gangster, letting off what might have been a missed shot at his shoulder. This was taken as a challenge to Dexx's group, one which would eventually be answered with a set-up to get Yuno and Ray into the GSF's home base with their guard down. Unbeknownst to them, they were led directly into the gunpoint of Summer Mersion, another member of the Green Gang who shot Ray down the moment the Chang Gang recruit attempted to retaliate. As justice for their fallen comrade, fellow CG members Autumn Rhodes, Randy Bullet and Mr.Kebun hatched a plan to confront the GSF in a stand off. Eventually the three, as well as Ray Mond herself, gunned down a car full of Green Gang members in a drive by attack. Emerging victorious in their assault and satisfied their message was loud and clear, Chang Gang settled the conflict with the GSF.

The conflict has made her more dependent with the gang whenever she gets in trouble, getting a thirst for revenge whenever she's wronged. Good examples are when she was "unjustifiably" sent to prison by Selena Mendoza and when she was shot in the arm and thrown off-shore by LDGSB member Spencer Smith and Rooster's Ranch worker Barry Svensson (who she's mistaken for Brother MeHof). The gang always responds straight away, on-guard and dropping whatever they are doing when they're not planning a heist. They always have her back and tolerate her chaotic nature, but isn't afraid to chastise and tease her about her approach in tackling situations. Ray has shown helplessness when the gang isn't around to rescue her.

Vanilla Unicorn Re-Opening

Ray is one of the first few people hired by Dexx Martin and Irwin Dundee for the re-opening of Vanilla Unicorn, which was a strip club before its closing. Before getting hired, she's being recruited by Dundee to invest 50K for her to be able to have keys for the club and for her to have rights to clean money there. Ray has considered the offer, but Dexx hired her instead to be a bartender, which has given her free membership.

She exudes excitement as she plans to be an informant this way for the gang, by spending Fridays and the weekends working in the club and meeting new people, and the rest of weekdays doing crime and planning heists with the gang. She offers to clean money for the gang, thinking that she's useful that way and showing gratitude for the gang always having her back.

Currently, she's the lead bartender, working alongside owners Dexx and Jessie Jugg, and COO Eric Wolfenstein. She's offering money-cleaning services to fellow criminals.

Empire of Lovers

While making a deposit at the Vault, Ray met Cecil Mournings, a self proclaimed witch/lich selling all types of potions with The Apothecary. She asked Cecil if they were selling a love potion. She's made a deal with her to purchase the love potion. After acquiring the love potion, Ray was advised that the only way for it to work is that if she puts a piece of her DNA in the potion. She plans to bewitched a lot of of people from the city so that they would spend time with her often and do favors for her. She's currently making a list of lovers which includes, but not limited to, April Fooze, Ramee El-Rahman, and Mickey S. Her first victim was her friend, Randy, but the potion expired two days later.