Rat Ghoul

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Rat Ghoul is a character role-played by Burn.


Tensions were high during the Great War, a nuclear attack by the Fire Nation was imminent. Thankfully, due to his connections Rat Ghoul managed to secure a place in one of the great underground vaults.

When the Fire Nation finally launched their missies, Rat Ghoul rushed out of his office pushing through the desperate crowd fleeing for their lives. He just barely managed to get to his car, but when he pulled out of the garage the roads were blocked. Thanks to his quick thinking he turned onto the sidewalk and headed towards the vault. Just as the vault was in sight, his game froze and once it unfroze the massive steel door to the vault was closed. Rat Ghoul was stuck outside as the missiles hit, the sudden large dose of radiation cause his body to ghoulify.

Rat Ghoul has lost most feeling in his skin from the radiation damage. However, he suffers from immense pain in his legs while standing up. Only "jet" can numb the pain enough for him to walk, which is why he can usually be found crawling around town trying to find some jet.


"Hey there smoothbrain."

"Do you have any jet?"

"Fuck my game's frozen!"

"You vault dwellers are all the same."

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