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Randy "The Rascal" Wrangler is a character role-played by PENTA.

General Description

Randy Wrangler is a Captain for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, Badge #317.

Background Information

Randy Wrangler was originally a police officer working for the Oklahoma City Police Department, where he specialized in undercover prostitution stings. He also mainly broke up ham fights while in Oklahoma City.


Randy Wrangler is a loose cannon as skilled in investigative work as he is easily distracted. Wrangler's determination and unpredictability simultaneously causes headaches for his fellow police officers and places large targets on his back as he cracks down on the criminals of Los Santos. Wrangler is borderline fearless in who he goes after for criminal activity ranging from high ranking members of major street gangs to even the mayor of Los Santos. Wrangler's reputation for aggressive policing and compulsive need to follow every lead no matter how small makes his very presence a threat to criminals who know him, well aware that Wrangler will levy whatever charges he believes he can make stick and that one slip up in front of him may end in him getting a search warrant signed for a raid on their home and everything inside.

When dealing with difficult suspects that he knows are lying Wrangler likes playing his cards close to his chest, often staying quiet about key pieces of evidence while trying to work them over in an interrogation room in hopes of being able to use it to catch them in damning lies. His other favored tactic is cutting deals for guilty pleas in order to drop bigger charges and help suspects out, even if he knows he could likely charge them for so much more. However he will not hesitate to come down with the full force of what he believes he can prove should they be adamant in denying him. Wrangler dislikes dealing with lawyers when he does this, believing them to simply muddy the waters with arguments of irrelevant points.

Wrangler displays behavior strongly suggesting he is a closeted homosexual, but he vehemently denies this when asked and is a subject that will quickly agitate him.

Wrangler bears a very hard stance against corruption within his department and is extremely quick to anger if he believes that it is taking place.



Eve Summers - Current Girlfriend?

On the May 25th, 2021, Wranger was patroling the county and decided to check up on a weed transport driven by Eve Summers to make sure everything was up to code. Everything went well until Wrangler searched Summers and found a Murder Meal Box with 26 rolls of notes in it. This prompted Wrangler to start asking questions, in which Eve denied the rolls being on her person what-so-ever. With a suspicion the Rooster's Ranch might be keeping dirty money in their storage warehouse, Wrangler asked Summers if he could inspect the warehouse. Summers obliged and Wrangler escorted her to the warehouse. Once inside, Summers pointed out the bed where she claimed the Rooster's Ranch has "Cars 3 Watch Parties" and told Wrangler to wait outside while she put on her Cars 3 Outfit. (a slightly more revealing black dress. Some light flirting then occurred with Summers saying Wrangler would look better with tighter jeans (especially in the behind), and Wrangler asking if she would like to "hang out sometime and stuff". Summers confirmed she had a boyfriend but they wouldn't tell him. Wrangler, seeming excited and hopeful after his last love was "killed by his coworkers", went ahead and starting telling people about his new girlfriend, including several mechanics, and the entirety of that days Shift 3 Meeting.

Maxine Feral - Ex-Girlfriend

Maxine Feral and Wrangler were in a relationship. Initially Wrangler pulled her over and questioned her, suspecting Maxine of being a drug addict. Wrangler searched Maxine and found pills, which she claimed were for her glass eye and they later went to bench trial over the incident. Wrangler proposed to Maxine in front of the apartments, however Wrangler has since been mentioned how he wants to propose to her, and would later do so at the beach. Since Wrangler has expressed interest in the same sex Maxine was dressing in a more masculine manner, although Wrangler vehemently denies these claims. Tracy Martell has told Wrangler that Maxine had died, following an incident where Maxine was gunned down in the Police Department parking lot.


Police Departments

Lenny Hawk

Wrangler and Lenny Hawk became fast friends when the latter first arrived as a fresh-faced cadet in the LSPD. A typical case of 'strange minds think alike', Wrangler is not thrown off by the sometimes random and bizarre statements Lenny makes like many other officers are. Wrangler's trust in him runs deep enough to make Lenny one of his emergency contacts, a position that not even Divine had. In turn Lenny considers Wrangler to be one of his mentors and one of the most influential people to help shape him into the cop that is today. When Wrangler was promoted High Command as a Captain of the BCSO one of his very first acts in his position was to offer Lenny a no-strings-attached transfer to the BCSO. His offer was accepted and Lenny became a Deputy shortly after. When Lenny had his falling out with Pred, Wrangler was sad to lose him but did not stop Lenny from transferring back to the LSPD. Understanding his circumstances he personally signed Lenny's transfer papers. To this day Lenny continues to be a good friend and excellent coworker to Wrangler. Wrangler regularly calls on Lenny for help with sting operations and Lenny in turn calls on Wrangler when in need of his expertise with investigations and interrogations.

Tracy Martell - Bestfriend

Tracy Martell could arguably be best described as one of Wrangler's best friends and biggest critics. Both of them have aggressive personalities in one way or another and neither of them are afraid to voice their opinions. As a result they're often seen bickering about any number of issues between themselves. Despite this the two of them continue to ride together and confide in one another. The ability to speak their minds to one another, the very thing that puts them at odds with one another, is what allows them to talk their issues out and reach an understanding in a true demonstration of fire-forged friends.

Claire Everly - Pupil

Wrangler and Claire's relationship dates back to her earliest days of dispatch where they met and she learned about his style of policing, this helped her put Wrangler on calls that he would like to respond to. Wrangler once tried to take Claire under his wing as an investigator, but Claire's eventually drifted towards the Street Racing Unit and working with the interceptors under pressure to not lose the certs. They remain an excellent team, but Wrangler is consistently frustrated to see Claire squander her potential as an investigator.

Kyle Pred

Kyle Pred and Wrangler are longtime friends. Both are aggressive and often unorthodox in their policing style and tend to agree on a great many things. On the flip side when they do eventually disagree there's the potential of it devolving into a screaming match. These behaviors were exacerbated to the point of tension since Pred became Sheriff and Wrangler his Captain. Their friendship fell to ruin For a time when Pred passed over Wrangler for the position of Undersheriff in favor of Matt Rhodes. However, since then time has passed, Pred has come into his own as Sheriff, and the two have since mended their friendship.

Ridley Adams - Pupil

One of Wranglers longest partners, they have always had a positive working relationship with one another. Most recently Wrangler has invited him into his new Interdiction unit, they have also done stings together.

William Gunner - Pupil

Wrangler has recently taken Gunner under his wing after he told Wrangler about his interest in investigating. Gunner has now gone UC several times with Wranglers permission and has learned how to properly interrogate suspects from Wrangler.

Johnny Divine

Johnny Divine and Wrangler work together often on investigations, and they have developed a good friendship in their short time of knowing one another. There was a time where there was tension between the two as complaints leveled at Wrangler prevented Divine from getting him into the Major Crimes Division. The two have since made Captain in their respective departments within 24 hours of one another allowing them to meet at work as both friends and equals in High Command. The day of their promotion they apprehended Mickey S together in an aquatic chase and loudly declared it "Captain shit" in a show of camaraderie, unable to contain their excitement anymore. Wrangler has made several comments indicating he is jealous of Lauren Forcer and Divine's relationship.

Thomas Metzger

One of Wranglers earliest mentors in the PD, even though Metzger isn't around too often when he is Wrangler goes to him for advice on whatever case he may be working.

Olivia Copper

Wrangler and Olivia Copper are friends, and she accompanied him on one of his three days on boat patrol. Wrangler has sent her images that he was planning on uploading to his nature blog, and has a tendency to attempt to awkwardly flirt with Copper. Copper often defends Wrangler from the assumptions made by other officers. Through all of his misadventures and loss of faith in other officers Wrangler has always felt that Copper is one of the few officers that he could explicitly trust. With Wrangler's recent string of successes getting VIN scratched vehicles off the streets, Copper formally offered Wrangler a position in the SRU as an investigator despite his not being interceptor certified. Wrangler accepted the offer.

Tony Andrews

Trooper Andrews and Wranglers relationship was mostly positive before allegations made by Former Mayor Andi Jones, of Wrangler attempting to coerce her. An hour later Wrangler responded to a 911 about Siz Fulker being assaulted by a member of the Casino. After about 5+ minutes Wrangler had enough information and went to the casino to look for Dean Watson and the other suspect described. He then entered the Casino to search for Dean as well as who would later be found out to be Otto Dehlmar. INCEDINT PENDING

As of late Andrews's and Wranglers relationship has seemed to be somewhat mended, but after Wranglers brief interaction with corruption it has left a permanent bad taste in his mouth when it comes to any form PD corruption.


Buck Stanton

Buck Stanton and Wrangler generally get along well even if they don't always agree on something. When Wrangler was asked to briefly leave the room during his trial against Arush Patel Santana it was Stanton that kept him company while the trial continued and teased him with a few racially charged stereotypes to pass the time. Their talks that day ended with him inviting Wrangler over to "the barbecue." Stanton once shadowed Wrangler during a bit of police work on his day off, during which he was able to observe him work over Riley Carter in interrogation from the observation room. He was left with a greater understanding of how Wrangler operates, amazement at how talkative criminals could be, how deep they could dig themselves doing so, and likened it to a trip to the zoo.

Katya Zamalodchikova

Justice Katya is one of Wranglers closest allies in the world of politics, she is very often giving Wrangler advice. Wrangler has taken her advice to just "Play the game, then when you're in a position of power fuck them". The last time they spoke was the day Wrangler was promoted, with her congratulating him and reminding him what happens now, "Now you get to fuck them."

Paige Green

Wrangler's relationship with former District Attorney Paige Green was best described as tense at best and toxic at its absolute worst. Wrangler and Paige butted heads on several occasions, almost always when Paige informed Wrangler that she'd dropped a case that he put together for reasons he would consider insignificant or irrelevant. After having dropped several of Wrangler's cases he finally reached his breaking point with Paige when cut a plea deal for his case against Miles Landon for the first degree murder of Roddy Benoit and attempted first degree murder of Sai Carter without telling Wrangler or any of his superiors. When former Chief Bob Smith was told of this and confronted her she replied by telling him that she could do whatever she wanted with LEO cases without telling any of those involved. This angered members of both the LSPD and BCSO, but Wrangler was beyond furious and without telling anyone disappeared for three days before returning to work. Wrangler's history with Paige ultimately reinforced his belief in meticulous documentation of everything personally, Wrangler's total lack of faith in Paige was eventually vindicated when she resigned as DA and joined Reggie Might's terrorist organization.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Deputy DeputyBCSO.png PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #317 February 5th, 2021
Captain CaptainBCSO.png Promoted to Captain April 17th, 2021
Captain CaptainPBSO.png Transferred to the PBSO December 2nd, 2021
Ranger Ranger.png Transferred to the SASPR for the week by order of the The Senate after shooting a dog in the courtroom; Badge #217 April 7th, 2022
Captain CaptainPBSO.png Transferred back to the PBSO and returned as a Captain; Badge #317 April 14th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Field Training Instructor FTI Cert.png Captain FTI Certified April 17th, 2021
Street Racing Unit SRU Cert.png Captain Appointed as Investigator in the SRU December 24th, 2021
Interceptor Driver Interceptor Cert.png Captain Interceptor Certified December 24th, 2021
Interceptor Driver Charger Cert.png Captain Interceptor Restructure; Charger only Access April 21st, 2022

Wrangler Archive

Currently a work in progress/passion project


Major Events

Life Events

Following the 'road block' incident Wrangler was sentenced to three days on boat duty. In this time he boated with several members of the PD including Olivia Copper and Lorenzo Lezar, he began a blog named "Wrangler's Nature Blog". Wrangler would then be issued the punishment of being Andi Jones bodyguard for a day.

Another punishment Wrangler was subjected to, this time assigned by Jack Ripley included cleaning the Mission Row of it's bug infestation. Wrangler transported dangerous chemicals to exterminate the bugs with no gloves via a leaky box, Wrangler mentioned this to Ripley but his concerns were brushed off. Shortly after beginning to clean Wrangler was bit by a black widow spider, and his unconscious body was moved into a puddle of piss. Wrangler was then jabbed with an adrenaline shot when he stopped breathing and was transported to Pillbox Medical Center where he became convinced he had developed spider powers like Spider-Man.

Wrangler climbed a crane, looking for crimes to swing to, Ripley attempted to talk him down, but upon Sam Baas telling Wrangler the location of a crime over the radio, Wrangler leapt off the crane. The fall resulted in two broken legs, which were vomited into by Lenny Hawk.

After leaping off of the crane Wrangler was confined to a wheelchair for a period of time, although he insisted it was "for life". While he initially tried to continue doing police work from the confines of his chair, he continued to act out and having witnessed him leap from the crane firsthand Ripley finally had enough and he suspended Wrangler.

During this period Wrangler attended physical therapy with Emma Gaine and attempted to start a basketball team with little success. Insisting that his suspension was actually his being fired forever, Wrangler's behavior worsened. In fits of near manic depression Wrangler would be out of trouble one moment and encouraging high speed chases with the police the next. This inevitably brought him into contact with his coworkers, who were becoming increasingly worried about him. He began to believe that his physical therapy was pointless and stopped going entirely.

It was Katya Zamalodchikova that would force Wrangler to shape up. Her pay recently cut, feeling unappreciated, and tired of Wrangler's antics she called him and informed him that she'd decided to leave the city, uncertain when or if she would even be back. Desperate to stop her, Wrangler caught up with her in front of the Alta Street Apartments with the help of fellow officers. In front of most law enforcement officials on duty and the help of Emma he forced himself to walk just enough to prove that he needed her to stay, as she was one of the few people in the Department of Justice who he was on good terms with. Pulling him aside she discussed the events of the last few days and told him that it was time to figuratively "suck dick" to get back in the good graces of his superiors, be it Ripley or anyone above him. Wrangler begrudgingly agreed and would later speak to the mayor about Katya's pay in thanks.

When it came time to talk about his suspension, Wrangler and Ripley spoke frankly, with Ripley understanding that Wrangler's recent behavior had been a result of extreme frustration with the police restructuring earlier in the year that left him with considerably less freedom to work the cases he wanted to. They also agreed that the frustration was no excuse for his recent behavior. Satisfied with their talk, Ripley cleared Wrangler for duty again. With his badge back Wrangler's main concern became his legs. Still unconvinced of physical therapy's effectiveness he turned to an offer presented to him by Babalu Okonkwo, a powerful Voodoo King. With the help of Lenny Hawk and Tracy Martell Wrangler gathered the items he needed for Babalu's ritual which successfully restored his legs, but the success came at a lasting cost. To maintain the use of his legs Wrangler was now required to get blackout drunk once a month, sacrificing something living, and could not eat between the hours of 12pm and 2am. Unconcerned with the costs Wrangler celebrated by returning his wheelchair to Emma, launching it through the front door of the hospital with his patrol car.

"Look, I already snitched on him once, alright!? If he finds out I did it again he'll never trust me again! It's for his girlfriend! He's gonna propose to her like coming out of a coffin! Like Jesus on Easter Sunday, alright!? SO FUCKING SMART!!! Promise me! Please! I'll never ask you for anything!"
"Why the fuck does this moron, every goddamned time he's close to something he wants, do something dumb!?"
Lenny Hawk pleads with a furious Johnny Divine after Wrangler fakes his death

On the April 2nd, 2021, Wrangler signed on duty and was acting oddly, mishearing words and being very airheaded. When Divine asked if he had a concussion Wrangler mentioned hitting his head that morning, and displayed signs on a concussion. Later on in order to prove to Byson he was fine, he got in a car and drove it headfirst into a wall. Byson pulled Wrangler out of the car and carried him outside, where Wrangler complained about Byson 'spitting on him' when it was raining. Byson then cuffed Wrangler as he was being belligerent and called over the radio for EMS. The EMS concluded that something was wrong, based on Wrangler referring to himself as 'Rascal Wrangler', and being unable to tell the number of fingers an EMS was holding up. He was then transported Pillbox Medical for a brain scan, despite his protests, shouting: "They're making me get a vaccine!" and "Call Lenny!".

Wrangler ran out of Pillbox Medical and stole Byson's police vehicle, leading to a short chase by the other police and after an brief exchange with officers Wrangler drove into another wall headfirst, sending him back to Pillbox Medical. Once put in one of the hospital beds Wrangler shared a proposal idea with the doctors, wherein he fakes his death and on his funeral on Easter Sunday pop out of the grave and propose. Trooper Tony Andrews and Cadet Cletus Cornwood were informed by Derek Bogart that Wrangler was braindead and on life support in ICU, however as Lenny Hawk was an emergency contact he, alongside Andrews, would later be informed about Wrangler's proposal plan. Lenny, already terrible at keeping secrets, snapped under pressure when simply asked what happened and proceeded to inform Divine of Wrangler's plan. Furious beyond words Divine immediately drove back to the Mission Row PD and proceeded to mag dump on the shooting range in a blind rage as Lenny begged him to not tell Wrangler that he had snitched. Despite his initial plans Wrangler returned the next day wearing a helmet to superiors frustrated with his lack of paperwork, leading to his processing and booking certification being revoked.

On an otherwise routine night Wrangler and Domenic Toretti were riding together as Wrangler's booking and processing certifications were still revoked and as an FTO Toretti was able to sign off on them for him. Getting inside the car Toretti checked the glovebox and without warning earthworms fell out. Toretti told Wrangler to check the glovebox and they found two legs, a skull, moonshine and a glass of red liquid inside. Ellis Pinzon accompanied the duo and saw the worms fall out of the glovebox. As they drove further the floor become covered in worms and the group began hearing drums. Wrangler had failed sacrifice a living thing to maintain the use of his legs. Now tormented by the supernatural Wrangler and Toretti frantically drove up north with the help of Pinzon to find an animal to quickly kill in a drive-by from the patrol car. Before the paranormal activity stopped Babalu's voice warned Wrangler that failing to uphold is end of the bargain again would have even worse consequences.

In the aftermath of the hauntings Wrangler and Toretti ran into Sam Baas. Baas immediately questioned what the horrific smell coming from Wrangler's cruiser was and why Toretti was covered in blood. Baas eventually saw the various human remains. Horrified, Baas washed his hands of the situation by simply telling Wrangler and Toretti to not get arrested. After parking the cruiser in the garage the rest of the LSPD quickly found the remains and detained Wrangler for questioning. Recieving an inopportune call from Maxine in the interrogation room a panicked Wrangler told her that he believed himself to be screwed and was forced to hang up. When majority of the LSPD began to question Wrangler what ensued was general chaos with Wrangler flip-flopping between the truth, half-truths, trying to pass the buck to Baas, and even considering telling the truth and how it related to the miraculous recovery of his legs. Complicating matters was Maxine breaking into Mission Row motor pool in a doomed rescue attempt where she was gunned down by multiple officers after shooting Tyme Reducer in the head with the officers suspecting Wrangler had instructed her to do so. Toretti, increasingly distraught as time went on, told his side of the story which, while truthful, did not line up with Wrangler's. In the end the LSPD collectively decided it was best to just drop it, but reminded Wrangler that they still had 30 days to level charges. Wrangler and Toretti were forced to clean their wretched cruiser as punishment.

After a brief personal vacation Wrangler hit the ground running once more when the date of his major court case against the current leader of the Vagos Arush Patel Santana, also known as Speedy. Two weeks prior Wrangler had found eleven bags of meth on Speedy's person in a search after having detained Speedy for tackling him and in the raid that followed came an additional thirty one bags. All forty two were quickly determined by the LSPD's lab to have been identical; A clear case of mass production. Despite the efforts of Speedy's defense team Wrangler won his trial justifying Speedy's prison sentence for the offense, removed the meth from the streets, and dealt a loss of $25,000 dollars between fines and money seized as evidence. Desperately in need of a win after recent events Wrangler left the courthouse feeling very happy with the outcome as all of his charges had stuck, the only one having not being an overly ambitious reach pushed by the District Attorney.

The day after the trial was the day interviews for the selection of Los Santos' Sheriff with Kael Soze, Bob Smith, and Andrews. Wrangler quickly donned his classic BCSO ensemble and met with Soze and Smith for the interview, to which Wrangler felt that he did reasonably well in. After a brief discussion in the motor pool about the sheriff debate scheduled for the next day, an event that a few officers joked would just be Kyle Pred simply screaming over everyone, Wrangler was able to catch Smith and Divine outside and took the opportunity to ask for his certifications back. Smith agreed on the spot on the condition that all his reports were done, which Divine assured would be the case within 24 hours if it wasn't already. Fresh off his big court victory, his certifications back, and wearing his classic look Wrangler found himself happy with the state of things and decided to spend his day getting back to his roots by strictly answering 911 calls.

On the day of the debate Wrangler stood on a panel along with Kyle Pred, Jenny Hall, Cletus Cornwood, Travis Tribble, and Richard Dark. Questions were presented by Andrews, various police personnel, and even the people of Los Santos. Hot button topics included the balance between a Sheriff's street work and paperwork, the relationship between the Department of Justice and Law Enforcement, the long standing tenure of members of High Command, and the disparity between its presence at particular times.

Wrangler did not find himself under particularly heavy fire from his fellow panelists or the questions in general due to the presence of Pred who, as predicted by many officers, spent much of the debate screaming at other people going so far as outright hostility at times. Unconcerned with the latter three panelists Wrangler focused instead on Hall and Pred framing the former as another paper pusher the likes of which would continue the trend of High Command's general lack of presence in the city and the latter as a self-serving narcissist willing to stab people in the back to get the position and abuse it. Wrangler expressed the belief that someone in High Command should be in the city and stated a desire to, should he be elected, hire an Under Sheriff to serve as his right hand when he wasn't in the city. He also made clear his intent to make the path to promotion within the department clear and establish better communication between officers. Overall Wrangler departed feeling he'd done extremely well, but there was left with nothing to do except wait for the decision.

Despite the fact that Jenny won the votes in a landslide Soze and Andrews ultimately appointed Pred as Sheriff. They explained that despite an attractive resume and excellent campaign Jenny simply wasn't in the city as much as Pred or Wrangler. The promotions did not stop there however, as they also decided to promote Wrangler and Cornwood to Lieutenants (later elaborated to be Captains) under Pred with intent on designating one of them as Under Sheriff or to even have one of them outright replaced Pred if he didn't work out. In one fell swoop Wrangler had become a member of High Command and suddenly outranked Divine, Toretti, Malton, Ripley, and almost every other person that had been his superior until that moment. Soze and Andrews warned Wrangler that as he had ascended to High Command there was no longer anyone to cover for him anymore and that getting the position meant it was time to get serious. Fortunately Wrangler did just that.

The moment the meeting concluded Wrangler and Pred immediately began planning the future of the BSCO, the first order of which was bracing for a mass exodus as many officers had expressed that they would turn in their badges if Pred was elected Sheriff. In anticipation for this the two offered a transfer to the BCSO to Lenny Hawk, who eagerly accepted. While they would later offer transfers to the entire LSPD if they desired Wrangler and Pred braced for the possibility that they would have to have a serious hiring spree. They also explored the idea of a Human Resources department with Martell and made clear their intent to resurrect the Internal Affairs department. At his first meeting held after his promotion Wrangler announced he'd already started exploring the idea of different dispatch tones for different crimes and, long since sick of bank robberies dominating the time of officers on duty, expressed a desire to see a much stronger response to Shots Fired calls and other 911 calls. A new era was dawning on the BSCO with Wrangler and Pred at its heart...

"Congrats again, Wrangler."
"Thanks, Divine. Congrats to you as well."
Divine and Wrangler on their promotions to Captain of their departments

When Wrangler awoke the next day it was not to a BCSO exodus as originally feared, but the exact opposite. The LSPD was in general chaos with Pred green lighting many officers transferring to the BCSO from the LSPD, many officers angry that Cornwood had been made a Captain before he had even been certified to run solo as a cadet, and even more furious that Pred was behaving as though he had all-encompassing jurisdiction over them. Now Wrangler now had to deal with the worrying issue that power was already going to Pred's head. He had started an all out brawl between the BCSO and LSPD in the motor pool at Mission Row earlier that morning, had spent most of his day tormenting Toretti, and was parading around the building as if he had all encompassing power over the LSPD. It was civil war between the law enforcement branches in all but name.

When word of this reached Andrews he quickly pulled Wrangler and Pred aside to make sure they understood that their direct disciplinary and promotion/demotion powers were strictly within the scope of the BCSO and not the LSPD. Wrangler made clear he understood this but Pred continuously phrased things in a way that had Wrangler convinced he was going to continuously try to exert control over the LSPD. A private confrontation with him later did little to assure him otherwise. Wrangler spent most of the day preparing to sort the BCSO by demoting under-performing officers, revoking FTO certs, and having them assigned to people who would actually do the job. In contrast to Pred's wanton poaching Wrangler instead focused on getting a roster of recommendations across both BCSO and LSPD which he would later discuss with Ripley. During their talk Wrangler disclosed to him the plans in place for demotions and estimated that 90% of the department was probably going to be getting one.

In the early hours of the morning Divine, promoted to Captain in the LSPD earlier that day, pulled Wrangler aside for a private talk. It was there they had a long overdue heart-to-heart and he revealed to Wrangler that between his promotion, Soze telling him that he deserved it two and a half months prior, and frustrated with Bobby's increasing lack of presence in the city that he had become Pred's inside man in the LSPD with the ultimate goal of succeeding Bobby as Chief of Police. Additionally, he said should it not work he and if Wrangler secured the position of Under Sheriff he intended to make a transfer to the BCSO out of spite for Bobby. Taking the opportunity Divine once again apologized to Wrangler for being unable to get him into MCD citing the paperwork as the issue. Divine added that should Wrangler ever lose his position that, with his new authority, he'd would have a home in MCD. Wrangler insisted that he wasn't going anywhere for a long time, a sentiment that Divine agreed with, and the two left the office with their friendship renewed and carrying ambitions of a new era not just for the BSCO but the LSPD as well.

"Pinzon, sit the fuck on the couch! Baas, you were ready to tie cinder blocks to him and throw him in the ocean!"
"I was ready to kill for my brothers, okay?"
"That's not how we fucking do things, Baas! I won't have fucking corruption in my fucking department!"
"It's not corruption!"
"YES IT IS!!! Yes it is!"
― Wrangler and Baas moments before the former suspends the latter

Since his acceptance of transfer to the BSCO by Wrangler, Lenny had been in the final stages of his cadet phase. Despite a rocky final evaluation with Owen Svensen that was arguably saved by a confrontation with Chatterbox, Pred saw fit to sign off on officially making him a deputy. Having been waiting for this day Wrangler hatched an elaborate joke to tell his friend of his promotion, but was shut down by Pred citing the need to follow proper procedure. His faith in Pred shaken once more Wrangler left Mission Row angrily declaring "same High Command, different Pred". He would have to wait however as it was time for Wrangler to confront yet another problem caused by the new Sheriff in his overzealous campaign of spite towards the LSPD...

MCD Detective and at-the-time LSPD officer Sam Baas had landed himself in boiling hot water. Shortly after discussing MCD investigations with his husband Dante Wolf one day the couple discovered that Clyde "Meowfurryon" Eastside, a man who labored under the delusion he was a cat to the point of outright hostility to anything related to his human identity, had slipped into their trunk in his latest attempt to break into Mission Row and defecate in the doghouse there. Worse still was that Eastside was known for flaunting information he should not have and was an associate of not only Rooster's Rest, but Lang Buddha, one of the major movers and shakers in Los Santos' criminal underworld. Horrified that a known blabbermouth and friend of Buddha had overheard sensitive information about active criminal investigations Baas and Dante took him to the basement in Grapeseed. Learning Meowfurryon had already uploaded what he heard to the cloud in a moment of weakness Baas struck Meowfurryon and doused him with water. This punch, kick, and little splash of water was quickly escalated in Meowfurryon's police report to be torture and waterboarding.

On the day of the Wrangler's promotion Baas was one of the individuals who transferred to the BCSO through Pred without Wrangler's knowledge. Well aware that Baas was in serious trouble and awaiting trial Wrangler confronted Pred about what he believed to be a incredibly bad decision once he knew. Pred shrugged off his concerns and told him that he planned to hold a press conference to positively present Baas' transfer as the BCSO taking him in to rehabilitate. Pred's lack of urgency cost the BSCO however as Chief Smith, just as spiteful at Pred as Pred was at him, beat him to the punch and gave a press conference to Ron Otterman and Weazel News first. There he washed his hands of Baas entirely, emphasized that Baas was BCSO now, and that any complaints towards him should be directed at his new department.

By this point Baas was in the sights of Wrangler's old DoJ nemesis, District Attorney Paige Green. Green uncharacteristically seemed less interested in talking with Baas or cutting plea deals and far more interested in making an example of him and use him to establish new case law. Wrangler needed to know he could trust Baas and quickly gathered Lenny, Cornwood, and Pinzon to test him. After staging a setup at a known Vagos torture room Wrangler had Pinzon call Baas and tell him that Meowfurryon had attacked Cornwood and Wrangler. When Baas arrived Wrangler and Cornwood were on the ground and there Lenny sat disguised as Meowfurryon. Confident that Baas wouldn't do it Wrangler had told Pinzon to try and goad Baas into killing "Meowfurryon" for everything that he had done. What Wrangler wasn't aware of was that nearly everyone Baas had spoken to about the incident had told him that he should have just killed him and been done with it, and Baas was ready to act on the advice of his peers this time. Immediately ending the charade for Lenny's safety Wrangler dragged Baas back to Mission Row. Absolutely furious and with a zero tolerance policy for corruption Wrangler berated Baas for his conduct, demanded his badge, and suspended him until he could talk to Pred. As the new Sheriff's continuously questionable decisions continued to bite the BCSO in the ass and his sudden concern for procedure had Wrangler's faith in him waning rapidly not even a week into their positions.

"We had a strong case here. We had a very strong case. I had witness testimony from four separate parties during that meeting as well as a correlation to an alleged act of them acting upon the threats towards the mayor's office over at Mirror Park that I needed to talk to you about. But before I could get to discussing that part with you there was an incident where Otto Delmar may have crowbarred someone over at Mirror Park--"
"Oh my god!"
"Yeah, so they made threats and then acted on them and then when I tried to organize everything I was told that the DA wanted to kind of ease off on these individuals. So I had about, like I said, a good week and a half possibly two weeks of work just go down the shitter ending in nothing. A perfect case."
― Pred explains to Wrangler and Tessa Lamb his anger with the DA

Topping off the stress of Baas, Pred's behavior, and High Command's various other pressures Wrangler was about to find himself repeating a song and dance sure to make him furious. Paige Green had, yet again, dropped one of Wrangler's cases without any prior notification. Immediately livid Wrangler expressed extreme frustration to Martell. Already aware of Wrangler's circumstances with Green she suggested that Wrangler finally take action and file a formal complaint with the Bar. Immediately driving to the courthouse Wrangler found Buck Stanton and inquired about the process as he explained the situation. Concerned by what he was told, Stanton helped get the ball rolling while Martell officially filed Wrangler's complaint on his behalf. Green, true to form, immediately became defensive in her response on the docket leading to she and Wrangler to nearly start arguing until Stanton stopped them. Ultimately Justice Coyote Russell saw points in both sides stating that while Wrangler's reports were lackluster in places that Green was being petty, something he specifically expressed distaste in. He also pointed that Wrangler could refile his charges with new reports as Green dropping charges did not invoke double jeopardy. While Wrangler's complaint technically failed he saw it as a win, now aware that he could simply try again.

Wrangler brought up his problem to Pred on a personal level only to find that between her outright refusal to talk to Baas and continuous dropping of cases that the Sheriff was none too happy with Green either. Showing Wrangler the BSCO's brand new command car he had made for exclusive use by himself, Wrangler, and Cornwood the two hopped in and went to the courthouse where they were fortunate enough to catch Stanton and Coyote in a moment of quiet. The two made clear their frustrations and Pred began threatening to outright stop using the DA's Office entirely. Trying to calm Pred down Wrangler rephrased the statement into a desire to see special prosecutors introduced into the city, but recalled an instance in which Katya had told him they couldn't do that. Coyote stated that he'd seen people brought in to be special prosecutors before and pointed out that was how John Doe got his start. Encouraged, Wrangler and Pred agreed that having special prosecutors available would solve all their grievances with the DA's office, but before they could discuss the matter further Toretti and Divine entered the courtroom with a suspect for a bench trial. Coyote and Stanton had to deal with the bench trial, but assured the two that they would talk later. Leaving the courthouse Pred explained to Wrangler that the last straw for him had been Green's dropping what he believed a strong case against Dean Watson as she was unwilling to risk another lost case against him.

"Look, Andrews, I don't fucking think I can work with this guy. I mean do you see how he fucking talks to me? He's a fucking asshole! This power has gone to his fucking head, man! He's gonna start executing people in the fucking back he doesn't like!"
― Wrangler to Andrews

The waning hours of May 19th and early hours of May 20th would see Wrangler's greatest worries realized. Henri King spoke with him and expressed there was extreme frustration amongst the BCSO. Morale was not nearly as high as Pred would have had people believe it was. Taking matters into his own hands Wrangler sought out Martell's help as he spoke with the other deputies for candidates and compiled a list of them he felt were due for a promotion. After a brief back and forth Wrangler even got Pred into the city to discuss the list, but his arrival caused more problems than Wrangler could have imagined.

Pred stonewalled Wrangler's entire list except for T.J. Mack who he stated was being taken care of personally. What ensued was a long argument over what did and did not make a senior deputy with Wrangler unable to understand Pred's logic. Refusing to let Pred control the flow of discussion while displaying extreme opposition to Wrangler even trying to help the argument slowly turned into Pred accusing Wrangler of insubordination. Temper flared against temper and soon the two were in a screaming match with one another over their shortcomings. During the argument Wrangler remained largely on the offensive while Pred made points that he would either back away from moments later or couldn't provide any foundation to the argument of. With Wrangler unwilling to budge without Pred explaining himself the Sheriff, either unable to prove a point or quickly backpedaling them, pulled rank.

Finally fed up with Pred's power trip Wrangler demanded Pred just tell him that he was not getting the Undersheriff position, which Pred confirmed by telling him that he was going to promote Matt Rhodes. Confused and furious that Pred betrayed his word that Wrangler would be undersheriff and that he went against the guidelines that Andrews and Soze set for the position the rest of their time was spent with continued arguing. Pred's message was clear, at least to Wrangler: Pred wanted the BCSO run his way, only his way, and with the help of no one, least of all from someone who wouldn't play yes-man to him. Pred left the city leaving Wrangler with little else to do but break the news to the cadets he interviewed that they weren't getting promoted. The news was taken especially hard in the case of King. A despondent Ridley Adams asked Wrangler if he even had a career in the BCSO, to which a tired and defeated Wrangler could not give him an answer to. Later that night Wrangler would confirm with Andrews that Pred had approached High Command about promoting Rhodes a week prior, which only disgusted him even further. This would not be the end to the troubles Wrangler faced this evening however.

When the shift three meeting was coming into session Wrangler pulled Pred's girlfriend Brittany Angel aside and, as she played a key part in hiring, rattled his list off to her for her opinions. Angel supported the bulk of his choices, causing Wrangler to angrily tell her to talk to Pred. When the meeting came into session Wrangler was not looking particularly forward to having to break it to an already demoralized BCSO that promotions were still in limbo. It was also graced with an unusual presence for that time of day in the form of Lenny. Lenny was already in a foul mood, having just the other day expressed serious frustration with cops using their own actions to justify escalation during robberies and chases. In the hour before that the PD responded to a bank robbery in which there had been a great deal of confusion involving Angel and an attempted spike strip deployment that lead her to being struck causing the situation to escalate. Lenny believed that Angel had done so on purpose and a shouting match nearly started.

With Lenny's temper already flaring he dared to be the one brave enough to finally ask openly and angrily what happened to all the changes that Pred had promised the BCSO. At that moment, wildly outside of his usual timezone, Pred himself walked into the room just in time to hear Lenny's fury. Taking what he heard as insubordination Pred turned on Lenny and threatened to fire him and send him back to the LSPD right then and there. Pred was ready for round two with Wrangler and when everyone else was told to disperse, Andrews told everyone to stay to witness what was about to happen. Wrangler and Pred began their argument in front of everyone all over again, but not even two minutes into the fight came yet another unexpected voice boomed in from the door.

Cornwood, having heard that High Command had been begun in-fighting, grabbed the first flight back to Los Santos from his farm out of state. Uncharacteristically angry Cornwood ordered Pred and Wrangler out of the meeting room and proceeded to chew both of them out for being at each other's throats as Andrews dismissed meeting and followed. With the PD still attempting to jeer and spectate the argument High Command went to the office to continue their fight. Having been asked to leave the meeting earlier in the day, Cornwood now playing referee had only a marginal effect on the fight while Andrews simply stood and spectated. Knowing that Pred had hidden his intent to promote Rhodes for a week Wrangler came at him even harder than he had prior only for things to complicate even further than they already had when Rhodes himself walked into the room leading Pred to formally promote him right then and there.

Rhodes, largely out of the loop of what was happening, tried to stabilize the situation to a more successful degree than Cornwood had. Now joined by Angel as well Rhodes asked Wrangler about his list of promotion candidates which Wrangler begrudgingly brought to the table again. Wrangler had feared something like this would happen: That his list would be revisited within a day and suddenly Pred would be on board with things because it wasn't Wrangler. Between continued arguing and Pred exhausted from being outside his timezone they made a degree of headway though half of the list but the room was unable to come to a unanimous decision as to what made a senior deputy. Still furious at Lenny's perceived insubordination Pred prepared to force his transfer back to the LSPD, at which point Andrews and Angel finally intervened. While they agreed Lenny should be punished that firing was overkill and the subject of Lenny was left to be dealt with after anger cooled. Any sort of friendship he had with Pred seemingly brought to ruin the night ended with a defeated Wrangler telling Andrews that he didn't think he could work under Pred anymore, to which Andrews said that everyone had been shitty talking to one another. Wrangler declared he was going to do one traffic stop before he signed off for the night. As he left Cornwood and Andrews expressed sympathy for whoever it was that Wrangler would pull over.

"Alright, let's see the fruits of our labor here. I'll let you do the honors."
"Ohhhh my limbs are tingling. .....Alright, there's like nine guns in here, sir.
"Yeeeeah, she's fucked. We got money too, oh yeah, she's so fucked."
"Ohhhh fuck."
"Yeah, she's fried."
― Wrangler and Lenny as they raid Lana Valentine and find what they need for Weapons Trafficking charges

[This pending section is for the events surrounding the beginning of the Gunther Klean saga and the arrest of Lana Valentine. Please stand by...]

"No! Wrangler, stop!"
"Okay, alright, fine, fine, fine, let me calm down..."
"Well he might not like the terrorist organization once you tell him more about it"
"The leader is Reggie Might."
"I..... Okay, let's back up. Can we please back the fuck up? What do you mean Reggie Might?"
― Wrangler's sarcasm turning to disbelief as Lily Pond and Jacob Slate inform him that Reggie is covertly the head of a terrorist movement

June 27th 2021 was fated to be the day Wrangler was vindicated on his beliefs about both Reggie Might and Paige Green. On an otherwise routine shift Wrangler was approached by Lily Pond who pulled him into MCD's meeting room after requesting his help. When they entered he found Judge Elizabeth Devereaux and Jacob Slate waiting. Incidental small talk with Slate revealed to Wrangler that he was now the acting District Attorney, that he had promoted both Colt McCoy and Malcador Sigilite to ADAs with more leeway than the position had before, and that he had an ideology on plea deals that Wrangler approved of. Confused as to why he was brought in, as all he had heard was good news, Pond opened the floodgate on the bad news.

The moment Pond named Paige as a talking point Wrangler was immediately exasperated and began asking what she did. Devereaux broke the silence asking Slate and Pond who would like to start which made clear the gravity of the situation and caused Wrangler to become even angrier. Slate directed talks to Günther Klean's immunity agreement, at which point Wrangler pointed Günther did not deliver on certain conditions. The problem however was twofold. Paige did not make anyone in the DA's office aware that Günther had an immunity agreement and that the agreement had been leaked to twatter.

With Wrangler furiously demanding an explanation Devereaux pointed out that the only people with access to the document were Günther, Paige, and Reggie Might. Wrangler was sickened by the revelation as Slate told him that the twatter leak was made by individuals that were kidnapped by individuals wearing all black with motorcycle helmets and voice changers, the Los Santos standard for individuals not wanting to be identified. With Wrangler angry and believing their leads exhausted Pond gave him a report number and implored him for his help knowing she needed Wrangler's more aggressive stratagems instead of MCD's tendency to sit and wait tactics as there was a potential terrorist cell on the loose. With Wrangler temper having reached the point of biting sarcasm Pond revealed the name of the leader of the group: Reggie Might.

Dumbfounded, Wrangler called for her to back up, after clarification he was out of the ICU Wrangler tore into Devereaux about Reggie's status as an previously convicted murderer and suggested that maybe that not only should the DoJ not make convicted murderers lawyers but that maybe they shouldn't expunge murder convictions at all. With Wrangler's agitation at an all time high Devereaux decided it was best to simply be frank and lay it out instead of trying to soften blows: The day Günther's immunity agreement was leaked to twatter was the very same day that Paige suddenly resigned without warning. Pond followed by naming Paige as a suspected member of Reggie's terrorist organization and continued to explain that the PD had Reggie's phone records subpoenaed, he had told Pond that if she doesn't find the person that put him in the ICU that he would, and that he had been in contact with her during which he threatened to cut her fingers off and kill her. Sure enough she turned up without her fingers and killed by an AK. Next came the Vagos, who very recently had multiple members arrested with AKs on them during their recent war with Chang Gang, and pointed that Reggie was on retainer to the Vagos. On top of that she pointed to a warehouse Reggie owned on Popular Street that was under PD observation near the Vagos' home turf.

Paige, on the other hand, had been tied into the group through eyewitness account on the very same day she resigned from the DA's office. Reggie had also informed Pond that he had many meetings with Paige prior to her resignation in which she expressed dislike and disinterest in the PD. As Pond continued running through the details of the investigation Wrangler called the status of Günther's immunity agreement into question, which Slate and Devereaux said would be valid as Freddy Fastfingers had plead guilty in the case Günther had agreed to testify to. Wrangler immediately pushed back stating that not only was there no testimony but that Günther did not comply with the investigation as another stipulation of the agreement. After being informed the case had been pushed to the docket already after he demanded the situation be fought in court Wrangler came to yet another horrifying revelation: With Paige's connection to Reggie's organization anything either of them ever did could be called into question.

Before Wrangler could leave Slate made it clear that if they could convict Reggie and Paige on terrorism that not only would he make sure their bar licenses were revoked with no hope of ever practicing law again but he would push for life in prison without the possibility of parole and make sure that they would never be able to expunge their records of the incident. At long last Wrangler had vindication on his stance towards Reggie and Paige, but the ramifications of the events that brought it had yet to be seen...

Police Investigations

On May 28th 2021, at the end of Wrangler's shift, Wrangler was driving to go harrass the Burgershot when he noticed a van speeding through Little Seoul. Wrangler pulled them over next to the LSBN (formerly Weasel News) building, and recognized Günther Klean as the driver. Wrangler askes Günther to step out of the car, than pulls him aside and detains him. Wrangler asks a few questions, such as if Günther is on duty for Smoke on the Water right now (Günther says no), and who the car comes back to. Günther informed Wrangler that the Van belongs to Phillip McGroin, who allows him to use it since its in their shared vehicle pool. Wrangler askes if he could search Günther. Günther says he can, but does not give Wrangler consent to search the van.

They go back and forth, with Wrangler threatening to arrest Günther for Reckless Driving, before Wrangler goes off to question Freddy. Wrangler then asks Freddy Fastfingers to step out of the car, and while asking him questions, asks if he has a weapons license and a legal firearm on him. Freddy replies that he does, so Wrangler asks Freddy to face away while he retrieves it for Officer Safety. Freddy refuses to comply, and after Wrangler threatens to taze Freddy, Freddy attempts to pull his firearm out. Wrangler quickly tazes Freddy, calls for 78's on the radio, and begin to search Freddy.

On Günther's Person were: 9 2g joints

On Freddy's Person were: 2 3g joints, 3 2g joints, 2000 grams of dry marijuana bud

In the car was: 200 grams of dry marijuana bud (glove box), several canabis themed oils belonging to the Phillip McGroin (trunk)

Totaling: 2230 grams or 4.9 pounds of marijuana

Wrangler brings the two suspects to MRPD, puts them in cells and gets ready to question them. Before he can question them however, Günther and Freddy request a lawyer, specifically Reggie Might, Smoke on the Water's Lawyer to represent them.

[In Progress...]

On the June 15th, 2021, Tired of the near-constant calls of Gruppe6 Security Trucks, Wrangler broke off to investigate some Drug Sales calls in the Southside. The first call was in the Barrio, and didn't result in anything other than a very nice member of the Vagos selling him a taco. The second call was on Grove street, in the territory of the East Side Ballas. Wrangler climbed on top of some roofs and began taking pictures of the scene once he arrived. Wrangler spotted a few people, (later discovered to be Zoog Volkov Martinez and David Rusky) standing on the corner, doing hand offs, with someone (later identified to be Mando Thompson) who would drop something off to them, bike to a nearby house, run inside, and then go back and repeat the process. [In Progress...]

Following his promotion to Captain within the BCSO Wrangler has begun to ease away from the major long term investigations. Holding a special place of hatred in his heart for the near non-stop string of bank robberies in Los Santos and the police that respond to them Wrangler has declared them all "bank sluts" and will not go to a bank robbery unless necessary or something out of the ordinary is in play.

Wrangler at present favors returning to his roots, hitting the streets, and seeing where the winds of Los Santos take him with 911 calls. Doing so has left him with no shortage of smaller investigative puzzles to solve leading to long interrogations, catching criminals in lies, and clashes with lawyers like before. This has also lead Wrangler to have numerous raid warrants signed with often outstanding payouts such as catching Riley Carter with absurd amounts of marked bills that, unbeknownst to him, was nearly everything for the Bondi Boys MC and a massive loss the news of which left Irwin Dundee not only stunned but amplified his personal vendetta against Wrangler.


  • Has a "dark" sense of humor.
  • He is worried that he may start having bisexual feelings for men as an officer.
  • Likes to crossdress undercover as a prostitute.
  • Thinks BDSM is a gang.
  • Is 1/18th Cherokee.
  • Has recently taken up home gardening as a hobby with a particular interest in a cactus he rescued.
  • Wrangler's undercover work in the city is the basis for the legal clause "Wrangler's Decree", which states it is not entrapment for police officers or their agents (such as criminal informants) to conceal their identity or deceive civilians. This makes undercover work admissible in court.
  • Considers the life sentence inmates in Bolingbroke Penitentiary to be the best witnesses he's ever had on account of their willingness to talk, pleasant demeanor, and consistent stories across eight testimonies.
  • Is known for what he calls the "Wrangler Special", which is a traffic stop that is rapidly escalated into a raid.
  • Wrangler has no fewer than three "Black Passes" that mark him recognized as a "brother". He received the first and third of these passes from Trooper Andrews and the second from Judge Stanton.
  • Randy "The Rattlesnake" Wrangler is terribly allergic to and very afraid of bees.


  • "In my goddamn county."
  • "You got 'Wrangled'."
  • " Good work, everyone."
  • "How does that even work though?"
  • " One last traffic stop, then I'll go 42."