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Randy Bullet is a character role-played by RatedEpicz.

General Description

Randy Bullet is an OG member of Chang Gang, joining the gang in 2017.

He's been told that he's "stingy" as he never puts up money when members of Chang Gang makes a group purchase, often asking for money when he doesn't need it.

He is widely regarded as the best shot in Los Santos and has come in clutch for many bank, vault and jewellery heists that have resulted in a shootout. Recently, Randy has been involved in high-profile heists involving the transportation of guns, jewellery, and other valuable goods.

Physical Description

Randy Bullet is a 24-year-old male with brown hair (currently dyed white) that is slicked back with shaved sides. He has brown eyes.

He has multiple tattoos; including a full sleeve on his right arm, a handgun on his left hand, a snake wrapped around his right leg, a lion's head on his thigh, and a portrait on his chest.

Randy is usually found wearing a puffer jacket and jeans or a hoodie with cargo pants, and his signature white Nike shoes.

Background Information

Randy is English-American. He was born in London and lived in Stoke Newington. Being so close to the Emirates Stadium meant that he grew up as an Arsenal F.C. fan. However, everything changed when he was deported to the United States of America after trying to steal Queen Elizabeth II's crown and corgi. He lived with his mother, who is American, for a year until he decided to make his way to Los Santos.

He moved to Los Santos after hearing many infamous things about the city. As he stepped off the train, he saw a sign that said, "Welcome to Los Santos: Just Roll with the Punches". It truly touched him and ever since he has vowed to always roll with the punches whenever faced with an obstacle.

Not long after Randy arrived in the city, he met Mr. Kebun and became a member of the Chang Gang.


Losing An Audi

On June 21st 2021, Randy had decided to spin the wheel at the casino- which was holding the Audi R8 at the time. As the wheel span, it landed in-between a blank section and winning the Audi, which was difficult to interpret. Randy decided to take Dean to court over this as he felt he should've won back the Audi and that the wheel had scammed him.

During the court case on July 1st 2021, Randy pleaded his case against Dean and claimed that the wheel was a "scam" and he should've won the Audi. However, Dean countered that the wheel was purposely built like that and you could not win anything on the wheel without the pointer landing directly on it. Randy eventually lost the case when it came down to a dice role against Dean and with it, lost the Audi; it was won days later.

London Style

On August 23rd 2021 Tommy T and Randy decided it was time for them to rob a bank together. Due to them both originating from London, England they decided it was best for this robbery to be done in "London style". Both Tommy and Randy dressed up in dark puffer jackets, covered their faces with masks, carried "shanking" knives and rode mopeds around the city of Los Santos.

After a successful bank robbery with no police response, the duo decided they wanted to wreck havoc on the police department for not responding to their bank. As they rode past a police officer, Aaron Byson, they decided they were going to rob him of his phone. They got off their mopeds, held him up at knife point and threatened to "shank" him if he called for backup; once the phone was secured they sped off at 35mph on their mopeds. Unfortunately, this time the police decided to respond heavily and half the PD was now chasing them for the stolen phone.

As the (slow-speed) chase continued, Randy began to read out Byson's texts and call logs, embarrassing him in front of his fellow officers. Eventually, the moped chase came to a stop when Tommy crashed out and the duo had to take to running on foot. However, once the officer retrieved the phone they let both Randy and Tommy walk free. This meant that this "London Style" themed day was a partial success.

Puppet Master Shankz

During the late hours of September 22nd 2021, Randy received a call from the Puppet Master. This call ensued the PM talking about his trust for Randy and the history the have with each other. Due to Randy helping the PM on tasks throughout the year, the PM wanted to reward him.

The Puppet Master presented the idea that Randy would takeover his position when the time was right but this plan was to be kept a secret. This meant that the PM and Randy would be equals and would work for each other, the first S+ boost would be rewarded to Randy as a result of this acquaintance. Randy agreed to the proposal and agreed to keep it a secret, even from his closest friends.

The Squid Games

On October 29th 2021 Randy bullet was thrown into a car, drugged and dropped off an an unknown island. Upon waking up, he heard the voice of The Front Man beckoning down to him and instructing him that he needed to find certain shapes to unlock the elevator to the lobby area. He set off quickly and soon met up with his close friend, Taco Prince- after a short while, he managed to collect together 5 people with different shapes and the elevator was unlocked. He leaped into the elevator with Taco but unfortunately, Taco did not make it in time.

After anxiously waiting in the lobby for some time, praying that his friends would come through the elevator door, it was announced that the last batch of contestants would exit out of it. Randy started to pray for his friends and cheered with joy when he noticed his best friend, Ramee El-Rahman walk out of the elevator. However, Taco did not make it through. Randy mourned the loss of his close friend throughout the entirety of the game.

Randy went on to win the Squid Games, the last game being a battle royale. During this game, Randy wormed himself around the maze and shot down all 3 other participants. As the final shot echoed out, Randy climbed up to the walls of the maze and cheered in triumph. He had successfully shot down Mike Block, Lars Haverford and Francis J Francer. For winning this event, he was given $2,000,000.


Photo Name Description Plate
Dinka-Double T 2 seater bike UNKNOWN
Maxwell Asbo 5 Seater car BULLET
Sultan MK2 A white in colour 4 seater car YRYFR244
Lexus LC500 2 seater coupé w/ a custom bodykit QUEENFKR


  • Randy's heavier counterpart - Roundy Buffet- previously held the heavyweight championship for the VLC Fight Club.
  • Randy once had to solo a Vault robbery, when his crew got arrested while collecting hostages. He avoided getting breached when Flippy assisted him by getting the hostage needed.
  • Randy received help from Babalu Okonkwo to resurrect his dodo bird, Dodo, which now tags along with Randy on robberies and various crime..
  • Randy is a Shadow Puppet Master, working with the PM.
  • Randy is the first person in the city to get to S+ boosting contracts.
  • Randy has a 1/1 Lexus LC500 custom made by Eddie Marshall
  • Randy participated in the Squid Games and became the first winner.

SoundCloud Songs

  1. "lazy eye bullet" by kooxy
  2. "Whatever You Need"
  3. "Randy Bullet song" by Paff (ArushPatelsBandana)
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