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Randy Bullet is a character role-played by RatedEpicz.

General Description

Randy Bullet is an OG member of Chang Gang.

He's been told that he's "stingy", as he never puts up money when the Chang Gang makes a group purchase, and he often asks for money when he doesn't need it.

He is widely regarded as the best shot in Los Santos and has come in clutch for many bank and jewelry heists that have ended in a shootout. Recently, Randy has been involved in high-profile heists involving the transfer of guns, jewelry, and valuable goods.

Physical Description

Randy Bullet is a 23-year-old male with brown hair (currently dyed white) that is slicked back with shaved sides. He has brown eyes.

He has multiple tattoos; including a full sleeve on his right arm, a handgun on his left hand, a snake wrapped around his right leg, a lion's head on his thigh, and a portrait on his chest.

Randy is usually found wearing a puffer jacket and jeans or a hoodie with cargo pants, and his signature white Nike shoes.

Background Information

Randy is English-American. He was born in London and lived in Stoke Newington. Being so close to the Emirates Stadium meant that he grew up as an Arsenal F.C. fan. However, everything changed when he was deported to the United States of America after trying to steal Queen Elizabeth II's crown and corgi. He lived with his mother, who is American, for a year until he decided to make his way to Los Santos.

He moved to Los Santos after hearing many infamous things about the city. As he stepped off the train, he saw a sign that said, "Welcome to Los Santos: Just Roll with the Punches". It truly touched him and ever since he has vowed to always roll with the punches whenever faced with an obstacle.

Not long after Randy arrived in the city, he met Mr. Chang and became a member of the Chang Gang.

Relationship Information

Randy in 2.0 would often deny having feelings for Violet van Housen to the public eye or make it known that they're together, but has shown that he has a soft spot for her when they talk to one another. He accepted that Violet is the stepmother to his stepson Speedy after some time. Randy fully encouraged and supported Violet when he saw her trying to pursue a goal, such as her interest in street racing and other criminal activites. As he saw Violet getting more and more involved in street races, he convinced Titanium to let her in the underground racing scene under her Alias Suki, in which he paid for her Racing dongle. Randy also offered Violet a job as his personal Executive Assistant at Wu-Chang Records, and told her about a future underground mechanic job in the future, after she told him that she was displeased working at the Diamond Casino.


  • Randy lost a court case to Dean Watson for the casino's Audi wheel prize, but still has access to it until someone else wins it.
  • Randy's heavier counterpart - Roundy Buffet- previously held the heavyweight championship for the VLC Fight Club.
  • Randy soloed a vault right before city cutoff due to his partner's getting caught beforehand. Flippy managed to get him a hostage before cops breached.
  • Randy received help from Babalu Okonkwo to resurrect his dodo bird, Dodo, which now tags along with Randy on races and in store robberies.
  • Randy is the first person in the city to get to S+ boosting contracts.

SoundCloud Songs

  1. "lazy eye bullet" by kooxy
  2. "Whatever You Need"
  3. "Randy Bullet song" by Paff (ArushPatelsBandana)


Played By: RatedEpicz
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