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Randy Bullet is a character role-played by RatedEpicz.


Randy Bullet is an OG member of Chang Gang. He is a member of the Vendetta street racing crew and a shadow master to the Puppets within the Underground racing scene. He also maintains a legal lifestyle, being the founder and owner of both Dodo Logistics and the Bullet Club, an executive at Chang Gang Investments, and a consultant at Wu Chang Records.

An expert scam artist, skilled thief, and known trickster, Randy is a jack-of-all trades in regards to criminality. He is an experienced hacker, exceptional driver, and widely regarded as the best shot in Los Santos, often coming in clutch for many bank, vault and jewellery store heists that have resulted in a shootout. Recently, Randy has been involved in high-profile crime involving the transportation of guns, jewellery, and other valuable goods.


Randy Bullet is a 24-year-old male with brown hair (currently dyed white) that is slicked back with shaved sides. He has brown eyes.

He has multiple tattoos; including a full sleeve on his right arm, a handgun on his left hand, a snake wrapped around his right leg, a lion's head on his thigh, and a portrait on his chest.

Randy is usually found wearing a puffer jacket and jeans or a hoodie with cargo pants, and his signature white Nike shoes.


Randy is English-American. He was born in London and lived in Stoke Newington. Being so close to the Emirates Stadium meant that he grew up as an Arsenal F.C. fan. However, everything changed when he was deported to the United States of America after trying to steal Queen Elizabeth II's crown and corgi. He lived with his mother, who is American, for a year until he decided to make his way to Los Santos.

He moved to Los Santos after hearing many infamous things about the city. As he stepped off the train, he saw a sign that said, "Welcome to Los Santos: Just Roll with the Punches". It truly touched him and ever since he has vowed to always roll with the punches whenever faced with an obstacle.

Initially he joined a UK gang that went by the name 'The Families' and would roll with Abou.

Later on, he met Mr. Chang and became a member of the Chang Gang alongside Taco Prince and Garrett Jobless.


Losing An Audi

June 21st, 2021 - Losing An Audi

On June 21st, Randy had decided to spin the wheel at the casino- which was holding the Audi R8 at the time. As the wheel span, it landed in-between a blank section and winning the Audi, which was difficult to interpret. Randy decided to take Dean to court over this as he felt he should've won back the Audi and that the wheel had scammed him.

During the court case on July 1st 2021, Randy pleaded his case against Dean and claimed that the wheel was a "scam" and he should've won the Audi. However, Dean countered that the wheel was purposely built like that and you could not win anything on the wheel without the pointer landing directly on it. Randy eventually lost the case when it came down to a dice role against Dean and with it, lost the Audi; it was won days later.

London Style

August 23rd, 2021 - London Style

On August 23rd Tommy T and Randy decided it was time for them to rob a bank together. Due to them both originating from London, England they decided it was best for this robbery to be done in "London style". Both Tommy and Randy dressed up in dark puffer jackets, covered their faces with masks, carried "shanking" knives and rode mopeds around the city of Los Santos.

After a successful bank robbery with no police response, the duo decided they wanted to wreck havoc on the police department for not responding to their bank. As they rode past a police officer, Aaron Byson, they decided they were going to rob him of his phone. They got off their mopeds, held him up at knife point and threatened to "shank" him if he called for backup; once the phone was secured they sped off at 35mph on their mopeds. Unfortunately, this time the police decided to respond heavily and half the PD was now chasing them for the stolen phone.

As the (slow-speed) chase continued, Randy began to read out Byson's texts and call logs, embarrassing him in front of his fellow officers. Eventually, the moped chase came to a stop when Tommy crashed out and the duo had to take to running on foot. However, once the officer retrieved the phone they let both Randy and Tommy walk free. This meant that this "London Style" themed day was a partial success.

Puppet Master Shankz

September 22nd, 2021 - Puppet Master Shankz

During the late hours of September 22nd, Randy received a call from the Puppet Master. This call ensued the PM talking about his trust for Randy and the history the have with each other. Due to Randy helping the PM on tasks throughout the year, the PM wanted to reward him.

The Puppet Master presented the idea that Randy would takeover his position when the time was right but this plan was to be kept a secret. This meant that the PM and Randy would be equals and would work for each other, the first S+ boost would be rewarded to Randy as a result of this acquaintance. Randy agreed to the proposal and agreed to keep it a secret, even from his closest friends.

The Squid Games

October 29th, 2021 - The Squid Games

On October 29th Randy bullet was thrown into a car, drugged and dropped off an an unknown island. Upon waking up, he heard the voice of The Front Man beckoning down to him and instructing him that he needed to find certain shapes to unlock the elevator to the lobby area. He set off quickly and soon met up with his close friend, Taco Prince- after a short while, he managed to collect together 5 people with different shapes and the elevator was unlocked. He leaped into the elevator with Taco but unfortunately, Taco did not make it in time.

After anxiously waiting in the lobby for some time, praying that his friends would come through the elevator door, it was announced that the last batch of contestants would exit out of it. Randy started to pray for his friends and cheered with joy when he noticed his best friend, Ramee El-Rahman walk out of the elevator. However, Taco did not make it through. Randy mourned the loss of his close friend throughout the entirety of the game.

Randy went on to win the Squid Games, the last game being a battle royale. During this game, Randy wormed himself around the maze and shot down all 3 other participants. As the final shot echoed out, Randy climbed up to the walls of the maze and cheered in triumph. He had successfully shot down Mike Block, Lars Haverford and Francis J Francer. For winning this event, he would receive $2,000,000.

On December 5th 2021, after a month of waiting, he received a call from the The Front Man telling him that he will be receiving his prize money in installments, and would have to complete a task for every installment. He was pinged to a location where he was met by a remote controlled sentry gun, with a voice instructing him to retrieve the money out of a nearby vehicle, and that he had to be quick. As he was driving off, the sentry gun opened fire but Randy made it out of there. The first installment came in the amount of $300,000.

The second installment came on December 17th 2021, Randy was given the mission to protect one of the VIP's from the Squid Games, it just so happened to be his very dear friend Vinny Pistone. The mission was very simple, protect Vinny from dying, Randy cannot retaliate, he must evade the same sentry gun from before for 20 minutes. He did evade, but in true Randy fashion he also chose to ram the sentry gun a few times. He managed to survive by the skin of his teeth, and was pinged to the same location that he received his money from last time. Having the advantage of the last experience, he wasted no time going straight for the same van with the money, he loaded up his pockets as quick as possible, but because of Vinny's loud mouth and attitude for being put in danger as a VIP of the Squid Games (possibly also fueled by not having received the winnings from bets placed during the Squid Games), the sentry set them both on fire which caused Vinny's car to explode. They were helped to their feet and ran out of there. The second installment came in the same amount of $300,000.

The First S+ Boost

November 17th, 2021 - Earl calls KillaManShankZ

While at the tuner shop getting Francis J Francer an EVO and VLC Imports his now sold Ferrari 488, Randy gets a call from an unknown number. The voice that answers the phone is a distinctively Jamaican belonging to a puppet named "Eugene Jackson." He comes with information from their master. Randy will be getting his first S-class contract. The car was not chosen by Randy, but by the Puppet Master himself. The car in question? A BF Ladybird. One of Chang Gang's signature cars and a "weapon of destruction" as described by the Gem Masters during Gemanji. Randy sends Mr. K a text. "It's coming."

November 22nd, 2021 - The S+ Boost

Randy, Mr. Kebun, Ramee El-Rahman, Garrett Jobless, and Juan Carlos Hernandez start gearing up for the S+ boost for Mr. K’s Buggy. They all grab AKs, buy armor, change clothes, and get meth. They go to pick up Hutch Hutcherson from the Casino and grab rings. The boys split up into pairs: Randy and K, Garrett and Hutch, and Ramee and Flippy. As the final minutes creep upon them, they finish filling up all the cars and gas cans and wait for the boost to come through.

An Anonymous phone call comes in on Randy’s phone. It turns out to be Earl and he tells Randy to make sure everyone is anonymous when boosting. Randy and K scramble to get VPNs. After they are picked up, Randy gets an anonymous ping that leads to the docks. Just before heading down to the ping, K gives a speech for everyone. At the docks, Earl arrives in a Bolide. Earl learns everyone’s name and tells them a bit about the boost. He sends them on their way to find the car and they start to search in the circle.

They find it and K immediately starts kissing the car. Randy fills it up and breaks into the car. The rest of the boys deal with the locals and install the harness and NOS. K gets into the driver's seat just as the cops arrive and Randy begins hacking. 20 hacks need to be completed before the tracker can be turned off. Randy gets the first three hacks, but fails the fourth hack, bringing him back down to one. Randy notices that there’s a slight chance for the top symbols to disappear before you find the sequence you are looking for. They continue with the boost. Ramee, Hutch, and Flippy all pit the cops to keep them out of the way of the Ladybird. With three hacks left, the interceptors start becoming extremely aggressive. Randy successfully completes the hacks and K guns it down Palomino freeway, needing to lay low while the cops stop searching for them. While driving, Earl passes by them and disappears into an underpass.

Randy and K meet up with Ramee, Hutch, Garrett, and Flippy at the Humane Labs to regroup and refill the Buggy. Earl arrives and tells them to scratch it as soon as possible. He leaves, and the rest of the boys follow, driving back to the city via the train tracks. K takes the Buggy down to the scratching garage and Randy starts chipping away at the vin number. Randy transfers ownership over to K and they park it at the airport parking lot. They decide to leave it there for the time being until they can make it officially owned by K.

All the boys change and Hutch says he needs to have the Buggy to see how many materials it would cost to make into a proper car. The boys meet at the new H&O Exports garage to discuss the materials and price. Hutch tells them that he needs to get a few more things and wait a bit before converting the Buggy.

Little Seoul Raid

January 10th, 2022 - Little Seoul Raid

After Jaylen Carter was found to have meth on him, a raid was commenced on his house by Randy Wrangler. In which illegal items were found. Due to Jaylen also sharing keys to Randy's and Vinny Pistone's house, Wrangler intended to raid them next. After the raid warrant was denied by three separate judges, a new judge approved the warrant.

While Mr. Kebun was detained for the first degree murder of Cece Beyond, the police took the opportunity to raid the Little Seoul compound in search of Vinny and Randy's property. After a successful raid, Wrangler obtained guns, drugs and other illegal items from Randy's house.

Wrangler set to charge Randy with drug trafficking.

The summerhouse/Top Boy Randy

March 25th, 2022 - Meeting New Faces

While chilling at Little Seoul Gas Station Randy Bullet comes across a guy names Carlos, he tells Randy that he’s been grinding mats and giving them to Shaun, Juan Carlos Hernandez's right hand man. Randy believes that his is committed to the grind and offered him some Bugger Sugar, White Cush Cush, and pum-pum to sell on the streets for him. Carlos says he’s down and Randy says he’ll hand over the goods ASAP. Randy then strolls by Daph Lilith who he had met recently and tells her his plan to start his “Summerhouse”.

After brainstorming a few ideas Randy makes a phone call to Olga Sazkaljovich. Randy was previously working with Olga but stopped as his boy Miguel Almerion stopped making Class 1s with her. Randy wasn’t quite sure where he stood with Olga as they had yet to talk since MigL leaving. Olga answers and took Randy's order, she says it will be done on Monday and will cost 201K for 30 Glocks and 30 Heavy’s. He calls up Carlos and Daph for them to meet him at a location to talk about some stuff. Carlos would come with one of his boy James Malding, Daph would come alone.

Randy tells them about his plan to supply them with guns, drugs etc at minimum price and they would sell at street price. He explains that if they know anyone who would be interested then tell him about it. After some messing around, Randy pulls Jaylen Carter aside for a talk he tells him all about his plan and his offer that he is going to make to Capped Tarranova (Pigeon). Jaylen likes the plan and offers to split the money for the guns if needed. He realises he may need more guns so Randy adds another 60 Glocks and 60 Heavy’s. They come across a problem… Mats. He will try to get people to grind mats for him and will get Carlos and the others to help chop as well. Jaylen and Randy get back into the car and start brainstorming ideas to each other while looking for a good place to store the guns.

March 26th, 2022 - Building the Empire

Randy calls Pigeon and explains how Jaylen had praised his work saying he sells the most Guns in the city, Randy then gives him his offer of him buying Glocks and Heavy’s for 3.5k each and selling them at minimum of the street price, 5.5k . Pigeon is shocked with the offer as he currently buys Glocks and Heavy’s for 5.5k, they continue to talk about the logistics and end the call both intrigued to start working together.

Later on, Randy calls up Aleksander Sazkaljovich (Bogo) to meet up at the Diamond Casino and Resort. Randy tells Bogo that he’s back into the C1 business but in a different way, he’s going to start distribution to people that aren’t middlemen to sell for him. Randy tells him he’s going to need guns at a very consistent level around 50 heavy's, 50 brownings and 20 glocks every 3 days to start and Bogo says that it’s very doable. They talk about materials needed for the guns and how if Randy helps it would be very much appreciated. Randy asks if he would have a problem with who he sells to and Bogo says he should just be careful with sharing customers with other middlemen and it shouldn’t be a big deal. He asks what would happen if he yoinks customers from middlemen, Bogo says it depends on the person and he doesn’t really care and doesn’t think Olga will care either.

March 28th, 2022 - Tensions to Rise

Olga calls up Randy and asks him to meet her at the Diamond Casino and Resort, she picks him up and they start off with small talk. Olga starts off the business talk, she asks him what his plans are for selling, especially with Pigeon. She doesn’t care what he does with the guns but it seems like she doesn’t agree with him “taking” Claire Seducer’s client. He explains that he’s not forcing Pigeon to work with him. They move on to talk about how he will be providing his own materials. Randy feels like Olga isn’t saying something, she explains that her, Bogo and Claire spoke and she’s sceptical to help as Pigeon was already being supplied by Claire and Randy just came out of nowhere after not being a middleman for a while. Randy tells Olga that he never explicitly told anyone he was no longer going to be a MM, he just didn’t know what happened between Olga and MigL, She tells him that MigL left because he was doing everything as she was never around and that there were other things she didn’t like about how he ran things but that was the main reason. Randy starts fishing for information about the bench, he asks if she was the only one with access to it and asks if Olga trusts him. She Doesn’t. Olga explains how she sees Claire and Tony Corleone on the same level as her and Bogo. They start heading back into the city and Olga tells Randy his order is ready.

Pigeons First Drop

Randy tells Olga to meet him at the airport hangar. He rents a Cuban Plane and waits for her. She arrives giving Randy two dodo boxes full of guns, he needs to pay 400k. He flies the plane to the powerplant pinging Pigeon and Jaylen. Jaylen pulls up with Daph and Randy calls up Marcell Miller who has mats for him. Once Pigeon arrives Randy tells him that he will be able to get him a constant supply of guns, all he wants from him is to stop buying guns from Claire. He makes note of how many guns Pigeon took and gave the rest to Daph for her to try to push.

Gaslighters Gaslighting each other

Once Randy arrives back at the airport, he gives Claire a call and tells her to come meet him. During the talk, Claire explains that she doesn’t care that he took Pigeon from her, she just wishes he would have spoken to her about it. Randy doesn’t understand why he would’ve had to tell her anything when it’s just business and she wasn’t even around when he started everything up. He says she never really gave him the chance to talk to her regardless. Claire starts being short and thinks that Randyis lying to her about what happens. He explains to her what happened once again, he wanted to get back into selling guns and Pigeon was constantly being recommended. He didn’t force him to do anything. After a lot of gaslighting and going in circles the conversation ends badly Claire says she stayed selling for her group to which Randy replied saying she only cares about herself. After a few more circles Claire drives off, Randy calls her to tell her that if she went anywhere near him or his business she’s getting killed.

Setting up the Structure

Pigeon calls Randy and they discuss how they’re going to have everything set up. Marcell and Carlos will handle materials and then Pigeon, Daph and James will sell the guns. He wants to give Pigeon the opportunity to help lead the operation as he sees potential and feels like he's earned it. Bogo and Randy meetup to fill each other in on the plans, Bogo says he had no problem with what Randy did and is willing to do anything to benefit Chang Gang, Street Team and Hydra as a whole, even if Claire has to take a hit.

May 28th, 2022 - New Plans

To be written

May 31st, 2022 - Meeting with Olga

To be written

Randy the Father

April 7th 2022 - Hooking up with Gyal Jones

Carmella Corset drives into Little Souel with a gift for Randy, she hands him a crown on a pillow with the label “ERP KING” then tells him he's ready. She tells Randy to enter his apartment and “go get the girl who's after you”. He enters his house and sees Gyal Jones standing by his gorilla statue, Randy asks if she wants to do some hardcore action. Gyal Jones walks closer to the statue.


Later on Randy and Chad Brodie drive to Little Seoul on the way they see Gyal Jones and she said Randy got her pregnant. They point guns at each other screaming. Randy shouts that he isn't the father of the baby, and that he is aiming for the stomach. Chodie, Randy and Gyal go to the hospital and demand a test to see who the baby's father is. They ask, “what is the quickest way to kill a baby?” Randy holds up the EMS and walks towards a surgery room. Cops enter from lower pillbox and overhear the kerfuffle in the room. Kael Soze asks what was going on. They use the EMS as hostages to get to the front of Pillbox Medical Center where Chodie left his car. They begin to evade the police, after multiple car swaps Randy gets cuffed. The cops uncuff Randy's hands and cuff his feet to allow him to call his baby mama. He calls Gyal Jones and asks her to come to him because the cops want to talk to her. Once she arrived Brian Knight throws her off the bridge.

April 8th, 2022 - Court

Gyal Jones calls Randy demanding child support for their baby and informs him that he has a court case later with her and Alan Crane.

April 11 2022 - The End of Kid Bullet-Jones

Mr. Kebun calls Randy and states that he is now Doctor K, principal of LS elementary. He tells Randy about his adventures with his child, he met Kid Bullet-Jones and took it and Gyal to the top of Mt. Chiliad. K taught the child how to play catch with his mother but it turned out the ball was actually a grenade. Kid Bullet-Jones throws the grenade towards Gyal Jones and she explodes. Mr K informs Randy that Gyal flew off the cliff and died but didn't die and called Randy a deadbeat father which pissed Mr K off, so he did a drive-by.

Subsequently, Gyal Jones calls and asks if Randy wants to meet the kid or not, Randy asks how she’s not dead yet, and that it was a mistake fucking her, she ignores his remarks and says she’s at Little Seoul waiting. At Little Seoul Kid is crawling around screaming. They all load up into a car. After an interesting conversation betwewen the group, they arrive at the destination, Uncle K takes the girls and Kid out on a fishing trip, K suggests getting scuba-tanks and escorting them under water and leaving them to drown, Randy and Vinny are down. K asks if they are ready to go super deep inside the ocean, Randy slaps Gyal’s ass and grabs her as he puts on his oxygen tank. They all jump in to drown these crackheads, Gyal is a slippery bitch and wiggles out of Randy’s arms, this has turned into an intense underwater chase, Randy catches up to her and starts beating her lifeless. K asks what he wants to do with the baby, he wants to get rid of it. K suggests taking it to the butcher-shop, he wants to show all the dead pigs to Kid and then burn Kid in acid.

Back at the yacht they grab Kid and Vinny and head back to shore. K teslls Kid about Peppa the Pig, Kid is super excited. Vinny gives him an uzi and ammo, he teaches him how to load the gun, he then fires off a couple rounds out the window. As they are driving K tells Pepe to play with his toy, he then shoots at Burger Shot, the next place they go to for Pepe to play with his toy is Maldini's Pizzeria, Pepe is having so much fun shooting up Los Santos, truly a descendant of Randington Bullington the 3rd.

At the butcher-shop, they show the dead pigs to Pepe, he see's a dead pig head to which they tell him was Peppa's head. Pepe is distraught and cries. They go to a pool of boiling acid, Randy grabs Pepe and drops him in, Pepe screams in horror as the combination of heat and acid melting his skin is reducing him to nothing but a human skeleton. Pepe is twitching and jumping trying to pull himself out of there, the screams turn into squeals of a pig, almost reminiscent of Pepe’s favourite thing in the world, Peppa the Pig. Randy shoots Pepe dead so the remains can be dissolved peacefully.


Type Plate Value & Class Description
Maxwell Asbo


A 2-door compact car with 5 seats
Dinka Double-T
4317637D $300K


A sports bike with 2 seats
Lexus LC500


2 seater coupé w/ a custom Liberty Walk bodykit
Lexus RCF
5QCS664M $2.5M


5 seater coupé w/ a Rocket Bunny bodykit
Romero Hearse


2 seater funeral vehicle
Kia Stinger
GUU21324 $935K


4 seater hatch-back
Veto Modern
T88Q5QG1 ?


1 seater go-kart

Randy does own property but they have yet to be added to the Wiki.

Photo Address Value Description



Release Date
Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube
Vinnys a Bitch Big D (Ft. Changus Khan, Randy Bullet, Ramee) May 25, 2019
Beating Down You BDC Riley (ft V, Lil Erf & Randy Bullet) January 1, 2020
Whatever You Need Beatdown Crew & Molly Minaj (Ft. Karen, Austin Creed, Randy Bullet, BDC Riley, CP & Pablo Wealth) January 6, 2020
Bullet Express Randy Bullet (Ft. P Money, Big D, Wayne, and Wiked) January 14, 2022
  • Randy's first song as the lead artist
  • Randy's first song in 2 years
Too Nice Zolo (Ft. Randy Bullet) June 10, 2022

Music Videos

Music Videos
Release Date
Bullet Express January 14th 2022
Too Nice June 10th 2022


  • Randy's state ID is 1044.
  • Randy's heavier counterpart - Roundy Buffet- previously held the heavyweight championship for the VLC Fight Club.
  • Randy received help from Babalu Okonkwo to resurrect his dodo bird, Dodo, which now tags along with Randy on robberies and various crime.
  • Randy has a 1/1 Lexus LC500 custom made by Eddie Marshall.
  • Randy is the only person in the city with 3 Tuner Shop cars, owning both a Lexus LC500, a Lexus RCF, and a Kia Stinger.
  • Randy participated in the Squid Games and became the first winner.

  • Randy is a Shadow Puppet Master, working with the PM.
  • Randy committed the most lucrative scam when he baited Filipe Roberto into buying a vin-scratched Subaru worth no more than $50K for $600K thinking it was registered to Randy.
  • Randy holds the record for longest time on the run from a police warrant while actively committing crime for 42 days.
  • Randy once had to solo a Vault robbery, when his crew got arrested while collecting hostages. He avoided getting breached when Flippy assisted him by getting the hostage needed.
  • Randy was the first person in the city to reach S+ boosting status. When S+ contracts where being pushed out, he received the first one which was the BF Ladybird that he gave to Mr. K.
  • Randy is the first person to complete the hacks for Paleto, Upper Vault, A+/S+ boosting hack, and all the hacks in the VAR Heist. After the Heist Update, he was the first to hack the new Fleeca and Paleto laptops, and all three DDR hacks.
  • Randy once did the first and only solo breach of the Vault. While Seaside were hitting it, Randy snuck down into the Vault and cuffed up Bodhi Mack while he was thermiting. He took all the money in front of him and got away with roughly $410K.
  • He is sometimes told that he is "stingy", as he rarely puts up money when fellow members of Chang Gang makes a group purchase, and often asks for money when he does not need it.
  • Randy, along with Ramee, are known as "Double R" - an iconic criminal group displaying both prolific talent and SBS behaviour, often displaying extreme amounts of the latter.
  • Randy, along with Flippy and Curtis, are called "The Triplets" for widely being considered the three deadliest shooters in the city, all three of them being in the same gang helped solidify Chang Gang's dominance in gang wars during 3.0.

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