Ramona Celeste is a character role-played by Hedisaurus.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ramona Celeste is a Dispatcher for the Los Santos Police Department.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Ramona Celeste was a young girl when an event happened that changed her life. She and her parents were on the streets at night, walking to their car at the parking lot. When suddenly, a van pulled up on to them with a group of people, pointing their guns at them. They had every intent to kidnap Ramona. They were scared for their lives, but Ramona's father didn't want to give up his family. So he did the best that he could to grab his daughter away from her, but he was shot in front of Ramona and her mother. They were both screaming and in tears, broken by what they saw. All of a sudden, sirens were blaring, and the kidnappers took Ramona away.

The van drove away with Ramona being held captive. The sirens continued to follow them, and Ramona tried to fight her way out of the van. The kidnappers tried to pull her close to them, but she eventually fought her way out of the van, and jumped out. She landed on the road with her face covered, and passed out. A few minutes after, Ramona hears the sirens blaring near her. Lights flashed right before her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the Sheriff staring at her. The Sheriff said "You are one strong girl.", whilst smiling at her. The sheriff gave her the badge as a commemoration for her bravery. Tears started to pour down her face as she took a long glimpse at the Sheriff's badge. On that day, it gave her the courage/hope to eventually become a dispatcher and maybe someday an officer.

She eventually went to Monash University where she studied Criminology and there is where she met her friend, eventual Emergency Medical Services Paramedic FTO Hedi Saurus, who was studying Medical Science. Ramona eventually found her way to Los Santos.

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