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Ramee El-Rahman is a character role-played by Ramee.


Ramee, Full-time beta, King of Grinders, part-time "Warlord", the one with the scarf, and the fingers of Chang Gang. He is the founder of the art gallery Vultur Lé Culturé. However he suffers from severe "SBS", and is well known for being a terrible driver.

Small Brain Syndrome

Ramee is known as the "Patient Zero" and responsible for the outbreak of Small Brain Syndrome or SBS, it is advised to avoid all possible contact.


Ramee over a long period of time has been able to acquire 1 of 1 and rare items within the city. He has been so obsessed with obtaining them, it has even resulted to popping open glove-boxes and trunks of cars which he refers to as "Vulturing". He also obtains the collectibles by trading other people in the city that also have them.


Photo Name Description Plate
Ramees Fagaloa red.png Fagaloa A blue or red painted Fagaloa with the number 30 and two white stripes running across the top. VU1TUR3
Amg gtr.png Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series Upgraded wide-body version of Ramee's AMG GTR from 2.0. 6Y6J6GJP
Brabham-bt62r.jpg Brabham-BT62R A mid-engine track day car produced by Australian car manufacturer. Ramee's 1 of 1 Tuner shop car. -
AudiRS6.png Audi RS6 The RS6 is the second 4-seater Ramee owns. Bought in return for his Ocelot Locust. Audi RS6
8fdrafter.jpg Obey 8F Drafter (VIN Scratched) Its a 2-door car. Randy Bullet VIN scratched it for Ramee 6705SDLD
Thb 1510611020 1510611530 kawasaki-zx10r-2017-replace-template.jpg Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (VIN Scratched) Is a motorcycle in the ninja sport bike series Unknown


  • The first to complete the hacking minigame for a Fleeca Bank safe room.
  • The first to complete thermite.
  • The first to complete the gold laptop hack.
  • The first to complete the Yacht laptop hack.
  • Helped building the Vultur Lé Culturé art gallery.
  • Briefly Married Igor Skovacic to help him get a green card while in police custody.


  • "Are you serious right now?"
  • "Uhm Actually"
  • "Y-Y-Y-Y-YES, SIR; YES."
  • "YES,YES SIR."
  • "What the F-U-C-K?"
  • "You're fucking with a warlord."
  • "Oh my god."
  • "I'm a warlord."
  • "Guys, listen."
  • "Listen, listen guys, listen."
  • "I'ma be real with you, it was Uchiha Jones that gave it to me."
  • "YOINK - mine now; gimmie, gimmie."
  • "Don't piss me off."
  • "Have a good one."
  • "Fuck bitches, get money, you know how it is."
  • "Dude."
  • ”Truuuuuuuu.”
  • "Yo got I got 6 on me!!"
  • "oh yeah keep going."
  • "Say that one more time, see what's gonna happen."
  • "Bhocolate Bhip Bookies"
  • "This car is dogshit!"
  • "uuuhhgggg ,I'm hit bad"
  • "I ain't going back."
  • "I'm from the streets"
  • "What's good boys??"
  • "This is me, this is me"
  • "You know da vibes"
  • "Yo we got beef or what's really going on right now?"
  • "Who the fuck you talking to right now? you better show some respect."


Played By: Ramee
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