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Ramee El-Rahman is a character role-played by Ramee.


Ramee is a Full-time beta, King of Grinders, part-time "Warlord", the one with the scarf, and the fingers of Chang Gang. He is the founder of the art gallery, Vultur Lé Culturé, and it's branches: Vultur Lé Culturé Fight Club & Vultur Lé Culturé Imports.

Ramee is known to suffer from extreme "sbs" also commonly known as "Small Brain Syndrome" and is sometimes referred to as "Patient Zero". He can often be seen driving into walls or huffing large doses of copium when he causes the car to spin-out on turns.

Ramee's Outfits


The Casino Killer

August 30th 2021 - The Casino Killer

On the 30th August, Ramee began to lure and kill individuals who entered the Diamond Casino. Using the alias the “Casino Killer” he would leave notes at the crime scene and watch from the casino’s upper windowed floor as the police attempted to locate the killer. After multiple days of serial killings, Ramee made Randy aware of what he had been doing in the casino and invited him to stab Martell who was posing as an undercover cop. While she was gambling, Randy and Ramee shouted “It’s feeding time” as they began to stab her- they quickly exited through the casino elevator and took a helicopter from the roof. Escaping uncaught.

As of recent, The Casino Killer has not attacked at the Diamond Casino and Resort but who knows when he may strike again.

Brain Damage

October 28th 2021 - Brain Damage

On the 28th October after being arrested and securely taken to Pillbox Medical Center, Ramee escaped from police custody with the help of Randy Bullet. In order to get away from the cops, he decided to throw himself off the side of upper pillbox and landed on his head. Unfortunately, the police managed to catch up to him and detain him which is when he started to plead for medical and repeatedly chanted the same phrases: "I like turtles" and other illogical sentencing.

Shane Jones, who was Ramee's arresting officer decided it was best to fit him into a straight jacket as he kept attempting to bite the medical staff and police officers. This led Ramee to start barking like a dog, which at this point didn't really phase Jones. Upon being sentenced, Ramee was given a lighter sentencing due to his apparent brain injury.

Getting Raided

November 2nd 2021 - Getting Raided

On the 2nd November, Randy Wrangler signed onto duty and learned that the Vagos had been consorting with prostitutes at the Dean's World Pier. After arriving at the Pier, he saw Taco Prince pointing an AK47 at someone attempting to drive down the side pathway past the pier. Wrangler called for 78s and attempted to stop Taco, before the other members of CG around (Randy, Ramee, and Mr K) shot Wrangler with AK47s. At that point, Brittany Angeltook over the scene, which eventually led to Ramee being shot down. On his possessions, Ramee had a SCAR-H rifle which came back to Wrangler.

After Wrangler was seen by medics, Ramee was remanded to his custody in the interrogation rooms. Wrangler informed Ramee that the rifle he was found with was from a SWAT deployment just a few days previous, and that Ramee would be getting raided for possessing PD equipment, as other equipment from downed SWAT officers was taken as well but not found on Ramee.

After becoming restless, Ramee gave consent for Wrangler to search his apartment before his lawyer, Murphy Braun, could arrive. Wrangler dressed up in a "grinder outfit" and locked down the apartment. While this was happening, Ramee beat up Cadet Aziz Sultan and took his rifle, holding him hostage before shooting two other cops. Ramee was then shot down himself.

Wrangler raided Ramee's apartment alone, dressed up in his "grinder outfit", completely avoiding the ambush that CG was actively setting up. Wrangler found guns, drugs, and a large sum of dirty money in Ramee's apartment, which allowed him to push for a raid warrant on all of Ramee's cars. Further items of note included an Octopus games invitation, VIP Mask, and the first half of a Casino Access Code.

Murphy Braun and Robert Locksley, along with "paralegal" Hutch Hutcherson, arrived to represent Ramee. Braun, upon hearing what Ramee was being charged with, initially questioned why he even wanted a lawyer. At this point, Wrangler was informed that felons were not allowed to be paralegals. However, Wrangler allowed Hutch to be there still, wanting to rope Locksley into a bar complaint if Hutch later interfered or used his knowledge from being in the cells to allow others to interfere in the raids.

Ramee then gave consent for Wrangler to search all of his cars. At this point, Hutch instantly requested to leave the interrogation rooms, and Wrangler let him go to hopefully further the bar complaint against Locksley.

While allowing Ramee to pull out his boat for Wrangler to search, Ramee instead sailed away into the ocean with "pirates of the Caribbean" playing from the boats stereo. Air One was able to disable the boat by having officers shoot the boat out of the side doors. As Ramee attempted to swim away as a last ditch attempt, he was shot down. Ramee was then taken into custody once more.

Of note from the cars were another gun, and a PD-Issued bulletproof Vest from a car that was on the property of the Vulture Le Culture gallery.

Wrangler then spun this into searching the entire Vulture Le Culture gallery to look for more PD-Issued equipment. Ramee did not give consent, and Wrangler got a search warrant approved by Judge Ferst Temple for the premises.

Just before Wrangler and fellow officers were able to raid the Gallery, they were shot at by a group consisting of Francis, Randy, Hutch, and Mr K. Hutch was then held as his blood was found on the scene of a Bobcat Vault robbery that had just happened hours before, while Ramee's cars were being raided.

After using multiple det-cords to breach the Gallery, nothing illegal was found.

Ramee was eventually sent up to jail for full time and fine after pleading Not Guilty.

Accomplice To Murder

January 11th 2022 - Accomplice To Murder

After receiving a warrant for witness tampering and accomplice to first degree murder in the ongoing murder investigation of Cece Beyond. Ramee decided to go on the run, avoiding the threat of an 18 year prison sentence.

Unfortunately, just 5 hours after discovering he had a warrant, Ramee was shot down after attempting to throw a grenade at Den Shiesty. Due to his warrant, he was given an instant bail hearing, which he ran away from with the help of Miguel Almerion. After finding out that running away would mean the next time he was caught he could face a month hold in prison, he decided to return to the bail hearing. Fortunately, he was granted bail with the following conditions: Cannot visit Little Seoul, can be searched at any time, should not carry any weapons, must not commit any crimes and phone monitoring.

During this time on bail, Ramee attempted to stay clean from crime. This started with volunteering for EMS (joining in on police chases while driving an ambulance), remembering to constantly remind officers that they could not send him off-duty because he was the chief of volunteer EMS.

Unfortunately, on January 16th 2022, Ramee was finally caught while attempting to shoot officers in front of tier 3 apartments. He was billed the total of his bail, $900k by Randy Wrangler and sent to prison until his court case.

However, on January 17th 2022, all charges were dropped. This was due to a lack of hard evidence and the witnesses changing their stories. Ramee was returned his $900k and released from prison.

Criminal Record

MDW Profile

Drivers License 0 points
DNA On file
Tags Chang GangGSFVagos
Criminal Record of Ramee El-Rahman
Assault & Battery ?
Assault with a Deadly Weapon ?
Attempted 1st Degree Murder ?
Attempted 2nd Degree Murder ?
Attempted Murder of a Government Employee 202
Attempted Prison Break ?
Brandishing of a Firearm ?
Burglary ?
Criminal Possession of Firearm [Class 1] ?
Criminal Possession of Firearm [Class 2] ?
Criminal Use of Explosives ?
Criminal Use of a Firearm ?
Destruction of Government Property ?
Escaping Custody ?
Evading ?
Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices ?
Failure to Stop ?
Felony Obstruction of Justice ?
Felony Trespassing ?
First Degree Robbery ?
Gang Related Shooting ?
Grand Larceny ?
Grand Theft ?
Grand Theft Auto ?
Impersonation ?
Joyriding ?
Kidnapping ?
Kidnapping a Gov Employee ?
Misdemeanor Obstruction of Justice ?
Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY/METH ?
Misdemeanor Possession of LSD tabs ?
Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana ?
Misuse of a 911 System ?
Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Proper Identification ?
Piloting without a Proper License ?
Possession of Dirty Money in the Second Degree ?
Possession of Explosives ?
Possession of Silencer/Suppressor ?
Possession of Stolen Property in the Third Degree ?
Possession of a Molotov ?
Reckless Endangerment ?
Reckless Evading ?
Resisting Arrest ?
Robbery ?
Robbery of a Financial Institution ?
Tampering of Evidence ?
Third Degree Speeding ?
Unlawful Imprisonment ?
Vandalism of Government Property ?


Type Plate Value Description

Amg gtr.png

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series
6Y6J6GJP $1.2M Upgraded wide-body version of Ramee's AMG GTR from 2.0.


Brabham BT62-R
S53YCGFR $2.3M A mid-engine track day car produced by Australian car manufacturer. Ramee's 1 of 1 Tuner shop car.

Bentley continental ss.jpg

2018 Bentley Continental GT Supersports
MNYPRNTR $1.25M The Bentley Continental GT Supersports is a grand tourer manufactured and marketed by British automaker Bentley Motors. Ramee's buisness car.


Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63S
02EY95OH $850K Its an executive car introduced in 2018, marketed as a Four-door variant of the AMG GT two-door sports car.


Mercedes-Benz AMG G63
BRUH $1.2M A Vin-stractched car turned into a legal one by H&O Exports. Four-door, 6 seats and A+.

Ramees Fagaloa red.png

VU1 TUR3 $45K A blue or red painted Fagaloa with the number 30 and two white stripes running across the top.

Photo Address Status Description
OutsideView.jpg Hawick Ave, Burton Active Vultur Lé Culturé is gallery business owned by Ramee El-Rahman. They are based at Hawick Ave, Burton, Los Santos were they buy gems and present exquisite art. The important part of this business is what lays down beneath.
Imports1.png Hawick Ave, Burton Active Vultur Lé Culturé Imports, better known as 'VLC Imports', is a second-hand car dealership owned by Ramee El-Rahman and ran by CEO Randy Bullet.
VlcFightClub.PNG Hawick Ave, Burton Active Vultur Lé Culturé Fight Club, also known simply as the VLC Fight Club, is an American mixed martial arts promotion company based in Los Santos, held at Vultur Lé Culturé.
BettaLifePharmacy-GTAV-MirrorPark-Logo-Texture.png South Mo Milton Drive and Eclipse Boulevard in West Vinewood Active Betta Life Pharmaceuticals is the first and only pharmaceuticals company and pharmacy in Los Santos co-owned by Raymond Romanov and Ramee El-Rahman. The main building is located at South Mo Milton Drive and Eclipse Boulevard in West Vinewood, which is still undergoing construction.
DiamondSportsbook.PNG East Vinewood, Los Santos Active Diamond Sportsbook, is an American online gambling company based in Los Santos and owned by Dean Watson & Ramee El-Rahman.

Type Plate Value Description

Ninja 2.png

Kawasaki Ninja
? 200-350 GNE

Kyle Pred Vehicles Escalade Black.png

Cadillac Escalade 2015
? 50 GNE


Obey 8F Drafter
? 250 GNE

Photo Address Value Description
OutsideView.jpg On Hawick Ave, Burton Priceless Vultur Lé Culturé, also known simply as the Gallery, is an art gallery and auction house founded by Ramee El-Rahman.
Gallery warehouse.jpg On Hawick Ave, Burton Priceless This warehouse is used as a stash to keep there equipment safe.
Little soeul scuffed.jpg Little Seoul Priceless This is the main base of operations of chang gang.

Trivia & Quotes

  • Ramee has previous romantic relationships with Randy Bullet and Vincent Ricci.
  • The first to complete the hacking minigame for a Fleeca Bank safe room.
  • The first to complete thermite.
  • The first to complete the gold laptop hack.
  • The first to complete the Yacht laptop hack.
  • Helped building the Vultur Lé Culturé art gallery.
  • Briefly Married Igor Skovacic to help him get a green card while in police custody (unsuccessfully).
  • Was apart of the first S+ boost with fellow members of Chang Gang.
  • Ramee commonly self-snitches.
  • Ramee has the highest asset fees in the city, paying over $650,000, most of it coming from owning 3 S+ vehicles.

  • Are you fuckin dumb?
  • BRUHH.
  • This car is sick. (10 seconds later) This car is dogshit!
  • Bhocolate Bhip Bookies.

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