Ramee El-Rahman is a member of Chang Gang.

He is roleplayed by Ramee

Background Edit

Full-time BETA part-time "warlord" the one with the scarf and the Fingers of Chang Gang. Although suffering from SBS, Ramee is the main hardware man, handling lockpicking and applying thermite during a heist. One of the men during the 1.5hr Fleeca Bank siege.

Patient Zero (Small Brain Syndrome) Edit

URGENT WARNING!!! This man known as Ramee aka "Patient Zero" is responsible for the recent outbreaks of SBS. Avoid all possible contact!!

CEO of LifeInvader Edit

Upon coming to Los Santos Ramee was the acting CEO of a multi-million dollar company, LifeInvader, but was fired after he was found to be doing illicit activities out of the LifeInvader office. As of late is has been rehired.

Relationships Edit

Openly admits he is gay when talking to women.

Vince: Edit

Vincent Ricci aka Vince has stated he is his lover but Ramee denies all of it.

Randy: Edit

Ramee has openly admitted his love to Randy Bullet

  1. (Clip).

Olivia: Edit

While Ramee states he is gay around girls he is actually in a formerly in relationship (which didn't really go anywhere) with Olivia Harvey after proposing to her on a special episode of the bachelor, while he says that the producers rigged the votes the truth is that patient 0 has truly met his match and he’s too embarrassed to let people know.

  1. (Clip)

Rose: Edit

Ramee along with Chang went to the Vanilla Unicorn for an event for Rose Edwards that was so she can find "love with a bank robber". Ramee hesitated to go because he knew somehow he would get involved in it, which he was correct as they got their Chang had made Ramee go up and volunteer, but he was only willing to do it for 20K, Chang agreed. In the end, Ramee was the only one that volunteered so he ended up winning, now Rose and Ramee are in a relationship. As the event came to a close Matthew Payne had found out that he and Rose had gotten into a relationship Payne didn't approve because of Ramee and his SBS. Payne threatened to fire Rose so Ramee and Rose told Payne they broke up, but instead of breaking up they agreed to go into a secret relationship so Rose could keep her job.

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Copper: Edit

Is secretly in love with the Assistant Chief of Police Olivia Copper. She has been trying to organize a date with him for a while now, but Ramee is too scared to do it since she is a police officer.

Ellie: Edit

On 10/06/2019 Ellie Dono approached Ramee at the Vinewood bowl with a bombshell that she is having twins and they are Ramee's


Uchiha Jones and the 7th Realm: Edit

Calling Uchiha a"F-R-E-A-K" and blaming him for getting caught with class 2 weapons after being caught by the cops.

Ramee believes that he is from the 7th Realm but Uchiha Jones says otherwise. At one point possessed by a being of the 7th realm, but has since ascended himself.

Ramee and Friends Edit

Ramee and Friends is a new name that he calls the Chang Gang.

Quotes Edit

  • "Are you serious right now?"
  • "I'm CEO of a multi-million dollar company"
  • "What the F-U-C-K"
  • "You're fucking with a warlord"
  • "I'm a warlord"
  • "Guys listen"
  • "Listen listen guys listen"
  • "i'ma be real with you, it was Uchiha Jones that gave it to me."
  • "YOINK mine now gimmie, gimmie"
  • "Don't piss me off"
  • "Have a good one"
  • "Fuck bitches get money, you know how it is"
  • "Dude"
  • ”Truuuuuuuu”
  • "This is Trooper Richardson from the State PO-lice"
  • "This is part of our PRO-cedure"
  • "Y'all want the 9's?"

Ramee First Day Meeting Chang Gang Edit

Clips Edit

Old Server

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  12. Bye Abdul *gets shot* 
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New Server

  1. The Rise of The Dark Web (part 2)
  2. ramee erping with jym rat
  3. ramee can take some poundings in the butthole
  4. see you in bed?
  5. handy ramee special
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  13. An actual Warlord is born
  15. alright, let me see...
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  17. Copper to Ramee, "From One Warlord to the Other"
  18. Zelda Turns The Tables On Ramee While Playing "The Bachelor"
  19. this better than the actual court case
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  21. ramee vs bovice
  22. turns out sun didnt want to end it 
  23. Trooper Richardson from the State Police
  24. this is deputy Richardson "y'all want the 9s"
  25. i'm going to sling this on the streets
  26. cop shootout at pillbox
  27. ramee the gangsta
  28. shout out to sunmoon
  29. you just blow him a kiss hell naw
  30. ramee and his male strippers
  31. ramee who the f is randy
  32. the salt levels on that guy
  33. ramee gets rick roll'd

Sound Cloud Edit

  1. patient zero -kooxy

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