Raja Bahadur is a character role-played by Fairlight_Excalibur.


Raja Bahadur is a Jack of All Trades. He has his fingers in almost everything, knows almost everyone and while he appreciates the thrill more than the gain at times, everything he does is calculated to the smallest detail. He is the owner of QuickFix Garage and holds the loyalty of those who work for him. In reality behind the scenes, he is one of the few people who hold control over the gun and drug trade into the city. That information is known by very few and will probably never be revealed. Raja does not have a criminal record and is willing to work with the police if it benefits him and QuickFix.

Recent Events

For the longest time, he was in a relationship with BCSO detective Jenny Hall until it didn't work out. However recently, he has been talking to a surprisingly sane former District Attorney Adrienne West. This relationship may just work out.

Raja has an army of informants in many places and has strategically informed Trooper Jackie Snow through proxies about everything from the breaking apart of the BBMC to Bovice Wilkinson. There are very few things he doesn't know about.

The breaking apart of the BBMC has led to employees of his being targeted, however this has since been dealt with because of the departure of Arthur Hammond from the city and a fairly recent conversation with Nino Chavez (occurred late October 2019).


  • "[Revolter Praise]"
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