Rachel Parker is a character role-played by Nakkida.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Rachel Parker is the older sister of Ryan Parker, and is just as petty of a criminal as he is. She always strives to make interactions with the police fun for everyone involved.

When not spending time with Ryan, she can be seen doing odd jobs with various members of the Lost MC, or Maxy Mersion.

Personality and Features[edit | edit source]

Rachel is generally polite to strangers and police, and is generally a friendly person. She tends to bully her younger brother, Ryan, from time to time, and has been known to punch out people who upset her.

Rachel has not been shown to have any romantic interest in anyone, male or female. [1]

Employment and Activities[edit | edit source]

Upon arriving in Los Santos, Rachel sought out her brother, Ryan Parker, seeking to make sure he didn't get into too much trouble, or get hurt. Though Ryan had only been in the city for a few weeks, he had already begun fairly intense criminal activity, such as armed robbery and power plant sabotage via thermite. She joined him for several of these activities, eventually encountering Mia Mersion; a clever con artist who had a way of sweet talking the police, allowing her to get away with dozens of robberies. Mia showed Rachel her way of doing things, and so far Rachel has remained a nonviolent criminal with no arrests on record, despite numerous bank jobs with Mia and Ryan.

The three have recently started a temp agency, Six Figure Temps, as a front for their criminal activities, with Rachel serving as the CEO. [2]

Methods[edit | edit source]

Following Mia's lead, Rachel's methods involve posing as a construction worker, plumber, and welder for jobs at banks or jewelry stores. As opposed to traditional criminals who just wear masks, they dress up to play the part. They then perform robberies under the guise of "just doing their jobs."

Rachel and Co. also have begun carrying forged work orders that they present to the police. When robbing Fleeca Banks, they pose as bank tellers who have been locked out. (Mia has stolen money by convincing patrons to "invest" in her, which she claims will be invested into mutual funds that will create absurd gains.) [3]

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