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The basic logo for the RISE movement as drawn by its founder, Danny Doodle.

General Description

RISE was a generally non-violent and decentralized pro-civilian grassroots movement founded initially by artist Daniel "Danny Doodle" Dvoudal in early 3.0 following a wide variety of traumatizing experiences that had been inflicted upon him without consequence. Most notable among these experiences in the foundation of RISE was his torture at the hands of his eventual killer Denzel Williams and the at-the-time Rooster's Rest-affiliated organization Pegasus Concierge.

The movement's motives were both ambitiously political and deeply personal to its founder. RISE was intended to uplift and empower "the many" of Los Santos (i.e, civilians, victims, small businesses, workers, so-called grinders, etc.) by reminding them of their capacity to speak truth to power, work together, and call out or otherwise challenge "the few" (i.e, gangs, violent felons, big business owners, the DoJ, the UPD, etc.) who had in Danny's eyes been given free reign to use, abuse, victimize, or outright dismiss and ignore "people like him" for their own benefit. RISE was born from Danny's trauma, loss of innocence, and loss of control.


Typical targets for intimidation, destablization, and accountability - prompted to "FALL" via graffiti - were Diamond Casino, Rooster's Rest, Burger Shot, LSPD, and any violent felons or "corrupt" individuals publically associated with those entities, such as Dean Watson, Lang Buddha, the Vagos, or Sam Baas. Other targets included any groups or individuals who had hurt Danny Doodle or his friends personally and escaped consequence for their actions.


As a call to action and reminder of the power of the individual to act, RISE was also its own proof of concept. The movement entirely lacked formal organization, recruitment, and leadership. Anyone who wished to "join" RISE would usually do so through their own words and actions upon organically discovering one of the notes. The movement and its message was spread almost exclusively through word of mouth, graffiti of the word, & notes containing various poems, speeches, and other writings encouraging the reader to save and spread the word themselves.

Occasionally, Danny would offer meager one-time cash payments to random individuals to spread his various writings on behalf of RISE - allowing him a measure of anonymity - and would often teach random civilians how to set scenes, spread the graffiti, and save & share his works. When doing these things, Danny would typically wear an all-black outfit and mask, calling himself "Nobody" in homage to - as he perceived it - the way many people in the city would be disregarded *as* "nobodies" by the city's upper echelon.

The Art & the Artist

Danny Doodle was as desperate to put the four-letter word into the city's public conscience as he was to regain a sense of control. As such, the RISE graffiti and accompanying notes were most often placed in tandem outside of high-traffic locations such as the Alta Street Apartments, Ammunations, clothing stores, FLEECA banks, state jobs' foremen, City Hall, etc. In his capacity as the "leader" and primary voice of RISE, Doodle wrote and disseminated around the city over 40 different written works of various lengths and formats. These works were later compiled into a "Book of RISE" shortly before his death.

The number of people in Los Santos who were made directly aware by the increasingly unstable Danny Doodle of his role as the movement's father prior to his death is less than a dozen.


Several other people in the city have taken it upon themselves to act on behalf of RISE or "join" the movement. The specific people and the actions they've taken are pending. Their existence is evidenced by various police reports and the movement's survival following Danny's death.


  • A single RISE tape - seemingly first in a series - was distributed around the city shortly before the death of Daniel Dvoudal. The master copy was lost, so remaining copies are limited.