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Quimbley "Q" Hayabusa is a character role-played by D4N1ELLE.

General Description

Quimbley "Q" Hayabusa is a former "hoodrat" turned business woman who likes to get her hands dirty from time to time. She moved to Los Santos following years of trauma she has been trying to put behind her. Despite the horrors Q has encountered, she continues to push herself forward and strives for greatness.

Q has pursued her passions in Los Santos, having since become a popular Wu Chang Records artist and the owner of Swallow adult store. Her criminal activities have led her to becoming a Street Team associate, partaking in gang wars, robberies, and supporting their weapons and drug trafficking operations.


Q is not motivated by money but friendship and the people she surrounds herself with, as she strongly values her relationships. Though she is a very friendly person to just about everyone she meets, she trusts very few people outside of her close circle.

Q has a chaotic side to her that she feeds off of when she’s around other chaotic people. She's the type to observe the things around her to make a judgment call before jumping head first into a situation. She seems innocent at times, but she’s calculating.


Early Life / Adulthood Quimbley was born and raised in Kentucky to Roger and Geraldine Beans. At the age of 7, Quimbley murdered her uncle and his girlfriend; thus sending her into a psychiatric facility until age 18. She was still allowed to go to school due to good behavior. When she turned 18 she was released from the facility and married her high school sweetheart, Hank. She left Kentucky and moved around with Hank until they landed in Liberty City when Quimbley was 21. Hank was an abusive drunk, just like Quimbley's father. It's no surprise Hank ended up being found dead a year later under a bridge. The case remains unsolved.

Quimbley needed to make ends meet so she started singing at a nightclub. One thing lead to another and she became an exotic dancer to be able to support herself. With the help of some lovely Italian fellows she met in town, she was able to take care of herself with any means necessary, including robbing stores and banks. She was able to set herself up with a nice nest egg to be able to leave Liberty City and travel like she'd always wanted to.

Quimbley proceeded to travel to many cities and meet many characters along the way. This included a rapper, a group of nice Greek men, Skull Bikers, Armenians, a blue masked crew who she stole 6 million dollars from tron men with, and many more.

In her 20's During the travels Quimbley was on, she met her second Husband, Philip Strongbottom. From there a great relationship blossomed. But on their wedding night she accidentally stabbed him. He disappeared. She didn't see him again for quite some time. With sadness in her heart, she did the only thing she knew how to do, pick up and leave.

Quimbley landed in Florida where she stripped to make ends meet, eventually owning the club she started her job in. She met the Blaine County Militia after dating their leader, Hayden Steel, and she committed some light terrorism during that period of her life. Q adopted a son (with Ellie Nite) by the name of Sam Lee because she was trying to bang his dad, but instead he adopted Q as his mother. Q produced massive amounts of LSD during this time, did a lot of small arms deals, and grew massive amounts of marijuana. She also became family with a man named Johnny Sinatra, who has had Q's back through thick and thin since Florida.

Everything came to a hault when Sam died. He was shot down by the police and it ruined Quimbley. She lost several friends in one week. A member of the Militia passed away. Steel left town due to his past coming back to haunt him. Steel had one request of a group of friends Q knew called The Company. He asked them to get her out and get her to safety, and thats exactly what they did. She never saw Steel again.

The Company and Q moved to Savannah where they lived for the next year. During her stay she met her currently family, The Hayabusa's, while working at the local recycling center. Shiro was the head of HR and took Q under his wing after ripping her off the stage of the local strip club where she made ends meet. Together with The Hayabusa's, Quimbley started to value the art of Shiro's family code and the value of business. While in Savannah, Q met her 3rd husband, James Westfall. He was an Australian biker trapped in a cowboy's body, and she was in love. They had a pretty long and eventful marriage.

After a falling out with the recycling center Q worked at, she quit her job as HR alongside Shiro. During this time, a serial killer latched on to Q and her family. He was obsessed with ruining her life. He left her packages including files from her past, articles about the demons from her past, and a voicemail that her dead son Sam had left her she never ended up recieving. This tore Q up. After this man (whose name she never learned) took Johnny and told her to choose between Johnny and her ex husband Philip who'd resurfaced, she chose to stab Philip. This ended with Philips death at her hands. With her life crumbling around her, she did what she does best, packed a bag and travelled with her husband.

Current Life After 9 long months to soul search and try and hide from this serial killer, Q landed in Los Santos. She made several friends including Penny Farthing, Dreah Johnson, and Shadow while hanging out at Roosters Rest with her mother, Shiro Hayabusa. Q participated in CorpoKid during the summer of 2021.

After CorpoKid, she took 3 more months off following her divorce with her husband James. She went to Canada with her father, Rob Farley to clear her head. Upon returning to Los Santos she reunited with the friends she'd missed, got a job at Roosters Rest, and got into a new relationship with Shadow. Things were going well until Shadow became distant, The 2 ended up breaking up. Q started helping Shadow with Tequi-la-la before the breakup, so before he left he awarded her with a leadership position to keep the business alive.

Q began to plan various events for Tequi-la-la and other businesses in town. She began to hang out with various members of the HOA doing sanitation runs where she met Kian Mercer. She also started to meet various people throughout town and make more solid friendships. After finally deciding she didn't want to hold stash houses anymore and she didn't want to remain clean anymore, Q finally broke bad and started doing a little bit of crime. She began hanging out with the ladies from Street Team and having fun. She started working for Paleto Pets, a job she'd wanted since she moved to Los Santos. She also started working for the gallery to appraise gems. Kian and Q broke up after a few months of dating. Q started to hang around Wilson Hart(Willy), one of the co-leaders of the gang The Hidden. Willy adopted a gold fish from Q and named him Leonard to which they co-parent. After a short time of hanging out with each other Wily took Q to the top of the dam. While there Willy would end up asking Q out on top of the dam. Q said yes and the two of them began dating. Q is figuring out her life from here. She's living her best life while her shop, Swallow, is thriving Lil Seoul. Q also continues to make music with Wuchang Records.


  • Q has a strong belief in the paranormal and loves to get her tarot cards read.
  • Diagnosed with trauma related PTSD
  • Expertise with hatchets and blades.
  • Q has 2 pets. 1 cat named Kevin. 1 pitbull named Donut.
  • Q values spending time with people over people spending money on her.
  • She makes music.
  • She cannot see without her glasses.


You can find Q's music on SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube Music

Release Date
  1. Show Me Yours
  2. Can You
  3. Take Control
  4. Ride or Die
August 17th 2022
Songs as a Lead Artist
Release Date
If I Tried April 22nd 2022
Waiting April 22nd 2022
  • Produced by Red
Lonely May 12th 2022
Known In A Night July 17th 2022
Come Alive (Ft. DESH) August 2nd 2022
Fantasy (Ft. Diana Cortez) August 7th 2022