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Purrtricia Nyan is a character played by SleepyDrakaina.


Purrtricia was born and raised in Florida. At the age of 10 after her father had nearly beaten her to death, she murdered him by slitting his throat with a kitchen knife. (add in middle details later). For six years Purrtricia stalked and murdered people who even slightly annoyed her or if they seemed to wrong her in anyway. In those six years, she met a man from Canada in the swamps, a location she'd take the bodies of her victims for the gators to eat them. The man convinced her into trying to eat a piece of human flesh off one of her victims, which lead her into a downward spiral of cannibalism.

Coming to Los Santos

She sold her car, collected all of her savings, and caught a train to Los Santos. She never liked using GPS to navigate, preferring to wander around to get her bearings of the area. She learned about fishing, deciding that would be something fun to do to keep her mind off things. She met Mayor Abdul, who told her he was only a taxi driver, and he helped her get her fishing license. She was then brought to the Paleto market to talk to Jeb and start her first fishing job. She needed money, so she began to work for a company called Under Arted , where she became a Talent Manager. After getting a chest during a tournament, there was a gold bar, some Rolexes, and some notes inside. She tried to find the fence, but ended up wrecking the car she had stolen. Trying to walk back to the market, she stopped to look at her map, and was almost hit by a car. The people in the car came out, she saw the guns and face coverings, and not wanting to just be robbed or deal with anything, she told them to just have the gold bar and stuff she had if they could please take her back to the market. The group ended up being Creampie Creations members, she tried to see if they wanted have work done by her job at Under Arted, but they never took her number. After they showed her where the fence was and sold the items she gave them, OTT then stole a car for her, to help her get back to the market. She mainly stayed up in Paleto fishing for a couple days, before she met a young woman named Sarah while fishing, and was brought back to the city to get some food. She was then introduced to the UwU Cafe , where the young woman worked. Upon seeing the cafe theme, loving the style of everything, she also enjoyed the type of people she saw there, so much that she decided she'd only get her food at the UwU Cafe. She started going to the casino to keep herself occupied, which ended with her only having $11 to her name. That forced her to look for another job with The Lucky Pearl Lotto, to just be at the booth and earn some money, and she hung around the markets for awhile.

Starting to Work at the UwU Cafe

One day when at the cafe, Lukas Fenri as his Fox personality took notice of her. He told Ash Ketchup about her and got her to have an interview with her, where Ash just said she saw her around a bunch and she didn't seem crazy, so she gave her the job. Purrtricia instantly started to spend her time at the cafe all the time, with Fox trying to get her to be his mate. She met a lot of coworkers she really likes, her favorite coworkers being Elias Wolfmayer , Marcus Grail , and Shadow at the beginning, but she really likes her other coworkers as well, and decided she would do anything to protect UwU cafe. During the attacks from BSK , she survived the shoot out unharmed inside the cafe, she participated in shooting at them when they attempted to kidnap Ash; accidently shooting Shadow. Purrtricia was robbed twice in one day, losing her receipts, guns, and radios by OTT. Purrtricia works really hard at UwU, enjoying the job a lot, as well as her interactions with her coworkers, it keeping her mind clear of her negative feelings. She does wear a mask while working, both figuratively and actually, not wanting to show her true self to many people, and wanting to make people like her; she also doesn't want to disappoint Ash in any way.




Skud Oftr


Dirk Whistler

River Valentine

Tex Graves

Leonardo Lombardi


Lulu: Purrtricia saw her as an adorable young talented woman. She wanted to be closer to her and asked her if she wanted to be adopted. Lulu was her first child, she loved her and liked to listen to her music. However, Purrtricia began to get paranoid about her new child around Grail, noticing that she was a little happy when Purrtricia said the two weren't dating as they weren't at the time. She told them and herself that if the two of them wanted to be together, she would step away for her daughter and Grail's happiness. Both Lulu and Grail continuously told her that they were not interested in each other, even when Lulu began to date Arthur Lionheart who looked almost identical to Grail. She recently learned that her fears were not just in her head, as Grail confessed to having done something that wasn't sexual with Lulu. Currently, Purrtricia has promised not to treat Lulu differently, but inside she has hardened her heart and no longer considers Lulu her child, even if she can't say so or show it outwardly.


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Romantic Interest

Elias Wolfmayer: One of the first people Purrtricia started to actually feel something for, he was one of the first workers she met at UwU cafe before she was hired, he brought her upstairs to show her the mural of the founders of the cafe. She really enjoyed the banter she had with him and the joking around, she started to realize she was growing a crush, but also trying not to give into it. When Shadow was trying to set her up with people, she tried to stress that she only liked people for their personalities. She tried to hint to Elias when they were alone outside that she liked his personality, but instead he told her that Grail seemed like her type. She then later was told by him that he is aromantic and not interested in that sort of thing. She tried to accept that there would never be anything between the two of them, when she got together with Grail, and had sex for the first time. Only for Luka who had come back from his fox personality to try and hook the two of them up, against Purrtricia's wishes. Purrtricia has been trying hard to keep her feelings for Elias strictly as friends since, but the feelings are still there deep inside.

Marcus Grail: She originally tried to ignore his flirting, but accepted being his pet cat. She use to just see him as her friend/master. But after getting to know him and enjoying spending time with him, as well as the banter they had together, how he just meshed with her perverted side and popped her filter right off when he was around. After a drunken night, as well as what Elias had said, she got a little jealous of the women hanging around him, and began to joke that he had a harem of women. She then misunderstood a situation, which caused her to snap at Grail, which caused her to feel very guilty when he expressed that she'd upset him. When she was taken to a location to talk seriously with Grail about his feelings and some of his past, she started to notice her feelings for him, outside of his flirty side. He became her first sexual experience, her asking him to do things to her that others believed he should have known when to stop, but was exactly what she had wanted. She has been paranoid about their relationship, insecure, and worried that she is going to lose him to another woman, even though she doesn't want to change him or completely possess him. She keeps trying to do things to impress him, changing her looks to what she thinks he would like, and trying not to hurt his feelings. He recently told her they were in fact dating, which she had previously been wondering about. He has been trying to show her his affections, but Purrtricia's cat brain constantly sends her into all sorts of directions. She is learning more as she spends time with him, about what to not say or do around him. She is deeply in love with him, thinking about him constantly, talking about him all the time, and dreaming about him. He is her second love, first "boyfriend", and first sexual partner, but she does regret telling him she loves him after only 9 days after their first time together. After Grail did a blood ritual that separated him from his demon, his mind began to deteriorate and he was slowly dying, he couldn't remember her or that they were dating, and the time apart snapped her into realizing how much they'd been hurting each other. Purrtricia broke up with Grail and he subcummed to his weakened state, ending up in ICU for a few days, before her and a few other girls managed to get together and put him and the demon together again. While not together romantically or sexually any more, they continue to be Master and Kitten as they had been before they got together.


Blake Cameron

Ursula Leichenberg


Francis Angel Luis: Her crush on him was only for a short while, she knew it wouldn't go anywhere, and just enjoyed flirting with him. She knew that her friend Falcon would not be happy if the two of them had gotten together, as well as assuming he had no actual interest in her either. She stopped flirting with him and her feelings for him ended, when he got in a relationship with Tess Quinn, and she began to get closer with Grail.

Jim Haze

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