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Puppet Master (PM) is a character role-played by GTAWiseGuy.

General Information

Puppet Master (PM) is a mysterious figure, whose identity is unknown, a psychotic-terrorist who controls the Underground street racing scene, created the hidden racing app and the cryptocurrency GNE. He does this with the help of his loyal Puppets

PM's welcome message when you unlock the racing app using a phone dongle.

The racing app is used to host races and organize them, which also provides the cryptocurrency GNE to racers when the race. GNE plays a vital role in the racing scene, where they use it to upgrade the car parts and buy other street racing accessories like NOS, Harness, fake plates etc.

The Puppet Master controls the racing scene from behind the scenes and uses some racers to engage in terrorism and many other illegal activities, gives out dangerous missions to them by directly contacting them via phone or through one of their puppet, who may accompany or guide them during these activities. The PM has expressed that he wants to take over the State of San Andreas.


The Puppet Master has many different tools and people at his disposal including an A-10 Warthog which is often sent to scare or eliminate his enemies. He also controls and maintains a bandit of puppets that listen to his every command.

He recently elected Randy Bullet as his equivalent in the underground scene.

Played By: GTAWiseGuy
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