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Puppet Master (PM) is a character role-played by GTAWiseGuy.

General Information

"Things are going to get a whole lot spicier."
― PM

The Puppet Master (PM) is a mysterious figure, whose identity is unknown. Described as a psychotic-terrorist, the PM controls the Underground street racing scene, created the hidden racing app and the cryptocurrency GNE. He does this with the help of his loyal Puppets.

It is said that spray paintings of The Puppet Master first appeared around popular racing spots in London, England. As told by Eddie Marshall, when opening up the Tuner Shop, he noticed that the large spray panting present on the wall was familiar to him- the very same murals he had seen when he lived in London.


The underground racing scene

PM's welcome message when you unlock the racing app using a phone dongle.

The Puppet Master controls the racing scene from behind the scenes and uses some racers to engage in terrorism and many other illegal activities, gives out dangerous missions to them by directly contacting them via phone or through one of their puppet, who may accompany or guide them during these activities. The PM has expressed that he wants to take over the State of San Andreas.

The racing app is used to host races and organize them, which also provides the cryptocurrency GNE to racers when the race. GNE plays a vital role in the racing scene, where they use it to upgrade the car parts and buy other street racing accessories like NOS, Harness, fake plates etc.

The underground criminal world

In July 2022, the Puppet Master made a personal visit to Los Santos, seeking to takeover the city's criminal world by managing bank heists.


The Birth Of The PM

February 2021 - The Birth Of The PM

It has been said that the Puppet Master ventured to and ran Las Venturas as a tryant prior to visiting Los Santos. He did this with the accomplice of his Puppet, Marcus Mathers. Who, together, controlled the racing scene and cryptocurrency- eventually taking down the "corruption" of their governments.

During the month of Febraury, the Underground Racing Scene grew in size and racers from all over the world began to travel to Los Santos to join in. A catalyst to this popularity was the first appearance of the Puppet Master - who was rumoured to have first been spotted around popular racing spots in London, England. At first, the PM attempted to take full control of the racing scene and with it tried to take control of the racing currency, GNE. This attempt was partially successful, racers instantly giving into the PM's missions and goals.

The Consequences Of Betrayal

September 22nd 2021 - The Consequences Of Betrayal

During the early hours of September 22nd, the Puppet Master decided to take action against a Puppet who did not follow his command. This puppet was Marcus Mathers, mostly referred to as Big M.

Big M had been previosuly commanded to elimate Tony Corleone by the PM. This was due to Tony's disrespect towards the Puppet Master and the PM's general distaste for him. However, when it came down to harming Tony, Big M could not do it. The Puppet Master saw this as betrayal and Big M knew that he would most likely be killed for his actions but stood strong in his choice to spare Tony. As it turns out, Tony and Big M had established an acquaintance over the months they had known eachother.

On September 22nd, Big M decided he wanted to tell Tony everything about the Puppet Master and his antics. However, before he could reveal the information he was shot with a sniper rifle weilded by Earl and Shurai on the command of the Puppet Master. Despite EMS and the doctors attempt to find a pulse, Marcus Mathers passed away on scene.

Marcus Mathers paid the price of betrayal.

Electing The Shadow Master

September 22nd 2021 - Electing The Shadow Master

During the late hours of September 22nd, Randy received a call from an unknown number, which turned out to be the Puppet Master. This call ensued the PM talking about his trust for Randy and the history the have with each other. Due to Randy helping the PM on tasks throughout the year, the PM wanted to reward him.

The Puppet Master presented the idea that Randy would takeover his position when the time was right but this plan was to be kept a secret. This meant that the PM and Randy would be equals and would work for each other, the first S+ boost would be rewarded to Randy as a result of this acquaintance. Randy agreed to the proposal and agreed to keep it a secret, even from his closest friends.

Attack At The Tuner Shop

December 28th 2021 - Attack At The Tuner Shop

  • To Be Written
It's a good day to be is Los Santos

July 19th 2021 - It's a good day to be is Los Santos

  • PM arrives at Los Santos on a fucking boat, what a joke.


  • Rumoured to be from London, England.
  • Often ends his calls with a menacing laugh and uncontrollable coughing.
  • Recieves GNE payments from the Tuner Shop.
  • His Puppets listen to his every demand.
  • Always calls from an unknown number.


Played By: GTAWiseGuy
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