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Prune Tang Records was a Los Santos based record label. As of April 2020, the label rebranded in to a new label: Gno-Mercy Records.


Prune Tang Records was founded in November of 2019 by Eugene Zuckerberg and Dimitri Barkov. The goal was to make a record label that actually produced music as the other labels have been inactive for over 6 months. The label prided itself on being the only one that has more than just rappers in its repertoire.


List of Investors

 Rival Record Labels




Gioconda Coppola

Aka Cardi G.I.O. was the first artist signed by the label.

Tuesday Phillips

Hired as a duo (Thot Deep) with Gioconda Coppola.

Bryce Miller

Hired after battling Carl Crimes for the position.

William Sheepskin

Recruited for his singing voice and musical talents.

Rudi Rinsen

Leader of The Lost MC with a unique style of music.


Gladys Berry

Initiated as one of Prune Gang's musicians. Under the G Berry pseudonym. Left to Creampie Creations after fallout with Prune Gang.

Casey Valentine

Signed due to an impressive performance during the first Prune Tang Records rap battle. Also because it's a way to get money out of the other cops by guilt tripping them in to "supporting their colleague". Never actually worked for the lable.

Tupac Shakur

Signed to the lable with the promise to make music, but never actually did.

Melbert Rickenbacker

Currently membership is in a state of limbo.

Unsigned features

Jack Nova

Agreed to join during Bryce Millers song demo.

Chad Kelagai

Joined Bryce on a track.


Song listed in the order of release

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