Prune Gang are a Los Santos street gang, unlike most gangs the majority are old people but don't underestimate them.

History Edit

Prune Gang was started when Eugene Zuckerberg & Melbert Rickenbacker met, they wanted to start a gang where old people would get more respect.

Alliances Edit

Prune Gang have good relations with most gangs specifically with the Leanbois. Due to Eugene Zuckerberg criminal history and ties amongst the criminal world.

Prune Street Edit

The Prune Gang maintain a presence on Covenant Avenue (which they refer to as Prune Street). Even though they don't claim the territory as their turf, which is constantly switching sides between the Leanbois and the Ballaz. It's agreed by all gangs that the street name is forever known as Prune Street, and accepted hangout of the Prune Gang.

Ranks Edit

Fully accepted members are identified as "Prunes", while prospects who have recently joined are identified as "Plums". There are also legacy's who have been initiated due to family relations. They have no rank title as they are members in name only.

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Cemetary st



Prune Street



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