Prune Gang are a Los Santos street gang, unlike most gangs the majority are old people but don't underestimate them. Prune Gang status is Inactive.

History[edit | edit source]

Prune Gang was started when Eugene Zuckerberg & Melbert Rickenbacker met, they wanted to start a gang where old people would get more respect. The "OG members" at the time were Eugene, Mel, Gladys Berry and Gordon Parks.

Alliances[edit | edit source]

Prune Gang have good relations with most gangs specifically with the Leanbois. Due to Eugene Zuckerberg criminal history and ties amongst the criminal world.

Prune Street[edit | edit source]

The Prune Gang maintain a presence on Covenant Avenue (which they refer to as Prune Street). Even though they don't claim the territory as their turf, which is constantly switching sides between the Leanbois and the Ballaz. It's agreed by all gangs that the street name is forever known as Prune Street, and accepted hangout of the Prune Gang.

Status of Prune Gang[edit | edit source]

First problems of unity[edit | edit source]

Over the past year Eugene has spent more and more of his time involved in more serious criminal activity. He was forced to do the big jobs with random crews that involved members of the Leanbois, Vagos and his non affiliated friends like Alabaster Slim. From experience he felt that he couldn't rely on Mel or Gladys to have his back for big jobs.

As a result he decided tried to turn the gang in to a more of a semi-serious crew he could rely on. He did so by claiming Prune Street and started a recruitment drive. He also started using his connections to push the prune gang reputation. While Mel continued his chaotic wild behavior with no plans on being serious. This miscommunication of future goals caused the first rift in the gangs unity.

Signs of trouble[edit | edit source]

After building up a crew of people Eugene started to do jobs and teach new members like Davey Doherty and Hans Snitzel how to be better criminals. Unfortunately some of the other recruits like Anto Murphy ended up causing trouble with other gangs. After kicking Anto out of the gang Eugene fixed the situation with the Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana . Then some time later Buddha approached Eugene claiming that Gladys and Kelly have attacked him and Ellie Dono. Eugene then had to fix the situation with the Leanbois. Constant things like that over time adding up made Eugene feel like he was babysitting instead of leading his gang.

These events already made Eugene feel like the gang was starting to be more of a hassle than it was worth. It was the worst time for Mel to approach Eugene and bring up the fact that he wants to kick out all the new members because he feels that they are not old and don't fit the gang. Eugene didn't care that Mel kicked everybody out until weeks later.

Prune Gang Outcasts[edit | edit source]

Most of the kicked out members then grouped up and started a conflict against Prune Gang which annoyed Eugene even more. Trying to settle the conflict Gladys turned out to be part of the outcast group. There was a meeting and Gladys revealed that she felt she was underappreciated. And that she wasn't given a position of power and connections Eugene had. Even though from Eugene's perspective all that she mentioned were his personal connections that he's built up over years of work that had nothing to do with the gang. He offered her a bulk of sns pistol as trial. She refused and walked out of the house and the gang.

Lonely Prune[edit | edit source]

The gang was down to three members, Gordon Parks who was rarely in the city. Mel who then ended up traveling to Austin for a few weeks . And Eugene who ended up alone with no consistent group to hang out with. During a job with the Leanbois a topic of conversation came up. Eugene jokingly asked that considering how tight they are as friends, if he should just join them. To which Buddha replied "If your serious, we'd love to have you.". After thinking about it for a couple of days Eugene decided to "Put Prune Gang on hold and bring it back at a later date.". And to accept the offer and became a Leanbois Affiliate.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

After Mel returned a couple of weeks later Eugene revealed his new plans to Mel. The two had a discussion and came to the conclusion that Prune gang will always be a part of them even if its not in practice. Mel continued claiming Prune Gang as his gang for a couple of weeks before becoming a Chang Gang Affiliate.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Members that were old were considered as "Prunes", while the others who were under 57 were considered "Plums". There are also legacy's who have been initiated due to family relations. They have no rank title as they are members in name only.

Members[edit | edit source]

Leaders[edit | edit source]

  • Eugene - Stepped back from the role and is currently a member of the Leanbois.
  • Mel - Stepped back from the role and is in the process of joining Chang Gang.

Absentee[edit | edit source]

Former[edit | edit source]

  • Gladys Berry - Had a fallout with the leadership just before the gang breakup.
  • Shady Grady † - Deceased - Died November 14, 2019 shot by police.
  • Anto Murphy - Lost his status as Plum after Eugene Zuckerberg found out he betrayed the Vagos for cash.
  • Buck Colton † - He was kicked out of Prune Gang on a whim by Melbert Rickenbacker during Mel's cleaning of the gang. Was then officially confirmed to have lost his membership after Eugene Zuckerberg found out Buck snitched on Mel. Buck died on March 29th, 2020 he was murdered by firing squad.
  • Kelly Smith - He was kicked out of Prune Gang on a whim by Melbert Rickenbacker during Mel's cleaning of the gang. Was then officially confirmed to have lost his membership after Eugene Zuckerberg found out he turned on the gang.
  • Davey Doherty - He was kicked out of Prune Gang on a whim by Melbert Rickenbacker during Mel's cleaning of the gang. Was then officially confirmed to have lost his membership after Eugene Zuckerberg found out he turned on the gang.
  • Sal Rosenberg - Left after Prune Gang disbanded.
  • Apples - Left after Prune Gang disbanded.
  • Hans Snitzel - Left after Prune Gang disbanded.
  • Thomas Dwayne - Left after Mel joined Chang Gang Affiliate.

Territory[edit | edit source]

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Videos[edit | edit source]

Gberry - "Lil erf diss track" Ft. The Prune Gang (Music Video)
🎵 PRUNE GANG (Prune Gang Music Video) 🎵
Melbert (official)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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