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The Prism Racing Crew was founded by Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras and Anna Jørgensen. The idea behind the crew is not necessarily to become a top tier crew and collect the best drivers of the city, but rather to have like-minded people, who hold similar mindsets with regards to racing, race together. The crew does not use a set color for their cars, opting instead to use white neons and xenons and giving their members the free choice to color their vehicle. The name of the crew reflects this, chosen after an optical prism, which breaks up light, represented by the white neons and xenons, into every possible color of the spectrum, represented by the color of their vehicles. In the end, the goal is to have a variety of different cars, all in different colors, to showcase all the colors that make up the color spectrum. The crew is currently still in the process of recruiting members.

Prism operates a business called The Pit Stop, which mainly sells racing equipment normally bought for GNE for money, giving members of the crew the opportunity to easily convert their GNE gained by racing into cash. The business will also allow them to own a garage in the future.