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Princess Rin Reyes is a character role-played by itspulipa.

Background Information

Princess Rin Reyes is a half Japanese and Filipino girl who was raised to believe she must be successful at everything she does. As an only child under strict watch from her parents, she was told that she must live her life to be better than everyone else. However, due to her lack of natural talents, others mocked her name ‘princess’ because everything was ‘handed’ to her. In reality this just added to the verbal abuse she endured by her parents and constantly reminded her of how much of a failure she was in their eyes. Her parents eventually divorced due to constantly fighting over whose parenting style was better and who would keep Rin in their household (Neither wanted to support her). This crushed her motivation to keep trying and she eventually ended up getting a 'regular' accountant job. Because she chose to keep her 'average' job, her parents continued to berate her and eventually told her that neither of them would support her if she didn't improve her career. With the complete loss of support from her family, Rin snapped and decided that she no longer wanted to live near them and left without saying a word.


The one thing that Rin hates the most is her first name Princess. She was constantly picked on by other children as she grew up because she could never meet the high standards set by her extremely successful parents. Every family or social event Rin would attend, her parents would boast about how great she was, even if they thought she was lacking in all her skills. Due to the fact that she wasn’t as talented as her parents made her out to be, she was always made fun of, or others would point out her flaws. Although she was constantly teased by other children, she would pretend as if nothing happened and act as if she was still happy. Because of her past trauma, she constantly tries to remind herself that she doesn’t have to be good at everything.

Character Description/Personality

Princess Rin Reyes, is an easy-going and friendly girl who is normally seen around UwU Café and Pixel Perfect. Rin's original signature look was comprised of a bucket hat and backpack which she picked to match with her ex-boyfriend Javier Diaz. However she has recently changed up her wardrobe, bringing in lots of different looks that she often switches between throughout the day. Rin is known as a sweet person who would do anything to help her friends and those around her. She often worries about being helpful to her friends since being a burden is one of her biggest fears.


Best Friends
Good Friends

Major Storylines


Rin is currently working on a business idea to bring functional backpacks and bags to Los Santos. Her store will provide citizens with additional space to store their precious items so that their pockets aren't as full all the time. She submitted her business proposal and it was approved on 05/22/2022.
She has turned in her Construction Request and is currently waiting for further updates.

OOC Promo

While hanging out with Seaside, Benji approached Rin about running events to promote the Oasis Oil Company Gas Station. Rin agreed, seeing this as a way to do more for Seaside, and Benji gave her an initial $25K to plan a promo later that day giving away free polish for the first 50 customers to purchase gas. Rin brought in SOS to work the event and with their help, she got everything together. The promo became a large full service beachwear (OwO) event with music and everything ran smoothly. Thanks to Rin's leadership the promo was successful and Benji was happy with the turn out, giving her an additional $80K to split up amongst everyone that helped.


Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] 1
Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] 1
Possession of Contraband in the Third Degree 1
Felony Obstruction of Justice 1
Robbery of a Financial Institution 1
Third Degree Speeding 2
Negligent Driving 2
Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices 1
Resisting Arrest 1

Last updated as of 08/14/2022

Trivia & Quotes

  • Rin successful robbed a bank with April Fooze but was only given one marked bill of the payout.

  • "I'm Rin, R-I-N"
  • "No"

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