Preston Maxwell Jacobson

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Preston Maxwell Jacobson is a character role-played by theLGX.

General Background

Preston Maxwell Jacobson comes from wealth and power in the UK. He graduated bottom of his class at Oxford University. He moved to Los Santos with his mates Chip and Jarvis to discover what all the fuss is about with "American Fun."

He loves money and hates poor people. He believes that he is above everyone else because of his money and anyone who gets in his way will have to hear from his father.


  • Preston went to university at Oxford and absolutely attests St. Andrews.
  • Preston avoids upsetting his father by trying to not let information of his exploits in the United States get back to England.


  • Posh Gang Returns - The posh gang returns to Los Santos and causes even more chaos than before.(Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
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