Premium Deluxe Motorsport is a vehicle dealership located on Power Street and Adam's Apple Boulevard in Pillbox Hill, Los Santos. It is owned by Allen Widemann.

History Edit

The first owner of PDM Chow decided to hand down the dealership to Vinny believing he was right for the job.

Vinny was the manager & owner of PDM. Being the owner of the dealership meant he couldn't join Chang Gang with their mayhem without fear of losing PDM.

He eventually sold PDM to Allen Widemann.

Employees Edit

Current Edit

  1. Jonelle Jones
  2. Erin Cox
  3. Ryan Carthus
  4. Danika Tater
  5. Leah Strong
  6. Jason Paul
  7. Sean Tinker
  8. Fiona Stewart
  9. Hutch Hendrickson
  10. Kai Lumen
  11. Jordan Walker
  12. Raja Bahadur
  13. Mr Chang
  14. Kylee Fields
  15. Ryan Parker
  16. Zeke Vernone
  17. Billy Francis

Gallery Edit

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