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Pogg Dann was a character role-played by Drunk_Snorlax.


Pogg Dann was the alleged son of Bogg Dann. He arrived in the city and became a member of Steele Security after meeting with Jordan Steele. Pogg is also a stalker, and he enjoys recording and selling videos he secretly records of the women in the city.

Recent Events


Jordan brought members of SS to a therapy session with therapist Thalia Hayes. The session was actually an intervention for Pogg. Thalia questioned him about filming numerous women, including EMS Katt Vincent, while heavily breathing in the background. Pogg apologized and said his girlfriend broke up with him, and he has nothing to watch before going to bed.

Dating Service

Pogg decided to create a dating service with Jordan Steele where he records women, and they describe their hobbies and interest. He interviewed Lana, and she said she owned a comic book store, and she also killed people and robbed banks, which excited Pogg. Dexx stole his girlfriend Tuesday and made Pogg leave the south side while he tried to record GSF Prospect Bree.


He died on 1/2/21 after he stabbed Cadet Crocodile Steve in Mirror Park and was shot by Senior Officer Ben Casanova when attempting to flee from Steve and the LSPD after he was annoying Andi Jones in the Southside and harassing HOA all day.

He had a weak pulse before being taken to Pillbox and died shortly after in surgery, his cause of death was confirmed to be GSW’s, specifically 6.


  • "Do you know how to cook ma'am?"
  • "What is your hobbies? ​​​​​"
  • "Leave me alone"
  • "I'm a good person"


  • Pogg also sold beer at the lot
  • Chase Clouter asked him to be his husband
  • He often breathed heavily while recording videos



Played By: Drunk_Snorlax
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