Pleasance Bludworth is a character played by AprilFlowers123.


Pleasance is a young woman who can most often be seen wearing her distinctive black and yellow argyle sweater. Her favorite color combination is black and yellow, however she has trouble keeping this consistent due to her colorblindness. She has bright red hair that she usually wears in a high bun.

As The Bee Queen (Pleasance's supervillain alter ego), she dons a black and yellow catsuit with matching platform heels, as well as a small mask over her eyes to hide her identity. She lets her hair down from its bun to complete the costume.


Pleasance was born and raised in Las Venturas, and considers herself a "desert rat" at heart. Both of her parents were fanatical helicopter parents, and forced her to stay indoors most of her childhood. Her only friend for most of her life was her family's cat, Big Hank. Growing up, she became obsessed with comic books, video games, and cartoons.

Her parents sent her to North Yankton Quaker College, but when her mom became sick, she dropped out and moved back home to take care of her. When her mother finally died, she moved to Los Santos.

In Los Santos

Pleasance, having already been developing her "Bee Queen" supervillain persona for some time, struck up a rivalry with the superhero Amadeus Gryffindor, beating him in multiple fights throughout the city.

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