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Pillbox Medical Center is the main hospital in Los Santos. Pillbox is the center of higher medicine in the city of Los Santos. It is home to the Emergency Medical Services, however EMS is not owned or funded by the hospital. They work with the rest of the governmental agencies across the city and routinely give them necessary higher medical services.

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With Dr. Serge Cross, MD stepping down from being Chief of Medicine, there is now a board of three doctors who run the department. As of right now two has been chosen: Dr. Choi Zhangsun and Dr. Derek Shaw. The staff consists of doctors and residents in training.

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The broad specializations are Surgeons, Coroners, and then the doctors who don't have a broad specialization.

However, there are very specific specializations that each doctor can focus on after leaving the resident stage. They are Emergency Medicine, Urology, Medical Examiner(Coroner), Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Hematology, General Surgery, General Medicine, Psychology, Physical Therapy, and Hospilalist.

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  • Absent until filled

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For the longest time, being a receptionist at Pillbox Medical Center was a desired job, with multiple people being on staff, including Brenda Pancake, Bruce Nelvico, and Doug Canada. However, with the hospital being newly redesigned and those interested in being receptionists have dropped, secretarial services is a shadow of its former self. Currently the head of Secretarial Services is Michael Simone.

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