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Pilbis Shonley is a character role-played by TheBigMeech.


Coming from a rich upbringing, Pilbis' wealthy parents kicked him out from their luxurious home for being a perpetual disappointment with no job and no girlfriend. With NBC, he was a super terrorist, but, after 5 years crisis, is now a civilian & medical intern

In December 2023, Pilbis declared his candidacy for Mayor of Los Santos, running against Donnie McMuffin, Maximilian Thoroughbred, Vivek Ramasquamy, Party Hardy, Cletus Cornwood, Stelio Lambros,  and Debra Downer, but was targeted in an assassination attempt, for which his opponent Vivek was arrested on assault charges, but acquitted. (Later, Bobby Charles, Michael Simone, Jebediah "Beef" von Wunder, Ronald Rump, Max Dumont, Doug Loftis, and Eugene Zuckerberg would join the race.)

Momentous Dates within the Government[]

Los Santos Medical Group[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Doctor - Hired to the LSMG January 9th, 2024

Played By: TheBigMeech
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Los Santos Medical Group

Head Psychologist: Pixie Tarantino

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