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Phill "Dirty Phill" Williams is a character role-played by Renegade93TV.


Phill hasn't always been homeless, there was a time period in his life where he actually had his life together. He used to be a CEO of a hardware company with a wife, and two kids. He had a boy named Travis, and girl named Crystal, but due to bad decisions from the company owner it went under. Due to this Phill lost his job, but that wasn't the end for Phill. He came home to what he thought was his loving wife, and explained to her what happened, but that's when she let out the truth that she has been cheating on him, and also wants a divorce. Once the divorce was final the judge granted Phill's ex-wife the kids and the house, which left Phill homeless. He would do small jobs, illegal or not, to make a little extra cash so he could afford food. With the money he got, Phill turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his emotions from these events. As time went on he has learned to love living on the streets, and does not want to go back to having a real job and or home, because it makes him feel trapped. Now that he is homeless and has no real job, he feels the world is his oyster and he will do whatever to seize the day.


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Due to his time living on the streets, Dirty Phill's weiner has actually started growing mushrooms.


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