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Pez Speedwagon is a character role-played by Pezz.


Pez Speedwagon is the Twin brother of Cody Speedwagon (AKA The Highway Man) and is the Manager of Hayes Auto Body Repairs.

Pez moved to the city in search of his brother Cody but found his mates from Australia, Shane Powers & Davo Gumtree. Not long into the city, Pez help ShaneO rise through the ranks of Hayes to Manager, then eventually making manager himself after pulling Hayes out of Debt from the previous Manager Jazz Ryder & the old "QuickFix" crew. Seeing Shane & Pez's success with Hayes, the old QuickFix crew left to work at Harmony. After saving Hayes, Pez looked to an interesting investment that was the Bondi Boys MC by starting a tow company with Irwin Dundee, Barry Benson & Chip Wheeler called True Blue Towing.

Notable Events

Hayes Vs Harmony

Pez received a Cease & Desist for Hayes from Harmony after a series of Twats mentioning #FukkaHarmony from Hayes employees and people of the public. Choosing to ignore the C&D, Pez hired Lawrence Splainer as Hayes' attorney in the up and coming legal battle to prove that #FukkaHarmony is nothing more than a freedom of speech and not deformation. Two days after the C&D, Pez was set upon by 4 masked individuals and beaten within an inch of his life, with his blood used as a message to Hayes that Harmony wants them to drop the case or more will follow. After spending time in ICU, Pez was left with broken legs and head wounds. After leaving the hospital, Pez found a pink helmet that was a little too tight and started to restrict the blood flow to his brain. Not being able to remove the helmet, Pez suffers from sudden blackouts and memory loss, but everyone thinks its from the attack he suffered from the 4 masked men. Now Pez rolls around the city living life 10 seconds at a time till the helmet gets removed.

Mayoral Campaign


BBMC Punishment (loss of his left leg)

While talking to The Lost MC about acquiring guns for the BBMC, Pez let slip that he was a shadow member of the club. The Lost immediately got suspicious of Pez but ultimately let him go, unharmed.

Dundee was furious that Pez would allow himself to reveal his shadow identity so easily, and after conferring with the club, decided that he needed to be punished. The club took Pez out to the desert and forced him to put body armor on. Dundee warned Pez that any further mistakes like that would result in his execution, but that he would allow him to walk back to the city - with a limp.

Dundee blasted Pez in the leg with a shotgun, but accidentally struck a major artery, causing Pez to pass out from the shock and blood loss. When he awoke in the hospital, his left leg was missing. He managed to get it replaced with a prosthetic, but began to have some mental distress as well...


Photo Vehicle Plate Description
Currently Owned Vehicles
Pez on his Cliffhanger.png Cliffhanger I6O38D64
Previously Owned/Sold Vehicles
Barry & Dundee in Pez's Lampadati Michelli GT.png Lampadati Michelli GT J114SQ4N Sold for $169,000 on 18th October 2021. Pez sold it as he is trying to pool together money for the Hellion.
Erfeqwwd.JPG Yosemite Rancher BIGNESS Pez's first Car in the City is a Yosemite Rancher worth $69,000 with custom liveries. It has been called the most bad ass car in the city, according to Pez. Sold to Buck Colton for $1

Alter Egos

Alter Ego Photo First Appearance Description
Chicken Wizard Chicken Wizard.png -IN PROGRESS-
Kenny Dundee Kenny Dundee (Pez).png 9th June 2021 When Irwin Dundee went missing, Barry Benson, Collin McKinley and Pez Speedwagon dressed as Dundee's three adoptive fathers so that they could get information about his disappearance from Officer Sam Baas at MRPD. Kenny Dundee is a crab/fishering trawler who sailed all the way from Ireland to search for his son, "Irwy".
God Poseidon God Poseidon.png 2nd July 2021 -IN PROGRESS-
Paprika Paprika Paprika Paprika.png 23rd July 2021 -IN PROGRESS-

Treasure Goblins

There are multiple Treasure Goblins in the city of Los Santos, they almost all ask to be looked upon favourably. These are who we have met so far:

Goblin Name Photo Met With Treasure Notes
The Bisexual Curious Treasure Goblin Collin meets the Bisexual Curious Goblin.png Collin McKinley & Tallie Marks 1x Advanced Lockpick After receiving numerous, spammed, anonymous pings, Collin & Tallie head to the ping location. There under a bridge they meet the Bisexual Curious Goblin
The 100% Bisexual Treasure Goblin Collin & Barry meet the 100% Bisexual Treasure Goblin.png Collin McKinley & Barry Benson 1x Advanced Lockpick & a StabbyChonk Chicken Unlike their brother this Goblin is 100% bisexual.
The Construction Treasure Goblin Barry & Collin Meet the Construction Goblin.png Barry Benson & Collin McKinley 1x Advanced Lockpick Barry offended The Construction Treasure Goblin by saying the Goblin's domain is just "a bunch of shit on the ground".
The Lactose Intolerant Treasure Goblin Dundee robs the Lactose Intolerant Goblin.png Irwin Dundee [Robbed of]

1x Advanced Lockpick, 1x Beretta M9 & $3,500

The Lactose Intolerant Treasure Goblin was robbed by Irwin Dundee at the Digital Den after he saw the Goblin driving his friend, Pez's, car.
The Fire Safety Treasure Goblin Fire Safety Goblin.png Jesse Reed 1x Advanced Lockpick and a 8ct Gold Chain
The Boating Enthusiast Treasure Goblin The Boating Enthusiast Goblin.png Irwin Dundee, Barry Benson, Channing Turner & Wolfe McCreedy 1x Advanced Lockpick & a single band of notes The Boating Enthusiast Treasure Goblin doesn't like Wolfe McGreedy
The EMS Appreciation Treasure Goblin EMS Appreciation Treasure Goblin.png Barry Benson, Irwin Dundee & Buck Colton 1x Advanced Lockpick The Goblin told them not to be concerned of the Tennis Loving Goblin as he is the friendliest of them all but warned not to piss off the Lactose Intolerant Goblin.
The Overly Excited for Christmas Treasure Goblin Jesse & Jordan meet the Overly Excited for Christmas Goblin.png Jesse Reed & Jordan Lee 1x White Fedora Hat, 1x Apple iPhone, 4x Pixel 3 Phones, and 2x Colt 1911 Guns Requested Jordan & Jesse sing Christmas songs before giving treasures
Keith Kyle [Fashionably Late Goblin's assistant] Jesse & Liv meet the Fashionable Late Goblin's Assistant, Kyle.png Jesse Cree & Olivia Garcia 1x Gameboy, 1x Ray Ban Sunglasses, 3x Lockpicks, 1x Broken Lockpick & 1x Out of Date Lanyard[robbed of $102] Keith Kyle is the assistant of the Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin
Barry & Buck meet Kyle.png Barry Benson & Buck Colton 1x Matcha Coffee, 1x Lard: The Car Polish, 6x Lockpicks and 2x Sandwiches Barry killed Kyle at the end of their meeting. Throwing him into a Revine.
Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin.png Barry Benson & Wolfe McCreedy 1x Matcha Coffee, 1x Lard: The Car Polish and 6x Lockpicks The goblin hasn't heard from his assistant, Kyle. Kyle has a sick daughter & also a terminally ill goldfish. The goblin received news from the hospital that Kyle 's daughter had died.
Sell Drugs On The Weekend To Make A Little Extra Cash Treasure Goblin Drug Selling Goblin.png Barry Benson & Irwin Dundee 1x Meth (1g), 1x Cocaine 35% (5g), 2x Rolls of small notes, and 1x Oakley Sunglasses Tells Dundee he will hear from a sports enthusiast Goblin (specifically ball sports). Starts to tell Barry he will hear from a goblin but then says he won't because their assistant died.
Small Town Reporter Treasure Goblin Small Town Reporter Goblin meets Barry, Buck, Stevie & Jordan.png Barry Benson, Jordan Lee, Buck Colton & Stevie McQueen 4x Lockpicks & 1x Tobasscos for Barry. 1x cough in the face which provides immunity to all Goblin based Flus for Jordan, Stevie & Buck The Goblin warns Barry the Tennis Loving Goblin has put a hit out on Irwin Dundee as he robbed the Lactose Intolerant Goblin who the Tennis Goblin is married to. The Tennis Goblin is going to be disguised as a Racing Goblin and likely try a kill Dundee during a race. The Goblin recommends pocket wiping & ocean dumping the Tennis Goblin.
Special Crime Investigation Goblin Special Crime Investigation Goblin.png Barry Benson 1x Barry toy, 1x Slim toy, 1x Eugene toy, 1x Shelly toy, 1x Lenny toy and 1x Advanced Lockpick. The goblin has questions for Mr. Benson, relating to a missing persons case. He asks Barry to recall what happened when he met Keith Kyle specifically about Kyle's inability to swim. They found a jandle floating out in the ocean that belonged to Kyle. Asks about Ms. Jesse McCree - does he have a grudge against goblins. All future goblins will have an assistant so see if Barry irritates them.

This goblin will ask a question then say "SILENCE" before offering a gift.

The Competitive Racing Scene Goblin Racing Scene Goblin.png Barry Benson, Collin McKinley, Wolfe McCreedy, Stevie McQueen & Jesse Reed 1x Oakley Sunglasses for Collin, 1x Dean's World Keychain for Jesse & 1x Advanced Lockpick for Barry. The Goblin doesn't like Wolfe & Stevie & sends them away.

Barry asks about Tennis. This Goblin is not a big fan of Tennis, so this is not the Tennis Goblin in disguise.

One of those here has not been true as they killed Keith Kyle. Jesse says last time he saw him he was in good health and he was a great guy.

Sets a challenge: Golden Goblin - there will be a series of challenges, a scavenger hunt across the city. Who ever wins there is a 1 million dollar prize. Keep an eye on twatter for "come find me" from a "average guy". There will be 7 participants. The other 4 have agreed to team up.

Watch out for a goblin who will be out to kill you.

The Out of the Blue Treasure Goblin TOOTBTG.png Barry Benson, Collin McKinley, Jesse Reed & Channing Turner 1x Bucket & Spade Out of the blue Goblin gifts the crew a bucket & spade. Curiously the Goblin enters Collin & Pez's house before disappearing...
The Amateur Pro Fly Fishing Treasure Goblin Fly Fishing Goblin.png Terrance Walker 1x Oakley Sunglasses, 1x Rolex Watch, 1x Matcha Coffee & 1x Bees Wax Normally Goblins just stab police and eat their bones.

Fly fishing is not the goblins hobby but they are assigned a hat and must play the role or they will get in trouble

When all the goblins were children they lived happily under Mount Chiliad but then he came & gave them jobs, hobbies. He might be a nice guy to you but Pez took them away from their mother & forced them to stay under bridges.

The Tennis Treasure Goblin Tennis Goblin.png Jordan Lee 2x Flounder, 2x Bluefish & 1x Peruvian Sandwich Introduces themselves as The Race Around the World Treasure Goblin!

This Goblin has perhaps recently visited Peru. The Goblin tells Jordan to close his eyes and imagine Peru. They tell him to imagine the fields, people playing a sport... some sort of Tennis sport. The Goblin then stabs Jordan revealing that they are the "Tennis Goblin, bitch!" as they sashay away. Jordan is left downed on the ground.

The Fan of the Show, Peaky Blinders Goblin
Peaky Blinders Goblin.png
Olivia Garcia & Stevie McQueen
The Overly Excited for Christmas Goblin Overly Excited for Christmas Goblin 2.png Asher Brown, Olivia Garcia & Jesse Reed 2x 2ct gold chain, 1x murder meal, 1x Oakley sunglasses, 1x box of ammo, Friendship, 1x green dongle & 1x petrol can
Canals Neckbeard Treasure Goblin Neckbeard Treasure Goblin.png Barry Benson & Collin McKinley 1x Standard Radio, 1x Bat & 1x Briefcase holding $20,000. In two weeks the Golden Goblin challenge will begin. The goblin asks if Barry remembers his team, the goldfish struggles so the goblin prompts that it was Barry, Collin, Jesse & 1 other. The goblin also reminds Barry that during the challenge they will have to sacrifice one of the team members. The $20,000 gift is provided to help with supplies for the 1 million dollar golden goblin challenge.

Treasure Goblins We Have Only Heard Of:

- The Tennis Loving Treasure Goblin (True name: the Guardian Goblin, they are the gate keeper of the Golden Goblin)

- The Golden Treasure Goblin



Played By: Pezz
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