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Petunia Ponsonby is the princess of Clitopia Kingdom and was pushed down the well by her Evil Step Mother, she is roleplayed by carmen


Petunia is very optimistic and friendly, she is polite towards others and a bit naive towards the workings of this world. She runs like a penguin that's about to give birth to an egg, but don't let it throw you off because she is the sweetest gem in all of the land. She is a bit naive to the workings of this world but she is slowly learning little by little; like how to use a phone. But does not understand what drugs are, she refers to them as 'Magical Herbs'. She loves to sing and her most favorite is: True Love's Kiss, she loves to sing while thinking of her dear prince. Petunia also has the ability to speak to animals, such as birds, and inanimate objects.

Despite her friendly personality, something dark grows underneath the more she stays in the world.

Background Information

Petunia is the princess of Clitopia kingdom and was pushed down the well into a strange new world, called 'Los Santos', along with her dear friend Pascal The Frog She was to be married to her one true love, Edwin, to become the queen and king over their kingdom. She had discovered it was her stepmother, the Evil Queen, who pushed her down the well and now she must find her dear Edwin and a way back home.

Will she succeed on her adventure and find her true love?


Pascal Frog

Pascal is Petunia's best friend who she met at some point in time in their old world. Petunia had taken her in while she was in her original form and they had been best friends ever since. She followed her into the world of Los Santos and the result ended with her taking on a new form of a human.

Norman Yoder

She first found the man from off Twatter who thought she was his long lost daughter. His daughter and her share the same name, but her last name isn't Yoder nor is she blonde. She was brought to him by Jerry Callow and Chips Ahoy for a family reunion, but despite not being his actual daughter; he adopted her.

Played By: Carmen
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