Petunia S. Brookshire is a character role-played by Nerdandi.

Gneral Description[edit | edit source]

Petunia S. Brookshire is a young, naive & amnesiac "hypothetical" criminal and is the current Interim manager for Rooster Cab Co..

Petunia arrived in Los Santos with no memory of her life before, only knowing she was waiting for someone, though she's not actually sure if she ever met them. James "Apples" Apeller gave her a ride on her first day and she learned from him that about criminal opportunities. Ever since, she has trusted Apples as her mentor and brother, though the relationship has become much more shaky since Apples was fired from Rooster Cab.

Petunia regularly commits crimes such as kidnapping and robbery with those she trusts. She frequently repeats the peoples' names of whom she trusts so that she does not forget who they are.

She is employed at Rooster Cab Co. and is very close with its head managers, Thomas Sullivan and Ellie Dono. She has been an off-and-on employee at Garage Q and Steele Security. Most employees at the Garage call her "Susan" under her alias as Apple's sister and now believe she is a snake.

After proving herself as a reliable employee for Rooster Cab Co., she was promoted to HR and later was also given hiring manager responsibilities.

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