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Peter Shufflebottom is a character role-played by Miniminter.


Peter is a nervous wreck from the UK and will say yes to anything if it means he makes new friends. Peter is a very shocked guy. He asks lots of questions. He has little friends and doesn't know his way around Los Santos.


Chapter 1: Hard Beginning

Terrifying First Day (21st May)
Peter arrived in the Los Santos and moved into his apartment on the 21st May, 2021. After leaving his apartment and walking around the streets off Los Santos, he managed to meet Catty Quick who showed him where to find Burger Shot at Dean World. After an altercation with Rhett McConnell, Peter was able to find Caddy who told him to take a walk. Peter started walking then realised that Caddy had drove off without him.

After failing to get a taxi Peter started exploring the pier where he met Laurel Ann Hardeane, who offered to drop him back at the apartments. On the journey back Laurel offered her phone number to Peter which he accepted, before return back to his apartment.

A few hours after opening a rare toy from Burger Shot, Peter decided to call Laurel to take him to the gallery. When the two arrived at the gallery, they held at gunpoint by four people wearing clown masks. They confronted and threatened the two if they didn't call someone called Robbie, but they couldn't find the name in the yellow pages, the clowns headed upstairs to rob the gallery.

In fear the two waited a minute, before leaving the gallery and making a run too Laurels car. The two decided to get a drink at the Tequi-la-la. Entering into the bar, Peter notices that these no one in the bar so they both when to find somewhere else to get a drink. After trying the Rooster's Rest only for that to be not open, Peter phoned PCA about his rare toy, but the person wouldn't pick up the phone.

After a store didn't serve any alcohol, Laurel suggest going to the casino. They arrive at the Diamond Casino and Resort and use an ATM machine to take out cash for some drinks. Peter ordered himself and Laurel a coconut lime cocktail. After their drinks and nearly get injured by Laurel's driving, Peter arrives safely at the apartments

Balls Deep Peter (24th May)
After learning these a boxing match at the beach, Peter tries to call a taxi to take him there, but no one is available to pick him up. Fortunately, he was able to find someone to take him see the fight, after the fight Peter made his way to the pier. After exploring the pier, Peter searched through the yellow pages, where he managed to come into contact with Lenny Large who then picked him up and showed him around town, being his tour guide for the day.

Peter is taken to dress up as a cowboy, to use the alibi of stripping for the home owner, but in reality they are robbing the home. Peter is given a job to keep any eye out for the cops. As they make their escape Peter was chased down by the cops, which ended abruptly when Larry hide in an alleyway from the police. But the two would get chased again by the police, which they managed to escape again when Larry hid in a car park for a few minutes.

Peter then loaded a cow into a truck and took it to Burger Shot which impressed Lenny even more as it was notoriously difficult to do so. After a shift, they headed to a car park where he met up with several strangers, who introduces themselves as "Bob" and "Baby X" and he learnt that he's now a hostage for a bank robbery but he was unharmed during the robbery. Peter was taken to the pier, where he confronted by Lenny's boss and after not snitching he was welcomed into the business. Peter was given a job with Green Agricultural Company thanks to Lenny.

Crazy Taxi Ride & Learning How To Make Money (27th May)
After getting some new jeans for his outfit, Peter contacted a Taxi driver named Shivvy to take him to the pier. After meeting Mya Riley who got in before Peter, they got into a crash with Moses Khan and had to take him to the hospital. After Moses' recovering, made their way to the pier, which they find out it's closed.

Peter was taken to a police station by Shivvy to get him arrested, thinking he's a pervert for talking about pegging. Peter wasn't arrested and they were dropped off at Burger Shot, where he was punched in the face by Mya for a lesson in sticking up for yourself. After the altercation, Peter was dropped off at the apartments after an eventful day.

Later in the day, Peter made his way to Vultur Lé Culturé to get his Burger Shot toys grated. Unfortunately was wasn't able to get his Burger Shot toys grated, on the way out, Peter met Israel Quackeenbush, who taught him about doing deliveries and after a shift, they headed back to Vultur Lé Culturé to spell a gemstone to a Gem Apppraiser called Baada Ka.

Chapter 2: Building Confidence

Forming The Frontmen (28th May)
Peter contacted Larry to hang out to do some errands, Larry discussed starting a group called The Frontmen, the group is for the UK population of Los Santos, also Larry had the idea of opening a British pub called The Peg Inn. After meeting the three member of The Frontmen, Alfie Cruz, Peter is taken to the store out some clothes for the group to wear, but due to poor taste in clothing, Lenny decided to pick out their new outfits, which is heavily inspired by The Peaky Blinders.

Peter drove The Frontmen to pick up a woman, who couldn't get into her rental car, where during a shot out Larry got ran over by a local and subsequently needed medical attention. Peter, Alfie and the lady named SunMoon Lee took Lenny to grandma's house where Peter managed to resuscitate Lenny, after several attempts of CPR. Peter is taken to rob some houses, in order to build up his confidence and to show him the ropes on what to do.

After the events, Peter is taken on a date with Carmella Corset, the two of them were driven around by Lenny and Alfie and later ended up on Mount Chiliad, where they danced while being bathed in the sunset. The date ended with the group falling off of Mount Chiliad and needing medical attention, after Peter drove his mountain bike off the edge of the mountain.

Dipping toes into crime (2nd June)
Peter was called by Lenny for a job which he accepted and asked if he could bring Israel along. While Israel was completing his initiation, Peter helped the group plant weed seeds.

Peter would join Lenny and Israel to do an oxy run, where they were eventually caught by Lydia Vale and Mackenzie Hayes. Peter and Israel managed to walk away with no charges, while Lenny was sentenced to thirty months prison time and a fine.

On 8th June 2021, Peter Shufflebottom quit NoPixel after declaring there is 'nothing to do'.






Current job positions held:

  • Junior Wrangler at Green Agricultural Company


  • Peter is a fan of Elton John, his favorite Elton John song is Tiny Dancer.
  • Peter has acrophobia, which is the fear of heights.
  • Peter's favorite color is red.
  • Peter has not watched Harry Potter and Peaky Blinders.