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Pete Richards is a character role-played by CustomAbilities.


Pete Richards, a familiar face was born and raised somewhere in the north-eastern side of the United States. He made his first dollar working at a toy factory for several "seasons" of his life for one-tenth the going rate of minimum wage. After he was fed up with the pay he was receiving for his service at the toy factory he decided to change careers and follow his dreams of making the one thing he loves more than money... beer. He got a job at a local brewery and started crafting his favorite concoction though he was fired shortly after when his boss found out he was consuming 90% of the product that he was producing.

After an actual career didn't work out Pete decided to do odd jobs like fishing, writing poetry, contacting alien life, playing instruments on street corners, and even stealing candy from a baby. None if it made him happy(except the candy) and he decided he needed a big shakeup in his life.

He moved to Los Santos to start a new life, he was now in his 30s(depending on who you ask), seeking love, and looking for new experiences.

The Chicken Incident

Pete saw an ad on Twatter for a blind date service and promptly called Cleo Shaw to get set up on a date. He ended up accepting her service and paid her in desperation for love, to which she would later take advantage of and drain Pete down to his last dollar then return a portion of it after feeling bad. Pete would go on to call her daily in hopes of getting an actual date to which she would finally offer him one and tasked him with meeting her at a Fleeca Bank.

After showing up Pete met with Max Larson, Chuck Danger, Kratos and a few others to discuss his potential date to which Cleo would then offer him up to Chuck Danger. Unbeknownst to Pete, he had stumbled his way into an active crime scene and became an accessory to the crime after hopping in the car with Chuck but that wouldn't last long as they fled to find another means of completing the crime leaving Pete with Max and Cleo.

The three made their way to the Rooster's Rest and ordered food. Pete now in a state of tranquility after having his first date, would soon be interrupted by the presence of a giant human-sized chicken. The chicken challenging him to a battle outside led him to take the chicken up on his offer and scrap outside the establishment. The chicken now taunting Pete would take the first swing and knock off his glasses to which Pete would attribute to why he lost the first fight.

Kiki, a bystander at the first fight scheduled a Lasik operation at Pillbox for Pete to get eye surgery in hopes of him being able to see better in the future and not allow anyone to use his glasses as a cheap shot. He was rushed there by the previously mentioned group and he met with Dr. Derek Shaw(Jeremy) and Ava to correct his cornea in hopes of giving his vision an upgrade. As the surgery went on, they soon realized that they had in-fact downgraded his vision and left permanent scaring in his eyes. They went on to give him fake names in hopes of this not being traced back to them.

After feeling renewed and gaining a whole new level of confidence, Pete was ready to re-match the chicken that caused him embarrassment only hours ago at Rooster's. Max scheduled the fight on top of Maze Bank and gathered a crowd to watch it happen. Round two would kick off with Pete throwing the first punch followed up with a serious combo knocking the chicken off his feet and knocking him unconscious. Pete began to celebrate his victory over the chicken making their score as of that moment 1-1. He danced on top of the chicken while hurling taunts and insults at him hoping to rally the crowd to his side. The chicken after waking up and realizing he had lost soon jumped off the building and splatted on the ground below but due to miracles at Pillbox continues to live to this day. Pete is hoping to be able to rematch the chicken and claim another victory under his golden buckled belt.

Joining the Beach Crew