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As of March 25th, 2022, the Personnel and Training Division was effectively dissolved after Los Santos Police Department and Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office decided to split their operations, to focus on hiring and training their own cadets, with each department having separate hiring & training programs.

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The Personnel and Training Division is in charge of recruiting and training cadets for the Los Santos Police Department, Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office and Senora Desert Sheriff's Office. This is a joint division where the LSPD, PBSO and SDSO work together to train the police officers of tomorrow.


Among other things the two Co-Leads of the PTD are in charge of:

  • Interviewing potential cadets;
  • Hiring cadets;
  • Training cadets;
  • Solo evaluations and final evaluations;
  • Renewal of SOPs for the FTO phase;
  • Identify new committed and eager FTOs & FTIs;

Hiring and Recruitment process

Phase Note
1 The first phase of recruitment is the optional ride-along phase. Any civilian is eligible for a ride-along, provided they don't have a criminal history. Any law enforcement officer is able to take any eligible civilian on a ride-along, but they are required to fill out a feedback form afterwards. During these ride-alongs, the civilian will be required to wear a grey bulletproof vest, as they also remain seated within the officer's vehicle.
2 Once a civilian has decided to pursue a career as a law enforcement officer, they may apply by submitting a statement of interest form. This form can be provided by the dispatchers at MRPD, the recruiters from PTD, and either of the leads of PTD. On submission, the interest form will be reviewed by one of the leads of PTD, with the applicant being either approved or declined depending on both the quality of the answers and the feedback gathered during the ride-along phase.
3 Once an applicant's interest form has been approved, one of the recruiters of PTD will then begin a review of the applicant. During this phase, the information submitted within the interest form will the verified, references may be checked, a background check will be conducted, and a medical evaluation of the applicant will be required. If no issues arise during this process, the recruiter will schedule an interview with the applicant.
4 The interview is structured, consisting of a set list of questions. It will be recorded by the recruiters. The recording of the interview will later be reviewed by the leads of PTD. If the applicant passes the interview, they will receive a conditional offer of employment. Upon accepting this offer, the applicant will become a cadet, making them eligible for training by Field Training Officers through active duty.
5 The cadet must get all sign-off (Pursuit, Radio etiquette, Communications, Report writing & Foundations) and be cleared by an Field Training Instructor before they will be eligible for their solo certification.
6 Once a cadet has been cleared for solo patrol, they will be passively monitored by the PTD staff. Once a consensus has been reached that the cadet is ready for their final evaluation, one will be scheduled between the cadet and a Field Training Instructor. During this evaluation, the instructor will quiz the cadet on their theoretical knowledge of the law and observe them to gauge their practical knowledge in the field. If the cadet passes this evaluation, they will receive an offer of employment.

Field Training Officers

Division Supervisors
Name Insignia Badge #
Domenic Toretti SheriffSDSO.png 941
Brittany Angel CaptainPBSO.png 300
Division Leads
Name Insignia Badge #
Anita May LieutenantPBSO.png 355
Matthew Espinoz LieutenantPBSO.png 389
Department Recruiters
Name Insignia Badge #
Daisy Dukakis SergeantSOPBSO.png 318
Claire Everly SergeantSOPBSO.png 380
Emma Dupont SergeantLSPD.png 406
Sexton Hardcastle SergeantSOLSPD.png 410
Minerva Maat SeniorDeputyPBSO.png 358
Field Training Instructors
Name Insignia Badge #
Kael Soze SASPTrooper.png 201
Tony Andrews SASPTrooper.png 215
Kyle Pred SheriffPBSO.png 309
Sam Baas ChiefOfPoliceLSPD.png 423
Domenic Toretti SheriffSDSO.png 941
Matt Rhodes UndersheriffPBSO.png 320
Lance Malton AssistantChiefOfPoliceLSPD.png 409
Rocko Columbo UndersheriffSDSO.png 999
Brittany Angel CaptainPBSO.png 300
Jenny Hall CaptainPBSO.png 310
Randy Wrangler CaptainPBSO.png 317
Jack Davenport CaptainLSPD.png 424
Jeffrey Bundy CaptainLSPD.png 451
Tracy Martell CaptainLSPD.png 461
Anita May LieutenantPBSO.png 355
Matthew Espinoz LieutenantPBSO.png 389
Alex Casterman LieutenantLSPD.png 402
Aaron Byson LieutenantLSPD.png 419
Thomas Metzger LieutenantSDSO.png 908
Owen Svensen LieutenantSDSO.png 911
Daisy Dukakis SergeantSOPBSO.png 318
Claire Everly SergeantSOPBSO.png 380
Emma Dupont SergeantLSPD.png 406
Jack Ripley Trooper.png 202
Jackie Snow Trooper.png 205
Olivia Copper Trooper.png 238
Mike Bayo CorporalSDSO.png 902
Field Training Officers
Name Insignia Badge #
Ziggy Buggs SergeantSASPR.png 250
T.J. Mack SergeantPBSO.png 308
Jim Underwood SergeantPBSO.png 337
Joel Garcia SergeantLSPD.png 407
Sexton Hardcastle SergeantSOLSPD.png 410
Lydia Vale SergeantLSPD.png 460
Brian Knight SergeantLSPD.png 495
Derby West Bromwich
Selena Mendoza Trooper.png 203
A.J. Hunter Trooper.png 207
Tessa Lamb CorporalSASPR.png 270
Mina Price CorporalPBSO.png 340
Lea Nova CorporalPBSO.png 353
Lily Pond CorporalLSPD.png 413
Gage Draider CorporalLSPD.png 434
Franky Dulio SeniorRanger.png 255
Michael Rodgers SeniorDeputyPBSO.png 304
James Doakes SeniorDeputyPBSO.png 323
Ridley Adams SeniorDeputyPBSO.png 348
Minerva Maat SeniorDeputyPBSO.png 358
Henri King SeniorDeputyPBSO.png 365
Mackenzie Hayes SeniorDeputyPBSO.png 391
Dwayne Carter SeniorOfficerLSPD.png 400
Frank Williams SeniorOfficerLSPD.png 401
Kareem Lyon SeniorOfficerLSPD.png 403
Jimmy Frost SeniorOfficerLSPD.png 420
Roy Armstrong SeniorOfficerLSPD.png 444
Silas Grimmer SeniorDeputySDSO.png 909
Ensley Alton SeniorDeputySDSO.png 921
Johnny Divine DeputySDSO.png 942

Former Members

Name Insignia Badge # Note Date
Ben Casanova OfficerLSPD.png 405 Decertified August 12th, 2021
Dan Faily SeniorDeputyBCSO.png 385 Decertified September 23rd, 2021
Kevin Keyte SeniorDeputyPBSO.png 397 Decertified February 13th, 2022
Dante Wolf CorporalLSPD.png 415 Decertified TBD