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Peren Meliamne is a character role-played by TylerJames.

His music can be heard here


Peren Meliamne is regularly seen playing guitar live at Dean World, Roosters Rest, and UWU Cafe.

Peren lost his family before moving to Los Santos, and is seeking power, money, and allies to exact his revenge on those who harmed his family, or that he perceives as having harmed them.

At times, he claims he worked for the government, or a government like organization, one that killed his family and protected those who are guilty. Other times, he dismisses this outright.

Peren believes in a mystical concept he calls The Tree of Life, which appears to require balancing and human connection. Because of his odd phrasing, demeanor, age, and occasionally bizarre references and behavior, many assume he is a magician or something else.

Peren signed with Down Bad Records on 10/26/21

Peren was hired at UWU Cafe as an in house entertainer 11/24/21