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Percy Weaver is a character role-played by Purpose2.

General Description

Percy is a man around the age of 30 that gives off massive dad-energy. While off-duty he frequently can be found sporting sleeveless hoodies to show off his tattoos. He is extremely protective of anyone he feels affiliated with, in a pseudo-parental way, even going so far as to packing lunch for people.

Background Information

Percy came to the city seeking information about the disappearance of his father, some decades ago. He grew up the father figure in the house-hold throughout his childhood, often having to take care of his mother and mitigate the fallout of her drug habit.

He is seeking a "moral" way to support himself through Los Santos, usually on the right side of the law, but not always.

Physical Appearance

Greying brown hair and a double slit in his right eyebrow from an abusive ex-girlfriend wishing to make her mark on him. He has tattoos of Yggdrasil on one shoulder and something more menacing on the other in an attempt to look tougher than he is. His scruffy "don't-care" demeanour is betrayed by the effort he goes to, to look scruffy and as though he doesn't care.

Momentous Dates Within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Hired; Badge #525 November 18th, 2021


  • Tow Truck
  • BMX Bike
  • Buffalo S