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Penelope "Penny" Moore is role-played by Nakkida.

General Information

Penny Moore is 21 years old. She loves anime, pop culture, and she also lives in her mother's basement. Penny was informed by her mom that she needs to find a 'real' friend, or she'll get kicked out; thus began her journey forth to Los Santos.

While in the city, she met Dr. Andrew Ducksworth in the hospital, and became totally enthralled with him. Accidentally going on a date with Dr. Ducky, she also learned to drive in his dune buggy - but not before getting hurt.

Anime Harem

Influenced by anime tropes, Penny seeks to add husbands to her harem. While Ducky is currently not in the harem, some suggest he might be... The Ultimate Husband.

  1. Kenneth Jesperson - The first husband. As they discussed hobbies, Penny's and Ken's social awkwardness led them to proclaim their love for each other within minutes of meeting. They both took this as meaning they were married. The couple had their 1st date/wedding reception at Burger Shot, where Lenny Large sang his own a cappella rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love".
  2. Kellogg Farnsworth - During casual conversation, Kellogg offered Penny a slice of cheese. She informed him that this gesture was often considered a marriage proposal and that the two were now married. This event, being her 2nd wedding of the day, inspired Penny to create the harem.
  3. Hubcap Jones - The musical husband. After learning that Hubcap had co-written the original My Little Ponies theme back in the 80's, Penelope asked him to join the harem. He is affectionately nicknamed "Hubbycap".


  • "Oh my Glob!"


  • Her pants are from the Los Santos Anime Convention Limited Edition Print series, and very rare. Anyone who mocks them will get a nice speech on educating themselves with fashion culture - thank you very much.


Played By: Nakkida
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