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Pegasus Concierge is a private security and concierge business founded by Nino Chavez & Denzel Williams and ran by Miles Landon.


Pegasus Concierge started off with Nino Chavez & Denzel Williams as a way to scam people into thinking they were a private security company. It later on evolved into a legit company and they brought in Miles Landon to be the face and the owner of the company.

Due to Denzel and Harry Brown close correlation and history, Denzel suggested to bring Harry on board and he was eventually made "Director of Security".

Rooster's Rest

Pegasus began helping the Rooster's Rest with security at the restaurant, because of frequent shootings and attacks at the Rooster's. Due to Denzel & Buddha close correlation and both members of Cleanbois, as well as Nino being CFO of the Rooster's Rest.

Cleanbois & Meth

This also led to Pegasus assisting the Cleanbois with the meth business, and started providing an overlook and security for them, while they cook meth in the lab.

Hierarchy & Board


Former Employees