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Pedro Frank is a character role-played by Breehzee.


Pedro is a 34-year-old who comes from the country of Yemen; however, he isn’t your average Yemen civilian, Pedro is a poorly postured gentlemen who can often be compared to Quasimodo personality and looks wise although he can lack the skills in a social environment whether its awkwardness or the intelligence to hold a conversation. At a younger age Pedro was a mother’s boy always following her footsteps whether it was day to day tasks or cooking which he would find out later this is what he wanted to do later in life. He did not see his father much as he was taking away from the family at a young age for being abusive, because of this Pedro knows so little about him.

Many things challenged Pedro and gave him a rough childhood, but it was not until he was 18 his childhood friend Martin convinced him and got him into the life of crime. One day Martin offered Pedro a job, it was inevitable I mean they grew up together they can trust each other with each other’s life, Pedro was not initially going to swing this way, He does not want to be like his father right his mother would kill him being the angel she is. However, when Pedro heard what was in it for him, the money, he could not resist and from the description from his beloved friend it was an easy job with no harm, a simple rob of a register in a local coffee shop, or so he thought. When the time came of the job Pedro's job was simple wait behind the wheel for them to get out, as easy as this may seem on the outside, he was shaking in the car seat, barely being able to hold on to the wheel with the sweats on his palms to counter this Pedro put relaxing music in his headphones which will turn out to be a big mistake. During the robbery everything went south, and all was heard was a loud bang and the whole of the shop screaming. Pedro's eyes shot up and they were met with the sight that would scar him to this day, his own mother surrounded with a pool of blood. He ran to be by her side. Crying tears whilst the cops pulled up outside, he did not care about getting arrested at this moment in time his mother has just died and didn’t even get to say goodbye.

From this moment on he could not live with myself ever and decides to turn a new leaf, even if this means he must do this alone. his next year in prison was a game changer he spent the timing changing himself melding into a better mindset ready to start a new life and where better than Los Santos. He promised his mum he would not do crime and where has that got him, with her gone. From this he will carry on her dream, having a good job income a nice house in the hillside with nothing to worry for. so, with the rest of the money he own I set out on the quest to no other than Los Santos. So, for now his aim is to find work where work lies in Los Santos.

It is now 2021 and he has just arrived at the airport with everything he needs to start over, he takes one final breath and off he steps this is it he is thinks the time to change everything for the good. His opportunity to do everything he wanted, fit in, make friends and accomplices, little did he know that this town was infested with crime stuff with it crawling round every corner will this. Along with Pedro never being exposed to the advanced technology and equipment in Los Santos Pedro also has his talents he can showcase in America whether it is his lifestyle, culture, or his infamous talent of riding the goat. He can expand his regions and discover whilst sharing his talents. Pedro whilst arriving decides to take on the opportunity to get started and plans to go job hunting straight away trying to find any desirable job involving food because he knows this is where he will fit in, amongst his passion of food.

There could be another Martin out there involved in crime and other business, will this mean that he could go back into the life of crime, or will he be able to fight the temptation and push away another person he did not even get the chance to say bye to properly. So, what decision will he make get hooked and commit to a life of crime, or will he stay true to his dream. Is there a possibility that he could have both? Who knows?