Payne Real Estate is a real estate company founded, owned and operated by Matthew Payne.

Recent Events Edit

An LSPD officer, Kira Light, discovered that Payne Real Estate has been allowing gangs the use of their properties in gang neighborhoods. She also discovered that Payne Real Estate has signed safety contracts with gang leaders that allow the leaders to choose who they want to live in their neighborhoods. The LSPD and CID have not followed up on this information yet.

Payne Real Estate hired the HOA to patrol and protect the neighborhood of Mirror Park and the houses in Vinewood, they even have an HQ in Vinewood provided by Payne via rental agreement. Payne is hoping the HOA will expand down to the Southside to protect the houses down there. The LSPD and CID are also looking at whether Payne's hiring of the HOA to protect houses was truly the right idea or even legal.

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