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Payne Real Estate was a real estate company founded, owned and operated by Matthew Payne.

Recent Events

After the 3.0 phone update automated the services originally offered by real estate companies in 2.0 and the subsequent economic collapse decimated every citizen's bank account, the company fell into ruin.

Relationship with the HOA

Payne Real Estate had hired the HOA to patrol and protect the neighborhood of Mirror Park and the houses in Vinewood, they even had an HQ in Vinewood provided by Payne via rental agreement. The legal and formal relationship between Payne Real Estate and the HOA was dissolved on 3/17/20 and transformed to a direct and secretive relationship between Payne and Siz Fulker.

Payne had hoped the HOA would expand down to the Southside to protect the houses there, but that plan was never executed. The LSPD and CID were also looking at whether Payne's hiring of the HOA to protect houses was truly the right idea or even legal (although the HOA became a MC and stopped all legal protection services before an investigation could be carried out).

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