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PawnHub is a company owned by Lexi Law & ran by Gumbus McGoo.


PawnHub buys and sells old and used goods such as jewellery and furniture and upsells them. The company was created for a way for the civilians in the city to have a way to sell items they found fishing and metal detecting, instead of going to the fence in Sandy Shores.

The business eventually opened its own building and with it, started selling such things and Metal detector's, watches and collectable items, as well as completely taking all of the fences business, Now it's the sole place for both civilians and criminals to sell their goods.

Originally based in Vinewood, but moved and was constructed in Little Seoul.


  • In August 2021, with the introduction of metal detectors to the city, Pawnhub had a business approval accepted to buy goods from civilians, through YP and Twatter.
  • On 5th January 2022, the shop was confirmed for construction in Little Seoul, on the condition that Alex Ron gets 9% of the company. On 7th January 2022, the new location in Little Seoul was approved and the storage unit next door was signed off.
  • On 19th April, Pawnhub was constructed and had a soft opening.


Photo Name Price
Watch & Compass $2000
NPX 200
NPX 500 $2000
NPX 1000 Pro $10,000
Drone $100,000