Patrit “Mete” Metemahaan is a character role-played by Dr_Knope

Background Edit

Patrit is a “Meth Baby.” He is also known to have a really good singing voice.

HOA Edit

Mete’s role/title in the HOA is Chief of Music/Finger-Painting. He first met Siz Fulker when he was new to the city outside of Pink Cage’s Fleeca Bank and when Siz needed people to mimic his voice to speak on the stand for him is when they started talking. Siz decided to tag along to a ghost reading that Mete had an appointment for with Katherine Kaspar, and all the stars aligned with what would happen to Mete in the future thanks to Siz.

Mete thinks of the HOA as family.

QuickFix Edit

Mete works as a mechanic for QuickFix alongside Fred Bodini.

Wu Chang Records Edit

Mete entered the AmeriChang Idol talent show for a contract at Wu Chang Records, he impressed the judges with his lyrical creativity from his own cover that he became the 2nd winner of the first auditions (alongside Austin Creed.)

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