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Patrick Desseault is a character role-played by sonknuck.


Patrick originally moved to Los Santos in order to desensitized himself from his fear of guns, due to a traumatic event from his past. However, he quickly realized that life in Los Santos only lead to him to being even more afraid of them than he ever was before. He needs all the help he can get to help him out, and that won't be an easy task, as he is really shy when it comes to meeting new people.

After 2 years, he has finally overcome his fear and is now legally allowed to carry. But carrying is one thing, and he will only use his gun to scare people away. He straight up refuses to shoot. No matter who it is. He still has anxiety issues whenever he holds the weapon in his hand and gets real nervous.

Patrick is the only person in the city, other than his boss (and grandfather) Lang Buddha, who is allowed to eat for free for life at Roosters Rest.