Patricia Mayonnaise is a character role-played by Stephanerys


Patricia Mayonnaise is a Paramedic for the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Papa-7 (though she has deemed herself "Chief of Paramedics").


Patricia Grizabella Mayonnaise had a somewhat normal childhood but was the only child in her family. Her mother gave up her dance career after an injury to open a mediocre local dance studio and when she was 10 her father decided he'd had enough of normal life and "ran away to join the circus" though Patty is pretty sure that her father just went to work at "Circus Circus" in Las Vegas to be with his mistress.

Patty was mostly a tomboy growing up, and had a hard time sticking with activities or figuring out a career path because she wanted to try everything. She had a night out with some friends when her friend Kristen drunkenly suggested she become "one of those ambulance guys or something cause your name is like Mayo like the Mayo Clinic" right before violently vomiting about 5 tequila sunrises across the floor. While scrubbing the vomit out of her shoes the next day, her friend's words stuck with her and when she saw Los Santos Emergency Services was hiring, she decided maybe it was a sign (though a far better smelling one) and applied.

Patty likes bees and wants to be a beekeeper one day. Her favorite food is fried chicken, she is afraid of ghosts, dying alone, being abandoned by those she loves, and falling from great heights, and believes if you are bitten by an animal there is a good chance you can become a were- version of one.


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