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Patar Bellosh is a character role-played by Moose_Taffy.


Patar is a member of Los Santos gang The Mandem. Before this he was a member of NBC, but left and joined the Mandem three weeks later. Patar is primarily a criminal, however he is trying to become more clean as he looks to focus more on business endeavours such as his business Jiggity Studios.

Gang Affiliation

Patar started spending a lot of time with NBC after his close friend Dean Quincy became a part of the gang. Patar gelled quickly with the members of NBC so after a few weeks rolling with them, Guy Jones and Peanut decided to induct him into the gang. They did this by pranking him and making him think they were mad at him. They took him to a remote location and shot him multiple times. Patar then became a fully-fledged member of the gang. Patar was an important and valued member of the gang, however, after a few months it became apparent that Patar wasn't as close to the gang as he wanted to be - mostly due to differing sleep schedules. On top of this, Patar had been spending an increased amount of time with British gang The Mandem. This placed doubts in Patar's head about where he truly belonged. Patar had been MDMA (Mandem Associate) for a while and had also stated that if he wasn't NBC he would want to be Mandem. Eventually, Patar revealed that he wanted to leave NBC and join the Mandem. He left NBC on August 18th on the same day as Dean. Given the manner of Patar's introduction NBC took this news surprisingly well, and Patar was lowered from a full member to an associate. Patar and Dean told the Mandem they wanted to join, and they were accepted into the gang on 7th September 2021.

The most active and arguably the most valuable member of the Mandem to Tommy, Patar is the one of the most consistent earners in the gang and has frequently lended large sums of money to other members with little promise of repayment. His abundance of connections often help the gang in a variety of situations, and in wars Patar does the vast majority of securing weapons and supplies. Due to the hours he spends in the city, Patar is the primary point of contact between the Roadmen and the Mandem when their hours don't coincide. His Range Rover also serves as the gang's primary group vehicle, and he is known to hand keys to not only Mandem members but Roadmen and hangarounds alike. Patar is also the only one in the Mandem with a pilot's license.

Legal Activities

Patar's income is not solely from criminal activities, earning money from multiple legal jobs. He is a taxi driver for Abdul's Taxi Service, however he rarely does this job. He is also a gem appraiser at Vultur Lé Culturé, however he mostly uses this job to appraise his friends' gems. Patar also works as a mechanic at the Tuner Shop. Whenever Patar feels as though he could be close to losing a job, he'll spend a few hours working in order to prove he is still committed to the Tuner Shop. Patar has most recently been employed as a security guard for Dean's company Hydra Security. Patar has strong ambitions for his own business Jiggity Studios. The company produces various types of content, including a cooking show with Moses, short sketches, impromptu interviews, and large-scale events. Since securing drones for filming, Jiggity Studios has started to take off and showcase Patar and the Mandem's creative capabilities. He has plenty of other entertainment based ideas which he plans on recording in the near future. Patar is trying to stray away from the criminal life in order to focus on his jobs and business endeavours, however he still has strong tendencies to stray back to criminal life, either in order to earn money or assist his gang and close friends.

Illegal Activities

He is the Meth Cook for the Mandem and handles the operation with Vince Watson, who in his free time pushes it for the gang. He also sells advanced lockpicks crafted by Dean's bench.


Owned Vehicles

Photo Name Description Plate Value
Range Rover A fully upgraded black Tuner Range Rover.


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Former Friends
Dave Perry
Reginald Watson


  • "My Friend"
  • "WAIT, WAIT"
  • "My name is PATAR and this is the JIGGITY."


  • Patar is currently the VLC Tag Team Champion along with Tommy T.
  • Patar's cousin Mantar Mellosh is currently interested in becoming a cop.
  • On February 10, 2022, Patar did his first-ever thermite Paleto hack with Jack. He failed the first thermite and did the second one successfully. Both of them got away and did not get arrested. They received 1x Inked Money Bag, 166x Marked Bills, 1x Advanced VPN, 1x Diamond Gemstone, and 2x Red Dongles.