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Pascal (Pas-Kel) The Frog is role-played by Viviana


Pascal is a soft-spoken and polite girl who is friendly towards everyone she meets. However, she cannot understand why some think of her as strange or odd and feels sad because of this. She loves singing just like her friend Petunia, but she is a little sensitive about others not liking her singing. During the talent show, when she was given low scores, she broke down in tears then ran out to destroy things out of anger and humiliation.

Background Information

Pascal is a frog that became a human due to being placed under a curse by the Evil Queen. She followed after her her friend, the Princess, who fell down the well and now has to try to make their way around in this new strange world of 'Los Santos'. To help the Princess friend find her one true love, Edwin.

Will they succeed on their adventure in a strange land?


Petunia Ponsonby

Petunia is Pascal's best friend who she met at some point in time in their old world. Petunia had taken her in while she was in her original form and they had been best friends ever since. She followed her into the world of Los Santos and the result ended with her taking on a new form of a human.

Played By: Viviana
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