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Party Hardy is a character role-played by Wetbow.


Party Hardy is a clown who does parties and events for the people of Los Santos.

Party Hardy was abandoned before he born, then he was adopted by a clown college! Ever since then, he has done his best to achieve his dreams. Party left Liberty City and started "Party Hardy Entertainment Enterprises" in Los Santos, San Andreas. Alongside Leonardo Lombardi, he crafted a expansive party / entertainment business. However, he left to go on a very long business trip. Party returned to Los Santos, when he heard that his wife "Druggie Huggie" was shot by 50 gangsters. Driven by this, he decided to run for mayor.


Party Hardy won the position of Mayor but moments later, it was announced there was a "glitch" in the system. He went into hiding and decided that he'll only return to run for mayor each time, until he finally wins.