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Parsons Rehabilitation Center is a psychiatric rehabilitation facility for 51-50 patients. The patients referred to this center are primarily non-violent individuals that have been determined as unsafe for themselves and/or others.

General Information

Parsons Rehabilitation Center is located in an otherwise undeveloped area along Marlowe Drive. The property itself is located in an isolated area atop a mountain.

The center's grounds consist of a central housing area, doctors' offices, tennis courts, a grassy area for yoga, and a swimming pool. There are also numerous areas designated for ongoing treatment, including an art therapy area, and a whiteboard outlining the "Four Steps to Recovery."

Facility Guidelines

Patients can be held on a three-day temporary hold, or indefinitely. After an evaluation, only an authorized psychologist or a judge can determine if the patient will be released, or remain in the center for further treatment.

If a patient attempts to escape or stray too far from the grounds, the facility's orderlies safely escort bring the patient back.



Current Patients

Previous Patients


  • Pixie Plum released Vinny Pistone less than 45 minutes after being admitted; stating that "Vinny is not crazy, he is just Italian."
  • Jessie Skid holds the record for the longest stay at Parsons at 74 days.

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