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Paddy Scratch-Patrickson is a character role-played by Fairzz91.

General Description

Paddy Scratch-Patrickson is an Old Lady of the Lost MC by virtue of his marriage to a biker of the club, Catherine Scratch-Patrickson. He is not an official club member of the Lost, but enjoys protections and limited club benefits as her husband.

He worked as a mechanic at Harmony Repairs Garage.

Background Information

Paddy has done petty crime all his life. A few store robberies here, a little bit of burglary there, perhaps a few car thefts sprinkled in the middle; whenever he needed to get somewhere... he's done it all. 

Paddy is a lifelong jailbird and quick with his thinking on how to make a buck, using mostly scam tactics and never failing to see an opportunity is how Paddy makes most of his money and always has.

Los Santos

Paddy settled in at the Pink Cage upon arrival. Soon, he made friends with Gary Adams, a member of the Lost MC. Gary loaned him a gun. In short time, Paddy robbed a convenience store. He paid the rent, returned the gun, and most importantly, revived his newfound love for crime. Soon, he started making good money and connections. When he robbed houses, he simply told the police he was making house calls to the girls up in Vinewood Hills. He remembered what it was like to feel young again, and quickly became addicted to the thrill of his old lifestyle.


Paddy is married to Catherine Scratch-Patrickson. In September 2019, Charlie Divine convinced him to go to a speed dating event at the Yellow Jack Inn, where he met Cat. They started dating and have been in a relationship ever since.

Eventually, Paddy proposed marriage on February 28, 2020, and Cat accepted. The wedding ceremony was held on April 4, 2020 at Chumash Pier, followed by a Demolition Derby event at the Sandy Shores Airfield.


  • After losing a bet to Cat, Paddy was forced to wear a flapper-style attire for their wedding ceremony.
  • Owns a Gargoyle motorcycle.


  • "Fuckin' o'."



Played By: Fairzz91
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