Paddy Patrickson is played by fairzz91. After working with Stevo Strawberry, Paddy has become a Prospect of the Bondi Boys MC.


Paddy has done petty crime all his life. A few store robberies here, a little bit of burglary there, perhaps a few car thefts sprinkled in the middle, whenever he needed to get somewhere...he's done it all. 

Things changed when he met his wife Davina (or Dave, as he affectionately calls her.) He changed his ways. He settled down with her, in a small two-bedroom house in Kilkenny. Paddy enjoyed twenty years of marriage, blessed with eight children. For the most part, his life was normal and quiet.

However, Paddy's violent impulses never faded. One night, Paddy laid in bed listening to his wife as she slept peacefully beside him, her breaths slow and steady. As he stared up at the bedroom ceiling, a dark thought struck his mind. He wanted to smother her in her sleep.

Shaken, Paddy took a long cigarette break in his back garden and thought about his normal, quiet life. It no longer satisfied him. He wanted to be rid of his wife and children. And so, Paddy packed up a suitcase, drove to the airport, and grabbed a ticket for the next available flight. Shortly after, Paddy found out his destination was Los Santos. It was perfect. No one would find him there, least of all his spouse.

Paddy settled in at the Pink Cage upon arrival, but found it difficult to pay the rent without leaving a papertrail his wife could find. Soon, he made friends with Gary, a member of the local Biker club. Gary loaned him a gun. In short time, Paddy robbed a convenience store. He paid the rent, returned the gun and, most importantly, revived his newfound love for crime. Soon, he started making good money and connections. When he robbed houses, he simply told the police he was making house calls to the girls up in Vinewood Hills. He remembered what it was like to feel young again, and quickly became addicted to the thrill of his old lifestyle.

Eventually, Paddy received an invite to work closer with the Bondi Beach MC. First, he started working with Bobby Schmegal and Harry Apples. Then they me Stevo Strawberry, who provided them  fencing services. These three worked hard to earn Stevo's respect and trust, hoping to get bigger turnouts for their heists. The group used several guises in the process--one day he was a Bugstar Exterminator, the other day he would be a set member for Porn Production Companies. Significantly, the group started hitting up banks without using hostages or racking up inconvenient jail charges. Now, Paddy has earned enough merit to become a Prospect member for

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