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Pact Nicely is a character role-played by keelanAU.


Pact Nicely was born in Brisbane, Australia on June 18, 1997. He has orange hair, blue eyes and will usually wear something that makes him stand out in a crowd. Pact isn't necessarily the smartest or brightest, but knows how to get a job done. Moving to Los Santos at 23 years old, Pact quickly turned into a businessman, entrepreneur and criminal. He's managed to hack, thermite, drive and shoot in jobs and circumstances in the past and is improving everyday in these aspects. Pact has two older cousins, Reginald Charles Poppycock III, who was born in England, and Kraven Moorcock who was born in Australia.

Pact is a business owner, starting an Australian comfort food and cuisine restaurant in the city known as Down Under Dining as well as a radio station in the city known as Skyline FM. He also has made an effort to make his presence known around Dean World and The Farmer's Market, working for 13 different businesses such as Mojito Inn and Plus One. His reputation in the criminal world is slowly growing into an effective network for information, resources and jobs that aid with his criminal endeavours. Pact is able to balance his life as a businessman and a criminal very well, and will act upon either ideal depending on how he is feeling that day. Pact's a grinder at heart, both as a civilian and as a criminal, and will spend countless hours working civilian jobs for money or hitting stores and banks for money.

He has a couple of major addictions in Los Santos, one of the biggest being gambling at the Casino. Pact has admitted to it being an issue several times in the past, but it hasn't stopped him spending countless thousands of dollars at both the wheel and at blackjack. Pact also has an obsession with women with dyed hair, specifically blue in colour. His current girlfriend has blue hair, one of his ex-girlfriends has blue hair, and Pact has made friends with a couple of ladies that also have blue hair. Pact often lies to his friends and says that it's just blue, but deep down he's into girls with purple and pink dyed hair as well.

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  • "Go for Pact!"
  • "Ahright."
  • "Yup, yup."
  • "I'll kiss you on the lips if you ain't careful."
  • "Bit weird there buddy/bucko."
  • "I'm so bricked right now."
  • "I'm gonna say it! I'm gonna say it!... I'm not gonna say it."