Pablo Madrid was a character role-played by bennnistreams.

Background[edit | edit source]

Pablo was a former member of the Vagos.

He used to run a food truck called Pablo's Lazy Taco Truck, located across from Pillbox Medical.

(After a long period of selling tacos from his food truck he became a successful businessman.)

Leaving the Vagos[edit | edit source]

Pablo left the Vagos as he felt, he wasn't valued.

Speedy proceed to stab Pablo, after he informed that he was leaving.

Death[edit | edit source]

On April 27, 2020 Pablo was shot numerous times by the Vagos after Speedy was informed by Tyrone Biggums that Pablo had been snitching to the Police about Vagos operations and Speedy's Warehouse after he left the group.

The Vagos hunted for Pablo throughout the city and eventually found him by Mirror Park. They gunned Pablo down and burned his body near the beaches of Paleto.

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