Outto Tune Tyrone is a singer, rapper, and the senior artist of Cop Killa Records. He is also an active criminal and leader of the Misfits. He is played by LAGTVMaximusBlack


  • "Cuh."
  • "HuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuU."
  • "God DAMN."

SoundCloud Edit

  1. Carter IV (Family Diss) - Outto - Tune Tyrone
  2. Im Tellin' You - Outto - Tune Tyrone Feat. Arturo
  3. Cluckin' Bell - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  4. Train Ticket - Outto - Tune Tyrone Feat. Hilda
  5. It’s Been A Long Dab - Outto - Tune Tyrone
  6. Santos No. 5 - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  7. Moist - Outto - Tune Tyrone Feat. Gladys
  8. I Want Them Pancakes - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  9. Better Call Shaw -Outto - Tune Tyrone
  10. Slurp'n On Dispatch - Outto - Tune Tyrone Feat. Tori
  11. Creampie - Outto - Tune Tyrone


  • He is part of Cop Killa Records, a record label. Alabaster Slim, his manager, recruited him into Cop Killa Records his first day in the city.
  • OTT had an auto-tune voice modulator surgically attached to his vocal chords to aid in his journey to become the second best rapper in Los Santos, below only Yung Dab (whom of which he is inspired by).
  • He has the tendency to randomly break into song when stressed or nervous.
  • He runs Creampie Creations, which is a sub-label under Cop Killa Records
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