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Outto-Tune Tyrone is a character role-played by LAGTVMaximusBlack.

General Description

Outto-Tune Tyrone is an eleven-time platinum star singer, rapper, and former Burger Shot employee in San Andreas. He is also the owner and founder of Creampie Creations. He was previously a part of Cop Killa Records before leaving the label since it was inactive. He now runs his own label and was also previously signed to Wu Chang Records.


OTT is also an active criminal and gangster. He was the leader of the Misfits and briefly the East Side Ballas, the former being a now inactive gang that was working towards becoming a crime syndicate or mafia before OTT joined ESB. The Misfits had territory across many different areas in Los Santos and had previously been at war with many other gangs.

After the Misfits lost their second-in-command, Hutch, along with Ivan getting deported, the Misfits packed up and left the Southside and went back to Vinewood Hills after all of the other Southside gangs were threatening them with war. OTT started to concentrate on new business ventures. This essentially put an end to to the Misfits as no one from the group could get in the city consistently. OTT went up north for months to grind and change the perception in the city about him. He quickly found a right hand man in Winston. Winston and OTT put their heads together and figured out what the city needed and how they could make money along with ways to repair OTT's reputation. These two men would stay up north chopping cars for months (what some would call farming materials). After months of work, he amassed a chop crew of about 6-10 loyal people and a stash of mats with thousands of each kind. This is when the money started to roll in as OTT was supplying the city with all their materials. This grind continued and after a few months and a few million dollars in his bank account, he wanted to have something concrete for the work he had put in. OTT, with the help of Vinny, started The Grinders Inc. (TGI). This allowed them to operate out of the shadows with a building and a warehouse to centrally store all of their product. TGI is still operating with most of the same founding members of the "chop crew.”

During this time, Tyrone Biggums got out of jail and was back in the city. Tyrone and OTT met through Mr. Chang (now known as Mr. Kebun) and Tyrone was a fan of OTT's music. As a result, they started to roll together and both shared a lot of the same values and enemies in the city. This was still early in OTT's business and a few weeks after, the Misfits had unofficially disbanded. Tyrone officially asked OTT to put on the purple and become an ESB. OTT thought about the offer for months while continuing to grow the business and repair his tarnished reputation along with juggling SS gangs trying to mess with him. He finally accepted the offer and became a ESB. OTT now had the family, power, and respect he adamantly deserves after being kicked through the mud and bullied for so long. After Tyrone was permanently deported by the government on 12/15/20, OTT became the leader of what remained of the ESB, of which were embroiled in a statewide conflict with multiple gangs. ESB were forced to disband to end the statewide war after a talk with Nino Chavez. OTT tried to convince the members of ESB to leave the gang to stay alive he was able to convince most members to leave but he could not convince Drew "Deadye" Harrison to leave. Deadeye would attempt to reason with Nino to keep ESB alive but OTT watched as Deadeye got shot down and killed after the death of Deadeye ESB would officially disband.

OTT is also a professional bank robber, having been known as being one of the best at robbing the Vault and doing the thermite successfully - a task that the average criminal is incapable of accomplishing.


Outto-Tune Tyrone started the year looking for jobs he found work at Burger Shot and the Vanilla Unicorn he also formed the Ballas with Mando Thomson as the co leader. During the time OTT was a Balla he made a lot of money through the 7-Raven meth connection and made money doing bank jobs with Jean Paul and buying Jean's dirty money. Mando and OTT would eventually have a falling out and OTT would leave the Ballas later forming the Brouge Street Kingz. When BSK was formed the Ballas were at war with the Vagos this lead to BSK being formed into a war with the Vagos and the Vagos forced OTT to pay 100k to end the war that Mando started. After the rough start for BSK and the two founding members of BSK leaving the gang after a long war with GSF, BSK are now thriving they own all houses on Brouge Avenue and are deep during the EU hours and are slowly gaining respect.

Background Information

He was born and raised in Canada and lived there for his whole life. On April 19th, 2019, he moved to Los Santos to follow his dreams to become a famous singer, cutting ties with his mother in Canada over her disapproval of his decision to become a rapper and singer. Upon arriving at Los Santos he got an autotuner surgically attached to his vocal cords, making him a good singer and having him always speak in autotune.

On his second day of being in the city, he ran into Alabaster Slim who instantly signed him to his record label Cop Killa Records. Soon after he joined the label, he was quickly dragged into a world of criminal activity, with Alabaster being his mentor and teacher for crime. During this time, he also released a lot of music, leading him to go platinum with his songs. His first platinum record was Creampie.


  • "Cuh."
  • "Cud."
  • "HuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuU."
  • "God DAMN."
  • "Lemme do the math."
  • "Who the fuck is Kevin?!"
  • "The reality is.."


Cover Title Release Date Description
Creampie April 29th 2019
OTT-Better Call Shaw.jpg
Better Call Shaw May 7th 2019
Moist ft. Gladys Berry May 18th 2019
OTT-Cluckin Bell.jpg
Cluckin' Bell June 24th 2019
OTT-Tellin You.jpg
Im Tellin' You ft. Arturo Ortiz July 14th 2019
OTT-Carter IV.jpg
Carter IV (Family Diss) August 27th 2019 Disstrack against the The Families
OTT-Robbin Houses.jpg
Robbin' Houses November 23rd 2019
Inhumane December 19th 2019
OTT-Skittles Diss.jpg
Skittles Diss Track March 24th 2020 Disstrack against the Skittles Gang
OTT-Blue622 Tribute.jpg
Blue622 Tribute July 9th 2020 Tribute song for Boe Jangles
OTT-Panto Anthem.jpg
Panto Anthem September 15th 2020
OTT-Fill You Up.jpg
I'll Fill You Up February 18th 2021
Heart Stopper February 20th 2021 Disstrack against Lil Erf
OTT-Down Bad.jpg
Down Bad February 25th 2021
OTT-Dont Tell Benji.jpg
Don't Tell Benji April 22nd 2021 A song about Ash Ketchup and Benji Ramos
OTT-dont take my phone.jpg
B!tch Don't Take My Phone ft. 'X & Kyle Pred May 6th 2021
OTT-Who Chang.jpg
Who-Chang Diss Track May 22nd 2021 Disstrack against Wu Chang Records
OTT - Quit Eyeing My Throne Cover.jpg
Quit Eyeing My Throne August 2nd 2021


  1. Skittles Diss Track - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  2. Inhumane - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  3. Robbin' Houses - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  4. Speed Runnin' Tacos - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  5. Carter IV (Family Diss) - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  6. Im Tellin' You - Outto-Tune Tyrone Feat. Arturo
  7. Cluckin' Bell - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  8. Train Ticket - Outto-Tune Tyrone Feat. Hilda
  9. It’s Been A Long Dab - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  10. Santos No. 5 - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  11. Moist - Outto-Tune Tyrone Feat. Gladys
  12. I Want Them Pancakes - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  13. Better Call Shaw -Outto-Tune Tyrone
  14. Slurp'n On Dispatch - Outto-Tune Tyrone Feat. Tori
  15. Creampie - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  16. Blue622 Tribute - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  17. Panto Anthem - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  18. I'll Fill You Up - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  19. Heart Stopper - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  20. Down Bad - Outto Tune Tyrone
  21. Don't Tell Benji - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  22. B!tch Don't Take My Phone - Outto-Tune Tyrone Feat. X, and Kyle Pred
  23. Who-Chang Diss Track
  24. Quit Eyeing My Throne

Played By: LAGTVMaximusBlack
Characters: Outto-Tune TyroneMax PrimeMax Black