Outto-Tune Tyrone is a character role-played by LAGTVMaximusBlack.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Outto-Tune Tyrone is an eleven-time platinum star singer and rapper in Los Santos. He is the owner and founder of Creampie Creations, his record label. He was previously a part of Cop Killa Records, before leaving the label since it was inactive. He therefore now runs his own label. He was also recently signed to Wu Chang Records.

OTT is also an active criminal and gangster. He is the leader of the Misfits, a gang that is working towards becoming a crime syndicate or mafia. The Misfits have territory across many different areas in Los Santos. They have previously been at war with many other gangs.

OTT is also a professional bank robber, having been known as being one of the best at robbing the Vault and doing the thermite successfully - a task that very few criminals are capable of accomplishing.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

He was born and raised in Canada and lived there for his whole life. On April 19th, 2019, he moved to Los Santos to follow his dreams to become a famous singer, cutting ties with his mother in Canada over her disapproval of his decision to become a rapper and singer. Upon arriving at Los Santos he got an autotuner surgically attached to his vocal cords, making him a good singer and having him always speak in autotune.

On his second day of being in the city, he ran into Alabaster Slim who instantly signed him to his record label Cop Killa Records. Soon after he joined the label, he was quickly dragged into a world of criminal activity, with Alabaster being his mentor and teacher for crime. During this time, he also released a lot of music, leading him to go platinum with his songs. His first platinum record was Creampie.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Cuh."
  • "HuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuU."
  • "God DAMN."
  • "Lemme do the math."

SoundCloud[edit | edit source]

  1. Skittles Diss Track - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  2. Speed Runnin' Tacos - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  3. Inhumane - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  4. Robbin' Houses - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  5. Carter IV (Family Diss) - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  6. Im Tellin' You - Outto-Tune Tyrone Feat. Arturo
  7. Cluckin' Bell - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  8. Train Ticket - Outto-Tune Tyrone Feat. Hilda
  9. It’s Been A Long Dab - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  10. Santos No. 5 - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  11. Moist - Outto-Tune Tyrone Feat. Gladys
  12. I Want Them Pancakes - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  13. Better Call Shaw -Outto-Tune Tyrone
  14. Slurp'n On Dispatch - Outto-Tune Tyrone Feat. Tori
  15. Creampie - Outto-Tune Tyrone
  16. Blue622 Tribute - Outto- Tune Tyrone
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